O.J. Simpson Prison Release Parole: Career Plan – TV Evangelist!

O.J. Simpson Prison Release Parole Career Plan: TV Evangelist!

O.J. Simpson might be looking for a change of pace after he gets out of prison. His manager, Norman Pardo, reveals that OJ has plans to become a TV Evangelist after he gets out of prison.

Norman told the Enquirer, “O.J. is very religious now, and he’s been counseling other inmates with Bible studies for months. When I talk to him on the phone, all he wants to discuss is religion. He’s obsessed!”

You know, that’s actually not all that unusual. Usually, people who go through traumatic experiences turn to religion for answers, and they develop a fanatic relationship with it. Norman claims that negotiations for a TV deal is underway, which is how screwed up this country is. Decent, hardworking people can’t get jobs, but a convict who actually got off on a light sentence is going to be given a freaking TV deal? Really?!

Also, sources close to OJ tell Radar Online that his motivations for becoming an evangelist are probably financial, not religious. The source explains, “O.J. will tell you that he wants to bring people together, but that’s BS as far as I’m concerned. There’s a lot of people sending bucket-loads of money to these TV preachers, and O.J.’s just looking to rake in millions from poor, unsuspecting Christians. It’s a dangerous idea to think of Simpson as a self-styled prophet who can reach people all over the world. People have to remember that this is a man who coldheartedly slaughtered two human beings and got away with it. The idea of him being any kind of preacher is ridiculous.”

Well, whoever this source is, he’s pretty spot on – but even then, the public fascination with the morbid might overwhelm their dislike for OJ Simpson. We already have former porn stars, teen moms, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, and the their ilk on reality television – and now, add in a convicted murderer as well.

What do you guys think of OJ Simpson being a TV evangelist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

O.J. Simpson Prison Release Parole Career Plan: TV Evangelist!

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  1. He is such an idiot.

  2. SpringBeauty says:

    Pray TV-#1 on scammers top 10.