Nashville RECAP 10/23/13: Season 2 Episode 5 “Don’t Open That Door”

Nashville RECAP 10/23/13: Season 2 Episode 5 “Don’t Open That Door”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode called, “Don’t Open That Door.” On tonight’s season 2 episode 5  Rayna it’s a turning point for all at a benefit concert headlined by Juliette, Layla, Will and Scarlett. Did you watch week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s episode Rayna lefe Juliette in a lurch when she decided she needs to cancel the remainder of the tour. Teddy proposeed to Peggy and asked her to be discreet around the girls, but when Maddie saw her grandmother’s ring hanging from Peggy’s neck, the charade was up. She was confused and hurt and found herself turning to an unlikely friend. Tandy uncovered more troubling information about Rayna and her mother’s death, but her attempt to share the discovery with Rayna was hijacked by Maddie’s reaction to Teddy and Peggy’s engagement. Deacon discovered that he has more in common with Megan than just his case.

On tonight’s show in advance of a benefit concert starring all of Edgehill’s best acts, label head Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson) demands that his new artists sell themselves as hot, sexy personas—which is a major struggle for Scarlett, and Layla knows it. Since Rayna is unsure about her future as a singer, she plots to buy out Edgehill’s rights to her music, and Gunnar and Avery decide to record new songs with Zoey, Scarlett’s best friend. However, by the end of the concert night, nothing will be the same.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Scarlett tells Deacon there’s coffee in the kitchen but turns out she was talking to Deacon’s lawyer friend Megan instead – who obviously spent the night. Scarlett hugs her uncle and says she’s glad he’s moved on and leaves for the day. Megan says she has to go and Deacon jokes that he’s got nothing to do and is going to read the pamphlet for his new deep fryer.

Rayna is working with a vocal coach but is struggling to hit notes and she tells Rayna that she needs to let herself have time to heal. She says stress can aggravate healing.

Juliette holds a press conference about her relaunched tour. The press asks how she’ll follow up with her CMA award. She says she has some goals she still wants to achieve. They ask if Rayna cancelled the tour because of her voice. She says that’s gossip and that Rayna wants to spend time with her girls and she supports that fully. She also says she’s glad to be headlining on her own again.

Edgehill reps are prepping Scarlett for her PR interviews. They ask about when she knew she wanted to be a singer. She says she didn’t really want it and they tell her she can’t say that because people will resent it.

Layla shows up and tells J that she’s got cameras following her for a behind the scenes special about her first tour. J blows her off.

Bucky tells Rayna that the Opry wants her to personally invite Juliette to join the Grand Old Opry. He tells her the bad news is that Jeff from the label is demanding the masters from her new album because he thinks she’s never going to sing again and he wants the rights to her “final” album. She says Jeff needs to meet the Wyatt side of her- I guess that’s her dad’s fighting side of the family.

Luke Wheeler meets with Jeff about his transfer to the Edgehill label. Layla tells Will he’ll be as big as Luke someday. He tells her that she’s the lucky one going on a big national tour and Layla flirts and says she thought it would be him rather than J inviting her to their house. Will runs to Jeff to apologize about not getting the rights to the song and Jeff tells him the longer he makes rookie mistakes the longer he’ll stay a rookie. Layla is annoyed that Will had greeted Scarlett so warmly and called her the prettiest singer in Nashville. She says she didn’t know they were so close and Scarlett says they’re just friends.

Tandy is given paperwork to sign – including a gag order – about the charges against her dad and the evidence she provided. They tell her she can’t even tell her sister and her lawyer tells her to take the deal and sign.

Rayna comes to see her dad for advice. She wants to leave the label and take her Highway 65 label and her new masters with her. Lamar says it’s a good idea but he never thought she’d come to him for help. She says she needs $20 million and that he’ll be part owner and he tells her that he’ll have the papers drawn up.

Avery and Gunnar are jamming together on a new song and sound great together. Avery says it needs a female voice in the mix and that would complement them. He says they should ask Zoe – he says he heard her sing in church and that she’s got a great voice. Gunnar hesitates and says that she probably knows a lot about them from Scarlett and they agree they can deal with it.

Deacon comes in to a guitar shop and he wants to invest and have his name on the door. A customer asks for a recommendation and he pulls down a guitar and talks shop with him. The guy recognizes him as that guitar player Deacon Claiborne and he says he used to be.

Juliette comes to see Jeff and says she’s been thinking that there’s too much estrogen on her tour and that they need a big hat and a guy to get her girl fans hot and bothered. She says that they are looking at other artists but if he gives her some more money to promote her new album that she’ll take an Edgehill artist with her. Glenn reminds her she needs a new band leader and asks if she wants Avery and she says she does NOT need him.

Lamar comes to see Teddy to bury the hatchet for the sake of the family. He says he heard Teddy is putting together a music festival and he’d like to be one of the corporate sponsors. Teddy asks if he’s losing money since he cancelled his contracts and Lamar says he has contracts all over the country and doesn’t need it. Teddy tells him that any business with Lamar is dirty business and Lamar says he’s going to regret it. Teddy says he doesn’t think he will!

Will meets up with Jeff and he offers to let him prove his mistakes are behind him. He says that he got Luke to let him play at tonight’s show and that it’s an audition for a shot at being on J’s tour. He says Brent convinced him…

Rayna tells Tandy that she’s inviting J to join the Opry that night and she thinks it may earn her some brownie points with Maddie. She tells Tandy she’s buying out her Edgehill contract and reveals their dad is helping her financially. Uh-oh. Tandy’s testimony is going to screw that deal…

Scarlett reads the bio the label wrote her while she chats with Layla who tells her she’s been performing in pageants since she was 6 and says she deferred Harvard to be on the contest. Hmmm…. So she’s a smart cookie too. She tells Scarlett that the girl who beat her on the show tried out on a dare and had never sung before. She asks to see the cards and tears them up and tells Scarlett to be herself.

Gunnar and Zoe wait on Avery to try the song and she says she’s surprised he’s working with Avery. He asks if Scarlett knows she’s there and she says no because it would be too awkward. She tells him she’s Switzerland and they are cool. Avery tells Gunnar he likes what he’s done with the place.

J stops by Deacon’s and says it looks like Scarlett has been taking good care of him. He tells her he’s been going to meetings and physical therapy. She asks if he would consider coming on the road with her. Deacon tells her the hand isn’t so good. He gives her back the Martin she gave him. He tells her it deserves to be played. She asks him to be the music director for the tour so he won’t even have to play. He says she has to step back because he can’t stand to be around music if he can’t play.

She says it’s a damned shame the accident ruined two music careers and Deacon asks what she means. She tells him about all the rumors that Rayna has lost her voice. She says that Rayna has been avoiding any opportunity to sing and stepped out of the tour. He looks worried.

Will is rehearsing while J watches enjoying the show. His number goes well and she comes out and introduces herself and says it was well done. Luke comes out and says Will reminds him of him as a child. She thanks him for including her in the benefit and he thanks them for participating. She tells him he needs to come out on tour with her since he’s the next Luke Wheeler. Jeff says job well done and he and Brent high five and he tells him he believes in Will.

Zoe, Gunnar and Avery sing the song and they sound perfect together! They agree it’s better with all of them.

In the press chaos, Jeff introduces Scarlett to the crowd and she mentions that she’s Deacon’s niece and they ask her why he was drinking the night of the accident. She stumbles and Jeff drags her away and says when she looks like a fool, he looks like a fool. He says she can’t ignore the press or her career will be over. He says to stay on script and she says she wants to be herself. Jeff tells his flunkies to get her out of there.

Deacon barges in to Rayna’s to ask why she didn’t tell him about her voice. She asks who he heard it from and he asks if it’s true. She says she’s working with a vocal therapist and that she doesn’t know yet. She says she’s not sure what’s going to come out of her mouth when she opens it. She says everything is different now. She asks about his hand and he says he’s done and can’t be anybody’s guitarist anymore. She says he doesn’t need to be and that he just needs to figure out who he is without a guitar in his hand. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear him say he’s down with music and he says – you either!

Will performs at the benefit to huge applause and cheers. J tells him he’s even better in front of a bog crowd. Layla rushes over to hug him and says she’s so glad he’s coming. J says she’s glad that they already know each other because that will make it easier for Layla to cut 15 minutes off her set to make room for Will. J walks away and Layla asks Will if J took too much pleasure in that. He chews her out and says he knows she did something to mess with Scarlett and stalks away.

Deacon plays the piano a bit and then slams it shut as Scarlett comes in the door swearing and complaining about the injustices of the music industry. He asks if she had a tough night at the ball and she asks what was he doing with her piano and demands that he play for her.

Zoe tells Gunnar the song he wrote was great and asks when he wrote the song. He nervously admits her wrote it for her and they kiss. She takes off his shirt and they get serious quickly!

At the benefit, J finishes her set and Luke comes out and tells her not to run off too quickly. Rayna comes out and thanks him for letting her crash his party. She asks J how she’s doing and then Rayna tells the crowd that she’s been fortunate to spend a lot of time with J this year and that she feels like they’re family. She tells her that there’s another family that would like to have her if she’ll have them and invites her to join the Grand Old Opry. J’s mouth drops open in shock and she hugs Rayna. She says to be invited to join such hallowed company is the highest honor. She’s genuinely tearful. Rayna hugs her and congratulates her.

Luke holds Rayna back on the stage and tells her they’re all glad that she’s recovered. He asks her to sing for the crowd and that the folks at home will be generous with donations. She says she has nothing prepared and Luke says the band knows all her old ones by heart. They start playing a song and with no choice she has to sing.

Rayna starts to sing and then stops and Luke joins in. She’s in tears as the crowd all starts to sing the lyrics. She holds the mic out to the crowd gratefully. But then she joins in and sings and the crowd goes wild. Jeff looks on from the wings aggravated that she can still sing.

Lamar and cronies come into his club and start to leave because they see Teddy there. But they decide to stay when he sees Rayna singing on TV. They toast her. But then Teddy gets to watch as Lamar is arrested for racketeering!

Rayna sings her butt off and the crowd goes wild.

Brent tells Will that he’s trending because of a tweet Layla sent with a photo of them together. Jeff says he needs to fake date Layla for publicity and will agrees to tweet about right them. #LaylaAndWill

J asks Glenn if he knew Rayna could sing and he says she didn’t mean to take away from her big moment. J is okay with that answer.

Luke tells Rayna that he wasn’t happy to hear that his special night was hijacked by some little flash in the pan getting invited to join the Opry. J overhears and is crushed.

Rayna pulls Jeff aside and tells him to stop spreading rumors that her voice is gone. She also tells him to stop threatening her album and he tells her to get back in the studio with Liam. She tells him that she’s not doing a “comeback” album. She tells him that they’re not a team and she heard what he did to Scarlett. He says Scarlett was an embarrassment. She tells him she’s done with him and Edgehill and that he’ll have her buyout papers next week.

Buckie tells her she needs to go out another way because of the press. She say she can handle the press because she had a good night and tells her that her dad has been arrested on federal charges.

Deacon plays the piano while Scarlett sings a beautiful song and plays the banjo. He joins in and they sing together.

Zoe wakes beside Gunnar and stares at him sleeping. She gets dressed and leaves.

Rayna and Tandy watch the news and they are showing cell phone video of his arrest. OMG – I think Teddy actually filmed his former father in law getting arrested. The news says he’s been charged with 22 counts and that he’s considered a flight risk so his assets have been frozen. There goes Rayna’s buyout!

J looks at her wall of awards unhappily.

Deacon and Scarlett finish the song and she says that’s what she needs to be doing – writing songs in the living room. He tells her that’s not true – that she came alive when he watched her sing at the Opry. He tells her that there’s nothing better (legally) besides performing.

J comes into the Bluebird to see Avery. She says she knows why he was pissed off at her at the party – because she didn’t have his back. She says when she was invited to join the Opry that the first thing she thought was that she couldn’t wait to tell him. She invites him back on tour and says she can use a friend. He says he can’t – says it’s not a job for him. He says at the Bluebird he gets to work on his own stuff. She says if he’s going to stay he might as well use her studio and hands him the keys.

Tandy comes to see Lamar at the jail. He tells her he knows it was Teddy that put the feds on him because he turned the feds on to Teddy’s embezzlement when he was trying to take custody of the kids from Rayna. Tandy asks if he thinks Teddy cut a deal and Lamar says he’s certain of it – as certain as he is that he’ll get Teddy back for what he’s doing to him.