Does Nicki Minaj Look Like A Cheap Drag Queen? (Photos)

Does Nicki Minaj Look Like A Cheap Drag Queen? (Photos)

The music industry seems to be less about the music and more about the theatrics—if Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift concerts are any indication! Sure, the songs are catchy, but it’s all about costumes and shock value now. Nicki Minaj is on the more outrageous end of stars, taking her stage costumes into the real world, shocking onlookers with neon hair and clashing prints. And though many love her music, most aren’t crazy about her image—which is, admittedly, becoming less crazy and more classy over time. While out with friends in Toronto, Nicki got fashion tips from a clueless drag queen, who had no idea he was schooling the real Nicki Minaj!

Natitional Enquirer, print edition February 25, 2013, reported that as soon as Nicki walked in, a drag queen stepped up and yelled, “Hoeny, you got it ALL WRONG! If you want to try and look like Nicki, boy, first thing you need to do is get rid of that cheap weave and those glad rags. Plus, your makeup is all wrong, and you need to work on the way you carry yourself if you want to try and be Nicki!” Graciously, Nicki asked “Could you give me some more tips, please?” and the two cozied up at the bar and swapped tips “for nearly 20 minutes.” When there was nothing more to teach the international star, Nicki got up, “thanked him for his help, went to join a group of friends in the back of the bar,” and the news was spilled to the queen.

Hey, dummy, you’ve been giving your stupid Nicki Minaj tips to the REAL Nicki Minaj,” they joked, causing her to turn “beet-red and [run] off.” This is a great character story for Nicki though—she isn’t exactly meek! I’m shocked she didn’t lay down the law immediately! Playing along was the polite thing to do, and I’m sure she and her gang got a good laugh out of it later. Does Nicki look like a poorly put together drag queen?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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