One Life to Live Cancelled And All My Children Threatened as Prospect Park Wages Legal Battle With ABC

One Life to Live Cancelled And All My Children Threatened as Prospect Park Wages Legal Battle With ABC

ABC soap fans spent 18 months clamoring for the network to bring back All My Children and One Life to Live and when the network refused, they were thrilled to have The Online Network under Prospect Park decide to reboot both shows. Unfortunately since debuting in April there have been more problems for everyone involved than anyone could have imagined. Within two weeks of being shown online both shows were cut from 4 new 30 minute episodes a week to just two because people just weren’t tuning in.

According to Agnes Nixon, creator of both shows, they still haven’t found their online storytelling groove. On television story-lines played out for months or in some cases, years but online things have to move faster. Also the fans seem to be choosing one show or the other rather than making time for both AMC and OLTL. As of the most recent numbers, AMC has had a 25% bigger viewing audience and OLTL is on an indefinite hiatus.

As if trying to get a viewing audience to commit wasn’t tough enough, ABC has made it even harder. They originally loaned several established characters to both shows, allowing long time fans a chance to reconnect with old favorites while new characters were also introduced to the audience. The problem is that ABC then borrowed a few characters back to have them briefly cross over and make an appearance on General Hospital. That appearance was their last though because ABC killed off both characters on screen without giving Prospect Park any sort of indication that characters that they were still writing for were about to meet a fiery onscreen demise. That slick trick on the network’s part caused Prospect Park to file a lawsuit that has done nothing to bring both sides together to make the rebooted shows thrive.

Do you think that OLTL will actually return or will AMC also join it in an “indefinite hiatus”? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jocelyn

    I’m surprised there are people who still watch soap operas.

  • docsdaughter

    Please, please, please bring back AMC. I’ve been a fanall the years that it was on television. Loved seeing it online. So great to see old favorites and get introduced to new ones. Hope very much that things can be worked out and a new season will happen.

  • Angelina Falotico-Brownlow

    I prefer to watch my soaps on regular TV.. Watching online was ok but,
    having access to a computer isn’t as convenient as just turning on the
    TV. One Life to Live and All My Children were my most favorite programs
    ever. I have been watching these shows for over 40 years!!!! I was
    very angry when they were taken off the air. And now you guys want to
    cancel it online makes me even more furious!!!! Please, Please bring my shows back!!!!

  • Long Time Soap Fan

    I prefer watching TV to viewing shows online, too … but being able to see AMC and OLTL online was certainly better than nothing at all. And since they were only issuing 2 half hour shows each per week, it wasn’t that hard to find 2 hours a week to keep up with them.

    I think being online made it hard for alot of long-time fans to watch. I don’t know very many older people who are on line … and unless people read the soap magazine or follow soap news online, I’m betting a large percentage of the older fans don’t even know what’s being going on or that the shows were back, online. It’s a shame PP couldn’t find a way to put them on TV again.

    It will be a real shame if PP/TOLN give up on them now after everything they went thru getting the shows online! I’m glad they eliminated the bad language … it didn’t add anything … and I wouldn’t mind if they’d cut back on the heavy sex. There was enough heat on TV. But I sure do hope they both return!

    ABC/Disney networks are back on my Do Not Watch List again (except for GH) … it makes me sick they caused us to lose Todd, Starr and John. It’s obvious ABC/Disney did not want the shows to succeed.

  • allie

    I’m very sad to see One Life go… end of an era

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  • Toure Cannon

    Prospect Park and The On Line Network needs to grow the piss up! This is Karma catching up to ABC; The Arrogant Boneheaded [EXPLETIVE] for axing AMC N OLTL IN THE FIRST PLACE! Prospect Park should resolve this issue with ABC an help them: with the new writing team and bring them back to Network Television. See what happens ABC when you don’t do the right thing? Soap Operas are not suppose to be seasonal! At least when the weekend came: YOU GOT THE SATISFACTION ON WAITING until Monday for the continuing.Soaps are a daily thing NOT SEASONAL! Get it RIGHT PEOPLE!

  • Debra Blaine

    I was afraid this would happen. I just have to say sham on you !!!!!