Penn Badgley Dumped Zoe Kravitz Because She Was Bisexual?

Penn Badgley Dumped Zoe Kravitz Because She Was Bisexual?

When it was first announced that Penn Badgley had broken up with Zoe Kravitz, most of their fans were a little disappointed. They made an adorable couple, and they seemed genuinely happy together. Alas, it’s Hollywood, and relationships rarely last.

At the time, the reports all stated that the breakup was amicable and it was due more to time constraints than anything else. As actors, they rarely get to spend time together, and of course that would impact the relationship. However, a new report Star Magazine claims that Penn dumped Zoe because he couldn’t deal with her being bisexual.

Star’s source claims, “All of Zoe’s friends know she is into women too. Penn just couldn’t wrap his head around it, and it became a real issue for them.” The source also adds that even though they moved in together to try to salvage their relationship, it didn’t work. The source explains, “The more time they spent together, the more they realized it was never going to work.”

Does this really seem like something that would have caused them to break up? Even if Zoe was bisexual, why would that have affected her relationship with Penn? Unless Zoe was ‘cheating’ on him with other women, and then claiming that it wasn’t cheating because she wasn’t hooking up with other dudes. I don’t know, this whole story seems to be a little off. It is in direct contradiction to what Zoe and Penn say is the cause of their breakup, but you never really know with these actors and actresses.

What do you guys think was the cause of Zoe and Penn’s split? Are you sad to see them apart, or are you happy that they broke up? Let us know in the comments.

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