Parenthood RECAP 11/14/13: Season 5 Episode 8 “The Ring”

Parenthood RECAP 11/14/13: Season 5 Episode 8 “The Ring”

Tonight, the hit show Parenthood airs on NBC with its 4th episode of season 6. The episode is titled “The Ring” and on the show tonight Amber (Mae Whitman) makes a tough decision that rocks the boat with Ryan (Matt Lauria).

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Julia is concerned about Victor, she discusses with Joel on how they may hold him back a grade and her daughter overhears. Sarah gets an invitation to a party by her building manager. Amber is ordering lunch for the band and they mention the ring she has on her finger, Amber looks kind of like she’s not happy about having it. Kristina’s numbers are going up in the polls and she is really excited until she gets a call. All of a sudden, Adam is running and there are tons of photographers outside asking him questions.

Amber is talking to Ryan about her ring and he tells her it is one of a kind; she still looks bothered by something.

Zeek is experiencing with different food groups and Sarah walks in. Zeek tells her that he is fed up with everyone checking up on him. Sarah brought him.

Crosby is playing with Jabbar, they talk about his liking ballet, actually, he says he loves it.

Julia is at the school and sees the teacher, she tries to get some information from her. The teacher says that they don’t want Victor to fall back anymore and they are going to recommend he fall back a grade. Julia is very upset and Ed walks in, he hugs her and they both look a little too happy in each other’s arms. Julia lets go and there is an awkward moment, she tells Ed she is going to go speak to her husband.

Kristina goes to see Bob and tells him that she is pissed that he leaked a story on Adam so she would lose the campaign. Kristina threatens to tell things about him and he says he knows she won’t.

Sarah’s manager stops by her place and asks again if she will go to the party, she says no. Amber visits Kristina who sees the ring, Amber again doesn’t seem happy about it. She tells Kristina that she is not happy because of how expensive the ring is, Kristina asks her if she is sure she is upset just about the ring.

Julia tells Joel that she spoke to the teacher and found out that Victor will in fact be held back. Joel is upset that Julia had the conversation with the teacher without him. Julia and Joel get into an argument over it, Joel says he is not pulling Victor out of school.

Crosby is with Adam and tells him about Jabbar’s liking ballet; Crosby looks concerned and Adam tells him that you can’t always choose what your kids are going to want to do.

Kristina and Adam see a pic of themselves, it looks kind of goofy and it is in the paper, they got it from a Facebook page.

Amber tells Ryan that she cannot help but think how expensive her rings was. He tells her that he wants her to feel special and that is why he got it for her.

Crosby is feeding the baby, he and Jasmine are talking about Jabbar being in ballet and he admits that he is not crazy about it.

It’s Saturday and Joel is running out the door to work, he won’t even have breakfast. Julia goes outside to speak to him and tells him the kids are picking up on the tension.

Sarah is still at Zeek’s house and when she starts picking on him for watching sports all day, she tells him she was invited to a party and didn’t go. Zeek tries to encourage her to go, she agrees.

Kristina is ready to fire back at Bob, she calls a press conference. She tells the photographers that she doesn’t want to make the campaign about personal attacks, but three years ago a rude man called her son a retard for having Asperger’s syndrome and her husband hit the man. Kristina was going to tell them about Bob’s inappropriate behavior with Amber, but decides not to stoop to his level.

Amber is home, Ryan walks in and tells her he took the ring back. Ryan clearly looks upset at the whole thing.

Julia and Joel go into Victor’s room to speak to him. They mention how they have spoken to his teacher, he says his grades suck. They go on to say that they think he should go back to grade 4 do he can catch up with everyone else. Victor is furious, he doesn’t want to leave his friends, he doesn’t want to do this. Victor is really upset and starts crying, he shouts at the two of them to get out of his room. Joel leaves the room and walks away from Julia.

Zeek is talking to Camille on Skype, she tells him that she is having the best time and she has learned so much.

Kristina tells Adam that her sharing with the world Max’s condition is working, people are supporting her. Adam tells her that he is proud that she didn’t stoop to Bob’s level.

Sarah shows up at the party while Crosby shows up at one of Jabbar’s ballet classes.