Nashville RECAP 11/20/13: Season 2 Episode 8 “Hanky Panky Woman”

Nashville RECAP 11/20/13: Season 2 Episode 8 “Hanky Panky Woman”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode called, “Hanky Panky Woman.” On tonight’s season 2 episode 8  as Juliette makes a decision about Charlie Wentworth and Rayna supports Scarlett on tour. Did you watch week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s episode Teddy’s wedding day nears, Maddie felt lost and told Rayna she wanted to get to know Deacon better, forcing Rayna to confront Deacon about stepping up to co-parent. Luke Wheeler commiserated with Rayna about the challenges of exes and parenting.  While on tour in Texas, Juliette angered a lecherous but very influential radio DJ who started promoting Layla at Juliette’s expense. Deacon tried to find his way back to music and discovered an unexpected ally in Avery. While on a date with Layla, Will ran into Brent on a date with a new man, and Gunnar found himself in a power position in his singing and songwriting.

On tonight’s show Rayna joins Scarlett on the road for her first tour date with Luke Wheeler (Will Chase, “Smash”) and is blindsided when Deacon confronts her about putting too much pressure on Scarlett too soon. Jeff goes to war against Rayna on control of the album she produced with Liam, and Juliette makes a decision about Charlie Wentworth. Gunnar struggles to write a song for a major artist, and gets help from Scarlett—sparking an idea for Rayna that could potentially be liberating for her and life-changing for Gunnar.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Charlie’s wife Olivia shows up to see Juliette. Olivia lets her know she knows J’s bedding her husband and wants to get in her bed too. Olivia kisses her and offers her sex and says Charlie is interested in watching them get it on. J kicks her out and says she doesn’t like to share. Olivia reminds her that she’s the one who’s doing the sharing since Charlie is her hubby.

Scarlett is surprised to see Gunnar climb on the tour bus. She asks why he’s there and he says the label has put him on to write with Luke. She tells him it’s a big deal and he says her opening gig is much bigger. They head off to Tampa and Gunnar wishes her goodnight.

Teddy shows Peggy a newspaper headline that shows the public approves of her as first lady. He offers to come with her to the pre-natal checkup. She tries to put it off but he insists. He says it’s important for the three of them. She says she’s glad he thinks so. It looks like she wants to tell him but wimps out.

Rayna is packing up to meet Scarlett and Luke (wooo!) on tour. Tandy wants Rayna to compare Luke and Liam in the sack and Rayna admits that Luke seems like someone she could be more serious with. Tandy teases her and says she’s only packed lingerie.

Juliette rushes out of the hotel and tells Glenn that he needs to cancel her meeting with the Wentworths. She says she’s going home to work on her music. He’s not happy, but she’s gone.

Deacon comes to see Scarlett on tour and she’s thrilled he’s there. The tour manager drags her off for rehearsal – Shep – but promises Deacon a great seat on the tour.

Rayna is walking out the door when sheriff’s deputies come in with a court order for Rayna to surrender the masters of her new album to Edgehill or face prosecution. Uh-oh! Rayna says she doesn’t want to surrender them. Bucky says he’s been working with Jeff but he surprised him with this court order. Rayna asks the deputy what will happen if she doesn’t hand them over and he says that she’ll be in contempt and they’ll arrest her on the spot.

Rayna opens the safe and hands a bag to the deputies. She tells him to tell Edgehill not to get too attached to them. Bucky promises they’ll get an injunction. Rayna’s even more determined to get to Tampa to have it out with Jeff.

Avery and Juliette work on some new material at her house. She ignores a text from Charlie and Avery asks if everything is okay. She gets another text from him begging her to call, telling her he’s sorry, that he misses her and that he can explain. She ditches the phone and wants to focus on the music. Avery asks what’s up and tells her that she can tell him since he’s her friend.

Deacon tells Scarlett her sound check went well but she can’t hear like she should and is extremely nervous. He tells her the crowd will love her and that he loves her and is proud of her.

Gunnar works with Luke while he’s on the stairclimber. He tells him to put some more Wheeler into the first song. He says to mold it to his brand. Rayna arrives and Luke sends Gunnar off to work. He tells Rayna he’s his new songwriter and she says Scarlett used to talk about Gunnar.

Rayna tells Luke about Jeff seizing her masters and he says he shouldn’t have invited him to the show and she says he has his own relationship with Jeff.

Speak of the devil, Jeff is backstage and is making Scarlett feel uncomfortable. He implies that she works for him and not Rayna since Rayna can’t take her label. Jeff tells Rayna he thought she’d be tied up at home and she says – I bet you did. Rayna walks Scarlett to the stage and gives her a pep talk, but she’s falling apart and shaking like a leaf.

Rayna tells Jeff he shouldn’t have brought in the lawyers. Scarlett starts singing but can’t continue because she can’t hear the music – her earpiece is malfunctioning. Did Jeff set her up? She’s booed off the stage and people even start throwing things onstage! Ack! Poor Scarlett… Jeff tells Rayna that her artist is flopping. What a heartless bastard.

[10:41:41 PM] Rachel Rowan: Rayna stands offstage and watches the crowd get nasty with Scarlett. Rayna tells her she has to get back on stage now or she never will again. She pulls her back out on stage. Rayna takes the mic and addresses the crowd. She tells the crowd to calm down and tells them that both she and Luke think that Scarlett is one of the most talented young singers she’s ever seen. They immediately change their attitude. Rayna gets her started and the crowd is much nicer this time around.

J is explaining her whole deal with Charlie and how he pursued her and that she started to believe that he cared. Then she tells him how his wife showed up to proposition her. Avery tells her that he had a sugar mama manager and it didn’t work out well for him. He says he was just one of many to her. J says that she signed Avery because of his talent. Avery tells her that she’s no throw away either and that she doesn’t have to let the Wentworths of the world treat her like garbage. He tells her to stop giving other people her power.

Scarlett comes off stage in tears and runs off from Gunnar. Deacon finds and consoles her and tells her that a Luke Wheeler audience is all about trucks and beer. He says it’s not her. She cries and tells him to leave her alone – says he’s not helping. She’s devastated that they threw things at her.

Gunnar plays a new song for Luke who criticizes it. He tells him that if he doesn’t have a good song, you get booed off the stage. Gunnar says Scarlett is talented and Luke says not everyone makes it and then insults Deacon as well. Gunnar is very uncomfortable.

There’s a knock on Scarlett’s dressing room door and she screams for them to go away but it’s Rayna. Scarlett says you only get one chance to impress a stadium crowd and Rayna asks who told her that stupid piece of advice (it was Jeff). Rayna says that when she was starting out they yelled “show us your boobs” so much you would have thought it was a hit song.

Scarlett tells her that Jeff said she works for him now and Rayna says it’s not true and that he’s a bully. She says that she and Scarlett are partners and they need to put a stop to Jeff. Rayna comes to find Jeff and tells him to stay away from Scarlett. She asks him what his end game is and he says profit.

Rayna tells him the album isn’t ready and he says the time to push the album out is now while there’s still heat after her accident. He shows her the art he’s developed for the cover. It’s Rayna with flaming wings and the title “Rising out of the ashes.” She’s horrified.

Rayna tells Bucky that Jeff is planning an album launch based on her nearly dead body. Bucky tells her he’s under a lot of pressure to show a profit. She runs into Deacon and gets off the phone. Rayna tells him he was great at the Blue Bird. He wants to talk about Scarlett and says he doesn’t think she’s ready and says she doesn’t need to be on the tour.

He says they are going to eat her alive. Rayna says she can hang in there and Deacon says it’s going to damage her. Rayna says steel is forged in fire and that she’ll toughen up. Deacon tells her that not everyone is as hard as she is. He walks away. Ooh – burn.

J shows up to where the Wentworths are having dinner. Charlie asks why she’s there and she says she came by to personally respond to Olivia’s invitation in person. Olivia tells Charlie he needs to pick his mistresses more carefully. J says blue bloods like them are sick perverts. Olivia calls her trailer trash. J says she would rather spend the rest of her life in a double wide than one more minute with her bitchy self. She walks out. Charlie gets up to follow J, but his wife grabs his hand and says to let her go.

Gunnar works on Luke’s song by the pool but is criticizing himself. Scarlett walks up and suggests an alternate lyric that works a lot better. She apologizes for being rude backstage. He tells her she didn’t deserve what happened on stage and that he wouldn’t have had the guts to go back out like she did. She says it’s a long tour and she can’t let the bullies win. He asks her to run through the song with him and she says only if he promises not to boo. He sings the song to her and she joins in on the chorus.

Rayna’s in bed with Luke and they can hear the song playing while they kiss. He says it seems like her mind is somewhere else. She says it’s everything but him. She says she can’t believe she’s in this battle with Jeff and he offers to speak up on her behalf. She says she’s used to speaking on her own behalf. Luke asks what she wants and she says he wants to put out her album and she doesn’t want him to.

Rayna asks if he hears the song and they step out onto the balcony. Luke says Gunnar wrote him a hit and she says it’s a hit duet.

Peggy calls Teddy and tells him she’s not doing well. She says she’s been cramping and he asks if she called the doctor. She tells him they closed early today. He asks if she needs to go to the ER and she says maybe it’s food poisoning. He offers to come home and she says it’s okay and that hopefully it will pass. There’s a brown bag on the counter that Peggy opens. She’s got a container of pork blood! Ick! That wench is going to fake a miscarriage! OMG! Now that she’s married to him he can’t up and divorce her, so she’s got what she wants…

Gunnar plays the song for Rayna, Luke and crew. Luke congratulates him on their first co-write and Rayna speaks up and says he needs to get solo credit. Luke agrees. Rayna says they should play it tonight and Gunnar mistakenly thinks he’ll get to play but Luke corrects him quickly.

J tells Avery how she gave it back to the Wentworths. He’s proud of her. She remembers when they met at the Opry and seems to be flirting with him but then he gets a call from Scarlett. He takes the call and wishes her luck. Rayna offers to walk her out and introduce her but Scarlett insists on doing it herself. She heads out and plays to the crowd perfectly. Rayna and Deacon watch proudly from offstage.

The crowd eats it up. Deacon tells Rayna she was right and she says what so he repeats it. Then she smiles and says she heard him – she just wanted to hear it again. Rayna says it’s always been her philosophy to dust yourself off and get up and try again when you fall. Jeff watches Rayna and Deacon smiling and you can see he’s not pleased with Scarlett’s success. What a douche bag…

Teddy comes home and finds Peggy in the bathroom. He asks if she’s all right and sees blood drips on the floor. She tells him she thinks she lost the baby. He tells her he’s sorry and kisses her and says it’s going to be okay. She cries in his arms.

Gunnar tells Scarlett good job and Deacon hugs her. She’s just happy that they didn’t boo. Luke comes up and tells her that he’s her biggest fan. The tour manager comes to grab her. Luke tells Deacon that it’s a damn shame about his hand and he thought they would be headliners together one day. Deacon tells him it’s a damn shame about a lot of things.

Rayna walks by and Jeff tries to get her attention but she blows him off. Luke calls her onstage and she comes out and they ask the crowd if they want to hear a new song. The crowd goes wild as they sing the song Gunnar wrote for him – Ball and Chain. Gunnar watches offstage happily. Jeff asks if it’s his song and he says – I guess you delivered. Gunnar asks him about the showcase Jeff offered and he says he’s a man of his word then walks away.

Deacon watches them sing and Scarlett asks if the misses it. He says he never really did it. He says he blew every chance he had to be a solo artist. Scarlett tells him he’s not dead yet and he agrees and says he’s not dead or done. Deacon tells her he’s going to head back to the hotel and call his girlfriend and leaves.

After the set, Luke pops champagne and toasts Rayna and says he hopes it’s just the beginning of them making music together. Jeff comes up and tells her it was amazing. She says that’s what happens when you collaborate. Rayna tells him if he releases the duet as a digital single he’ll make his quarterly numbers. He asks how it would work and she says she wants her masters back and the horrible cover art gone. They toast.

Gunnar and Scarlett talk and he tells her how excited he was to hear his song play. He thanks her for the help and she says she just gave him the one line. Scarlett calls her mom and tells her she doesn’t think she’s cut out for life on the road but that she’ll have to be. She curls up in a ball on the bed.

Rayna and Luke are kissing and she tells him she likes being naked with him…

Teddy fixes Peggy a cup of tea. He tells her he’s going to take the day off of work and stay home. She tells him he doesn’t have to – she says the doctor said she just needs to stay in bed until the bleeding stops. She cries and says she knows he just married her because she was pregnant and he tells her not to go there. He holds her while she cries and tells her that she’s his wife and it’s just the two of them.

Charlie comes to J’s house and she tells him to go away. She says she doesn’t want to be part of his perverted life. He says he doesn’t want to be the empty person she thinks he is. He tells her he’s falling in love with her.

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