Nashville RECAP 10/9/13: Season 2 Episode 3 “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now”

Nashville RECAP 10/9/13: Season 2 Episode 3 “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode called, “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now.” On tonight’s season 2 episode 3  Juliette is invited to play at a private affair for a billionaire couple and Rayna’s divorce from Teddy becomes final. Did you watch week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s episode Edgehill appointed a new chief, Jeff Fordham. He was powerful, sexy and on a mission to place the label back on top. That means it was time to reveal his vision for the future. The question is — who will be part of it? Rayna had returned from her hiatus and the plan included her own label, with Will and Scarlett attached. Though Jeff seemed supportive, he had a different agenda. Juliette met with the chief to discuss her new mature sound and look. She detailed her passion to grow and her natural desire to be taken more seriously as an artist. Jeff could care less. In the meantime, a reality show vixen was the talk of the town and posed a new threat to Juliette’s career.

On tonight’s episode Rayna’s divorce from Teddy is final as each embarks on a new path that brings them back to some familiar territory. Liam returns to help Rayna complete her album, and Peggy engages in a plan to win Teddy back. Juliette takes a high-paying private gig at a billionaire couple’s anniversary party, but she soon discovers her host is interested in more than just her musical abilities. Deacon’s troubled past with his own father casts a shadow over his impending relationship with Maddie, and Will and Scarlett undergo makeovers for the Stockholders Showcase.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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[10:25:18 PM] Rachel Rowan: Deacon wakes sweating and screaming. Scarlett thinks it was a nightmare but he rolled over on his wounded hand in his sleep. He asks her to hand him his Gibson and she wants to know if that’s his version of physical therapy. He tells her the pain will either go away or he will get used to it.

Teddy and Rayna are meeting with their lawyers and sign the papers to finalize their divorce. It’s all pretty amicable. Teddy says he never thought it would end like this and Rayna agree. He says he loves their daughters and she tells him he’s a good man and a good dad and that she wants him to be happy. He says you too.

The teen queen comes into Edgehill and geeks out because she’s on the same label with Juliette. She says it was an honor singing her song the other night and Juliette says it must be like singing karaoke. Jeff ran late to their meeting because he was seeing the teenager and Juliette isn’t happy.

He asks her to reconsider singing at a stockholder event – he says that they need the stockholders to get excited about their direction of fresh, new talent. She says that she already has a prior commitment playing for the Wentworth family who own multiple radio and TV stations. He says have a good time and she says she’ll send him something with a wink.

Bucky and Rayna are discussing how to get her out of her Edgehill contract when Scarlett arrives. She tells her that the two of them will be working the room at an Edgehill event to promote Highway 65. She tells her she’ll have a stylist, hair and great clothes.

Gunnar is rehearsing a song when Will comes out and tells him to quit messing with it – that it’s perfect. He says he knows the song inside out and Gunnar needs to leave it. Will gets a call to come perform at the stockholder showcase.

Juliette and Avery are at the Wentworths and are ogling the huge place they compare to the Biltmore. She tells him she’s glad he’s there so they won’t notice her bad manners from focusing on his. The power couple take them on a tour of the estate.

Rayna meets up with Liam and says she’s glad to see him and he says the same. He says he’s glad she recovered and tells her St Lucia was beautiful and pretty much says she shouldn’t have stood him up. Liam asks how he can help her and she says she wants to finish her record and that she wants to do it with him. She says he inspired her and the album but that she doesn’t want to do it without him. He says he’s booked and pretty solidly in fact and he’s sorry. He abruptly walks out on her leaving her stunned.

Rayna tells Bucky that he was right about Liam still being mad at her and he tells her look who he found at the door. It’s Liam. He tells her that he has the hard drives of the album to save her a trip. He tells her he listened to them again and they’re great. They flirt and he agrees to finish the album with her.

Teddy comes to see Peggy who is still pretending to be pregnant and tells him she’s having morning sickness. She says she’s happy to be pregnant and enjoying it. Teddy reminds her that he’s not going to be a part of the baby’s life. He gives her a check to help cover her expenses and is really playing it up. She tells him she thinks it’s a boy and wants to name it after him. He brushes her off and says he’ll see her in a month.

At the Edgehill event, Will is all pimped out and Scarlett asks him where the bachelorette party is. She’s dragged off by a stylist to see some outfits. He’s told that he’ll be performing. Zoey checks him out and says not bad. He invites her to be his plus one and she tells him she can’t because she’s Scarlett’s date. He tells her he’ll have to bring Gunnar but offers for them to all ride together in his limo.

Juliette and Avery are ogling the estate and how much it differs from how they grew up. Charles comes out to ask Juliette if he can sit in with them and she says yes since it’s his anniversary. He’s got an awesome guitar and Avery says Hank Williams used to play one like it and Charles say it is Hank’s guitar. He lets Avery tune it for him and Juliette teases him about breast feeding it.

Scarlett is trying out some more outfits and doesn’t know if they are her style. She says these outfits cost more than she makes in a month but the woman says that may not be the case for much longer will it.

Jeff and Rayna are meeting and she tells him about her new album. He asks her to sing at the stockholder meeting and do a new song. She tells him she thought Juliette was performing and he lies and says he decided against it. She shies away but he tells her to pick any song to sing and she tentatively agrees.

Coleman meets Deacon at a meeting and tells him that he’s moving and won’t be his sponsor anymore. Deacon tells him even though he’s in pain he hasn’t touched a drink or painkiller since the accident. Coleman tells Deacon that the only way he’ll be able to deal with being a father is to deal with what his dad did to him. Deacon snaps and kicks a chair across the meeting and stomps out.

Gunnar asks Will why he’s shining brand new boots. He says it’s a good way for him to think and he’s thinking about what song he’s going to sing at the party. He asks Gunnar if he can sing the one that he’s been working on and Gunnar says he hasn’t even performed it yet. Gunnar says he wouldn’t understand because he’s not a song writer and Will says that he knows but asks what’s the point of having a songwriting contract if his songs aren’t getting out there.

Zoey tells Scarlett about them sharing a limo with Will to the party. Scarlett gets a call from Rayna asking her if she can keep a secret. She agrees and listens.

Avery tells Juliette she’s very happy about performing for the Wentworths. She says it’s the million dollars and he says it’s more than that. She tells him it’s about blowing off the label. He tells her how he destroyed his masters and lost a huge advance. She tells him she knew she liked him for some reason. Charles talks to her about the performance and says that her boyfriend (Avery) has a crush on his guitar. She says he’s on her payroll – that’s all. Avery looks unhappy as Charles says lines get blurred when money is involved.

Deacon comes to see Teddy to tell him he’s making no claims on Maddie. Teddy is a real a-hole to Deacon even as Deacon thanks him for taking on responsibility for his daughter and giving her a good life. Teddy tells him that no matter what Maddie will be looking at the choices he makes and he needs to do better. Deacon thanks him for making good choices a lesser man wouldn’t have. Teddy says he made choices a lesser man didn’t (ooh – burn).

Liam and Rayna are listening to her new material and he wants her to lay down a new vocal track. She puts it off and he insists and she finally tells him she can’t sing. She tells him that the accident and having a tube down her throat damaged her vocal chords. He asks if she’s going to recover and she says she’s working with a therapist but she doesn’t know and this album might be the last she ever does. She tells Liam if it’s her last album she doesn’t want Edgehill to own it. Liam says he loves the album they made together and she says she does too. He tells her he can buy some time by pretending to gum up the works. He asks if she’s going to ask what she wants in return. They kiss. She says she thought it was all about the music and he said he lied.

Deacon comes to see Coleman to ask if he’s really leaving. He says he is and Deacon says he wants to thank him and he heard him and that he’s going to do better for his daughter.

Liam and Rayna are in bed discussing mixing business and pleasure. She asks what happens now and he says they get back to work.

Will tells Zoey how great she looks and puts his arm around her. Gunnar compliments her too and Will tells him eyes off. Then Scarlett comes out and looks amazing and Gunnar says he had no idea she could look that good. She asks if that’s supposed to be a compliment and he says it is and she says good.

At the Wentworth’s, Juliette calls Charles to the stage and he goes to town playing. Juliette sings and Avery plays but watches Juliette speculatively. The crowd is applauding wildly. The Wentworths look thrilled. Avery is jamming on his guitar but when Juliette comes over to him he makes a face at her and she backs off.

Scarlett and Will are pulled up into the limelight with Jeff. Gunnar tells Zoey that’s the last they’ll see of them for the night.

Jeff comes to Rayna and Liam and asks about the album. Liam says you can’t rush perfection. Jeff says he’s excited about seeing Rayna sing.

Deacon is at the doctors and he says he’s ready to accept her offer of help with the pain.

Layla leaves the stage as Jeff calls Will up. He says he’s going to sing a song by the best songwriter in Nashville – he points out Gunnar who looks pissed because he obviously didn’t have his permission to perform it. Zoey watches him dreamily.

The crowd is thrilled and Jeff is grinning. Layla watches him like a love struck girl on the sidelines.

Juliette tries to talk to Avery after the performance and he cuts her short. She thinks he’s mad because she let Charles perform with them. He tells her he was pissed off because he thought they were friends and then he found out he’s just another guy on the payroll. He tells her that she chooses to cut herself off from having any friends and that she must want to be alone. She tells him to shut up or he’s fired and he says that he must just be the hired help then and he walks away.

Jeff calls out Rayna to the stage. She tells the crowd she’s honored to be there and talks about her Highway 65 label. She introduces Scarlett as an incredible talent who is her first artist to her label. Scarlett heads shyly up to the stage. Jeff asks his assistant who Rayna thinks she is (because she’s not going to perform as he asked) and he says someone who doesn’t know who you are.

Scarlett looks smoking hot and has captivated the room.

Deacon is up front at an AA meeting. He’s talking about his dad who was a mean drunk. He talks about a dinner where his father threw a casserole in his mother’s face. He says she screamed and that made his father mad. He broke his mother’s nose and then his sister stepped in and his dad pulled off his belt and started whipping his sister.

His mother yelled is that what you want your son to see and his dad said when you’re a man you’re going to be just like me. Deacon is crying and says he’s a drunk just like his dad and he hurt people just like his dad but he’ll be damned if he’ll ever hurt a child.

Will tries to introduce Gunnar to a crowd but he bypasses him to talk to Scarlett. He tells her she was great. She tells him his song was awesome and he says it was hard watching them perform when he was just sitting down there. Scarlett is pulled away to meet people.

Juliette is drinking champagne and watching Charles and his wife cuddling. She looks sad.

Teddy is back at Peggy’s and telling her there’s a lot he’s not sure about these days but that he doesn’t avoid responsibility and he’s always been a good father. Maybe he took to heart what he was saying to Deacon. She asks where that leaves them and he says they used to have something. She says they still can and kisses him. I think she’s trying to get him to knock her up so she can cover up her lie.

Zoey and Gunnar watch their dates have fun without them and they agree to get out of there together.

Jeff comes to confront Rayna about embarrassing him in front of his stockholders. He wants to know if it was revenge for him taking Will or if there was more to it. He tells her he’s suspicious.

Juliette is drunk and trying to find her room and runs into Charles. He thanks her again for letting him play on stage with her and asks how she would rate him. She says he’s a 6 as a guitar player but a 10 as a husband. He kisses her and she pulls back exclaiming that he’s married. He says she has a boyfriend and she says that they’re not even friends anymore. She says she prefers to keep herself unavailable. Charles says that he’s as unavailable as he can get. They kiss again and go into her room.