Once Upon a Time in Wonderland RECAP 11/21/13: Season 1 Episode 6 “Who’s Alice”

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland RECAP 11/21/13: Season 1 Episode 6 “Who’s Alice”

Tonight on ABC their new fantastical, epic adventure ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND continues with a new episode called, “Who’s Alice.”  On tonight’s show Alice’s search for Cyrus puts her in harms way in the Black Forest and the Knave is awakened by an unlikely ally.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode in a flashback, Will Scarlet and Anastasia jumped through the looking glass to enter Wonderland against her mother’s wishes? They both soon realized that life in Wonderland wasn’t exactly what they had both imagined. Meanwhile, in current Wonderland, we found out how the Red Queen ascended to royalty status.

On tonight’s show Jafar pays a visit to the Asylum and Dr. Lydgate to uncover information about Alice, while in Wonderland, Alice heads to the Black Forest on her quest. Meanwhile, the Knave is awakened by magic with the help of an unlikely ally and he goes in search of Alice only to find her in terrible danger, and Cyrus does his best to evade the Red Queen. In flashback, Alice returns to Victorian England and her father after losing Cyrus.

Tonight’s new series is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of  Once Upon A Time in Wonderland episode 6 — tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how your excited you are about the new series.

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Tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland opens with a man painting on an easel in the middle of the woods. Jafar and Rabbit climb out of hole in the ground and scare them man. Jafar asks him where the asylum is, and the man fives him directions. Jafar heads to the asylum and poses as “Dr. Sheffield.” He questions the Doctor about his patient Alice, the Doctor tells him he has never had a patient named Alice. The Doctor claims he never same her escape with a talking rabbit, so Jafar pulls Rabbit out of a bag and shows it to him, obviously rattling him. Jafar tells the Doctor he needs to know everything about Alice.

Meanwhile the Queen of Hearts is at Jafar’s dungeon, then she realizes that Cyrus has escaped. The remaining prisoner tells the Queen that Cyrus has escaped, and that she will never catch him because he carries the greatest power of all, true love.

Meanwhile Cyrus is tracking down Alice by following the glowing necklace around her neck, he can see it from miles away. Alice is going the same, she is trying to head West towards him, but she comes across a group of men in the woods. They try to steal her glowing necklace from her, but she manages to fight them off.

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Victorian England: Alice is climbing out of a hole in the ground, returning from Wonderland, and sobbing because the Queen has just killed Cyrus (or so she thought). A little girl finds her in the forest, her name is Lilly. Alice tells her she is lost, and can’t find her way home. Milly calls for her father, who is coincidentally Alice’s father, and Milly is actually her little sister that she never knew existed. Her Father welcomes her home with open arms.)

Alice is making her way through the scary Black Forest, by light of a torch. She believes Cyrus is on the other side of the forest.

Knave is wandering through the forest, still disoriented from being in frozen in stone. He thinks Alice is the one who saved him (not the Queen). He runs into the men that Alice beat up after they tried to steal her necklace, they tell her Alice was headed for the Black Forest.

Alice sees a bright light and runs towards it, thinking it is the end of the Black Forest. She emerges in a Grove, with purple gas floating through the air. There is a creepy man standing there, who introduces himself as “The Carpenter.” He invites Alice to stay in the grove with him, at first she declines, but then she inhales some purple gas. The gas seems to be wiping out her memory, she can’t even remember Cyrus’s name. She decides to stay in the grove with The Carpenter.

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Vicotorian England: Alice’s Dad has taken her home. He has a new wife named Sarah, that doesn’t seem to want Alice to stay with them. Her father gives her an ultimatum, she can stay with him and his new family, but she isn’t allowed to talk about Wonderland. He tells her that no matter how sad she is about Cyrus, she can only stay with them if she pretends to be happy.)

The Queen is still wandering around the forest trying to track down Cyrus, she wants to find him before Jafar realizes he is gone and finds him.

Knave has made it through the Black Forest and found Alice in the grove. It doesn’t take long for Knave to realize Alice is high as a kite.

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Victorian England: Alice is eating dinner with her Dad and his new wife and daughter. Sarah, her step-mom, is trying to hook her up with a “suitor.” Alice is upset and not ready to meet a new man, she is still devastated about Cyrus.)

Cyrus is still trying to find his way through the forest to Alice, soldiers are chasing him and making it difficult.

Knave is concerned about Alice. He tries to ask The Carpenter what is wrong with her, but he realizes he isn’t human, from the waist down he is a tree. He looks closer at the other trees and realizes they used to be people as well. He calls for Alice and tells her they have to leave the Grove, but she looks at him and says, “Who is Alice?”

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Victorian England: Alice wakes up from a nightmare and finds Milly standing over her. Milly wants to know who Cyrus is because she kept yelling his name. She confides in Milly about Cyrus, and then Sarah barges in and tells Milly to get to bed. Her father and Sarah are upset that she still believes in the Wonderland nonsense.)

Knave is trying to get Alice out of the Grove. Alice doesn’t want to leave, she fights him off, and says she doesn’t want to go, and that the grove is her new home. The bottom half of her legs begin to turn into tree trunks.

The Queen is still tracking Cyrus through the woods. She uses magic to track his foot steps, she’s gaining on him.

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Victorian England: Alice’s father tells her she is going to help her forget about Wonderland. Alice and her father get into an argument, Alice accuses him of not being happy, and still not getting over her mother. Alice tells him that she can’t get over Cyrus. He kicks her out, and tells her she is no longer allowed to live with them. He tells her she must go live in the mental hospital in London, or let Sarah find her a husband.)

Knave is still trying to get Alice to leave the Grove. He has figured out that if she wants to leave, she can. But if she wants to stay, she will turn into a tree. Knave throws her the necklace she has been wearing. When she touches it she suddenly remembers her mission to find Cyrus.

The Queen has caught up to Cyrus and has him pinned on a ledge of a cliff.

(Flashback – 1 year ago – Victorian England: Alice has decided she would rather go live in a mental hospital than let Sarah hook her up with another man.)

Knave and Alice are out of the Grove. Alice reveals to Knave that the Queen is the one that freed him from the stone. Knave reveals that when Alice got his heart back, he never put it in his chest, because he never wanted to feel the sadness. Even if the Queen is still in love with her, he will never be able to love her back, because he literally doesn’t have a heart.

Cyrus jumps over the cliff, the Queen is shocked.

Jafar arrives at Alice’s father’s house, he has gotten the address from the Doctor at the mental hospital.