Porsha Stewart Still Living With Kordell Stewart But Says “He Can Make His Own Damn Eggs”

Porsha Stewart Still Living With Kordell Stewart But Says “He Can Make His Own Damn Eggs”

After much anticipation, Porsha Stewart has finally decided to address the demise of her marriage in a sit down interview. She turned up late last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live couch and boy was she dishing the dirt on her estranged husband, Kordell Stewart. No, Andy didn’t touch on those gay rumors that have dogged the ex-Pittsburgh Steeler for 15 years, but he went straight in for the info on the couple’s break up.

According to Porsha the couple had been having problems but she was under the impression that they were working things out. No one had moved out and they were going to counseling. She figured it was going to be okay until her sister called and woke her one morning to tell her to check Twitter. Porsha logged in and THAT is how she found out that her husband of two years had filed for divorce! If that’s not bad enough wait until you hear this! Porsha crawled out of bed and went into the next room to ask Kordell if the rumor was true and the douche bag wouldn’t even tell her! He made her call her attorney for the truth!

Fast forward a few weeks and the couple is still living together. Frankly I think it’s because Porsha is pissed and with no prenup in place why should she budge. She made it very clear that they do not speak and her days of playing the part of doting wifey are long gone. She was happy to say the Kordell can now made his own damn eggs and ham hucks.

What an asshole this guy is. Can you imagine finding out that the person you live with filed for divorce through the media? Obviously, control freak Kordell was seriously furious over something to take such a cold approach, don’t you think? Better yet, what do you think Porsha will be telling the press once the dust settles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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