Paris Jackson Rebels After Grandma Katherine Jackson Kills Her Acting Dream But Encourages Prince’s Career

Paris Jackson Rebels After Grandma Katherine Jackson Kills Her Acting Dream But Encourages Prince's Career

Teenage years are hard, but even more so while simultaneously in the media spotlight and in the shadow of your legend father Michael Jackson! Paris Jackson is no stranger to family drama, but it hit even closer to home when the one wielding the knife was her own brother! 16-year-old Prince Jackson just landed his first job as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. While his grandma Katherine Jackson believed him to be mature enough for the gig, Paris is fuming, furious to have to take back burner to his fame! Now, she’s rebelling against her grandmother, and family insiders predict war.

Paris wants to audition for movies and follow in her late father’s footsteps with a recording deal,” an insider told National Enquirer, print edition March 11, 2013. “Katherine keeps telling her, ‘honey, you’re too young. Enjoy your school years.’” A sentiment we can all appreciate, for sure! The siblings may only be two years apart, but family members agree that “Prince has demonstrated his maturity, [but] Paris still behaves like a child.” Instead of proving her grandmother wrong by responding as a rational adult, Paris “is beginning to act out, recently chopping off her long brunette locks and wearing heavy Goth-style eyeliner.”

Paris’ open warfare is “just another sign to Katherine and the whole family that Paris needs to grow up some before tackling a show business career.” The weirdest thing is that Katherine hates the industry . . . but is letting mature Prince dive right in! Apparently, “Katherine saw how the entertainment industry turned Michael from a sweet little boy into a tragic figure—and she wants a better life for Paris.” But not for Prince? Something is missing here! Maybe Paris just switched career goals and Katherine wants to get her back on the college track? Family friends insist that Katherine’s “heart is in the right place.” Paris is 14—kids are resilient at that age, right? Do you think this new feud will turn into bigger drama for the family? Should Paris be allowed to ditch school to act and sing?

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