Paula Deen’s Racism Is Defended By Disturbed Author, Anne Rice

Paula Deen's Racism Is Defended By Disturbed Author, Anne Rice

Paula Deen’s racist comments have been defended by famous Interview With The Vampire author Anne Rice. Anne has taken to her Facebook to defend Paula against the ‘lynch mob’ as she calls it, saying, “What’s happening with Paula Dean? Is it fair? I never heard of her until today, and wow, this looks like a crucifixion. I may be wrong but aren’t we becoming something of a lynch mob culture?”

After receiving criticism for supporting Paula, Anne then commented, “Her remarks were made informally and in private, and clearly not intended to hurt anyone. Now they’ve been elevated to billboard status where they can hurt many as the result of a law suit. Why does this country still hate the American South so much? You think there isn’t deep hateful racism in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles? I can tell you, that you are wrong. It’s easy to hate Southerners, isn’t it?”

Well, it takes one to know one, right? And while there is ‘deep hateful racism’ everywhere in the world, it is not something you see on a regular basis in places like LA and San Francisco. This has nothing to do with Paula Deen coming from the south, and everything to do with the fact that she’s a high-profile celebrity who should know better than to have said what she said.

For people who keep saying, ‘Oh, it was a long time ago’ or ‘She doesn’t know any better’, that’s just a whole load of BS. There are celebrities from ‘the south’ who are older than Paula Deen and more high-profile than her, and even if they are ‘racist’, they don’t go around saying what Paula did. There is a modicum of restraint you must exercise as a public figure, and Paula has proven that she can’t do that. Anne is clearly trying to shift the blame to America’s so-called ‘hatred’ of the south, when it’s really a simple matter of Paula Deen having to take responsibility for her actions. If a celebrity in San Francisco and Los Angeles had said the same thing, they would have been treated the exact same, possibly even worse.

Editor’s Note: Whatever you think of Anne Rice’s oeuvre, and I think it’s awful, her history of crazy behavior is a fact.  Now she comes forth to defend the slob’s right to use the N-word. Sure people have that right, and so they should, because free speech comes before good taste and kindness in the law. But on the flip side, all people have the right to free speech, including those words immortalized by another fatuous toad, Donald Trump, namely “YOUR FIRED!”

Paula Deen's Racism Is Defended By Disturbed Author, Anne Rice

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