Kim Kardashian’s Baby North West has 100 Pairs of Shoes – Kanye West Makes Guests Sign a Contract To See Them (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian's Baby North West has 100 Pairs of Shoes and Kanye West Makes Guests Sign a Contract To See Them (PHOTO)

While the world impatiently waits on The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to drop the most anticipated baby on the planet, we can only hope for a picture of North West. Deep down inside, Kim Kardashian knows that engaging in a relationship with Kanye West is working with two left feet at the skating ring. Although Yeezus is undeniably talented, his boastful arrogance will only be intensified with the never ending lime light exposure.

According to the July 22nd cover of ‘OK!’ Magazine, Jessica Simpson is at home with her baby bundle (getting neglected and overshadowed by Nori, and Blue Ivy’s nappy hair), and Robert Pattinson is still obsessed with Kristen Stewart. More important, Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian reveal the truth about baby North claiming she has over 100 pairs of shoes, while Kanye requires everyone to sign contracts before seeing her.

Either Kanye West has gotten way bigger, or we’ve gotten a lot smaller. The self-proclaimed ‘Asshole’, has totally forgotten that the royal baby will be here soon. His precious daughter will be pushed to the back burner, third in line after Blue Ivy Carter.

Although babies don’t really need shoes when they’re newborns, Kim Kardashian needs something to spend her millions on besides plastic surgery, designer clothes and magazine cover stories. Forcing your close family and friends to sign a contract before meeting your kid will grow tedious. The thought is absurd and ridiculous. If they are so afraid North’s picture will be auctioned to the highest bidder, they should sell it themselves, but quickly, before the baby we really want to know about is born.

Realistically, you’d catch Mary Kate-Olsen sober, before you see Kimye rejecting a photo opportunity. I hope North is even worth all the drama, and doesn’t look like her Aunt Khloe. Do you think North West will study hard to become a teacher or doctor? Or, will she grow up and become like all the other women in her family?

  • Starlet 1

    i hope this baby is cute after all

  • Pamela

    Baby North is already annoying and we haven’t seen her yet.