Pretty Little Liars RECAP 6/25/13: Season 4 Episode 3 “Cat’s Cradle”

Pretty Little Liars RECAP 6/25/13: Season 4 Episode 3 “Cat’s Cradle”

Tonight on the ABC Family PRETTY LITTLE LIARS continues with the second episode of its fourth season called, “Cat’s Cradle.” On tonight’s show “A” new target hits close to home. Did you watch last week’s season 4 second episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s episode the official synopsis did not tell us much but we saw Emily had a bruise on her arm in the promo, so will that stop her from competing and is that someone “A” did?  Not only was Emily in danger but “‘A’ nearly killed the newest member of the club. Aria decided to learn self defense to defend herself against “A.”  Spencer and Toby got into a heated argument and Toby shared a secret with Spencer.

On tonight’s show we will see the introduction of another new police officer.  Detective Linda Tanner, is expected to make her debut on the show tonight.  Caleb and Hannah’s Dad are back on tonight’s episode.  Hannah’s Dad is not going to have good news for Caleb.  It also it looks like Hanna has had enough of “A’s” games.  “A” new target hits close to home.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s  Family ‘s Pretty Little Liars at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars, so far?  Also, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Last week on Pretty Little Liars: A tried to kill Mona. Emily took some pills in hopes of killing the pain in her arm but just caused herself more when she smacked her head during a swim meet. Toby comes clean with Spencer about being the one who took the RV for A ( in return he gets info about his mom). Hannah’s mom becomes another pretty liar who lies.

Lets dive right in….the girls are sitting at a table with a bunch of bird toy’s that Emily took in order to get passed Ali’s mom with some notebooks.  Aria has a date with her martial arts instructor (Jake). All four freak out when Spencer’s sister walks in. Melissa is totally up to something.

Hannah and Caleb are sitting on the church steps talking about his dad. Caleb went to apologize for assuming his dad was lying about the church bell that was stolen. Apparently he knows about Wilden being dead and Hannah’s mom looking sketch because of her heels.

Arias is talking to her mom about the fact that her mom was asked to go to Austria by her coffee shop owner boyfriend. Ella informs Aria that she isn’t going.

Toby and Spencer are talking about the number the bird sings. Ten they cut to how he stole the RV to get the info on his mom. How the girls are going to find out and how he is under the impression A is female.

Hannah is chatting her mom up about her trip to New York. Trying to trip her up. No dice. Ashley even offers up the name of the play she saw “Anything Goes”.

Aria is chilling with the martial arts instructor. As usual she is watching a black and white flick. He is trying to explain to her that they don’t need to have everything in common in order to date.

Emily is at the doctors. She is still in pain so he offers to give her a prescription for pain pills.

Hannah is at her moms office. Ashley walks out for just a second and Hannah starts looking around. She finds a thank you note. The inside says “Hope your feeling better. The show was a dud. You didn’t miss anything”.
Which of course means her mom lied about what she did in New York and quite possibly about being in New York the whole time she was supposed to be.

The girls are at school talking about strudel and how far Vienna is to go and get it. Aria says her mom isn’t going but she also seems to think her mom is considering it. They start talking about the bird and how spencer gets a number but nobody answers it. Emily tells them she has started going through the notebooks but that there are a lot of them. Aria offers to come over and help her. Spencer tells her she is busy with Toby. Emily’s mom shows up to give Emily a ride. But really just wants to give her the third degree about the pills missing from her bottle. After a confrontation Emily gets in the car. Neither Aria or Spencer have any idea what’s going on. Spencer leaves. Aria’s phone beeps…she looks… “Cleaning up Rosewood, one mean mommy at a time. Dig we must. Kisses – A.

Hannah and Caleb are talking about how Hannah’s mom lied and how she thinks its because she was in Rosewood killing Wilden. Caleb thinks she might need a attorney.

Hannah is next at the police station looking around. She looks inside a room and sees a graph…she walk toward the room and right in. It’s a huge board covered in pictures of anybody whose anybody on this show including the girls with Wilden smack dab in the middle. It’s a graph charting the who, what, where ,when, and why of how he is connected to them. Right when she is about to take a picture with her camera phone.but alas the cute new cop stops her and walks her out. He walks away to talk to Melissa.

Aria and Emily are going through the notebooks. They start talking about why she lied about the pills to her mom. Aria picks up some mask. Rips the top part off and the mask underneath is a mask of Ali’s face. They think its the one Hannah saw on the train and they saw at the lodge.

Hannah’s laying on her bed listening to headphones her mom comes in and starts fighting with her. She refuses to tell her where she was if she wasn’t at the play but she also tells her if anyone ask her not to lie and just to not say anything.

Spencer and Toby sneak into Radley…apparently Mona gave Spencer the override codes. Hannah and the girls are in Emily’s room talking about the mask and how it looks the same but isn’t the one she saw on the train. The inside of the mask has a studio name on it  “Hector Lime” with the web address Emily and Aria know exactly where the studio is. He makes props and statues for horror movies. They called Spencer but it went straight to voice mail. Hannah decides they need to check out the studio. So off go Hannah, Emily, and Aria.

The studio is out in the middle of the woods. They think someone is sitting on the porch but its a statue. Before they can figure out what the plan is a man Hector I’m assuming opens the door. He isn’t to happy that they didn’t call first. Hannah shows him the mask. He invites them in.

Spencer and Toby enter a room in Radley. The room Toby’s mom jumped from. Toby is trying to put all the pieces together. Poor Toby.

Back to the studio. He explains to the girls that Ali answered a add he placed in the paper. Then he decides if they want answers they have to give him what he wants …a copy of Emily’s face. He explains that Ali asked for the mask of her face. Hannah starts looking around. Hannah finds something that freaks her out.

Spence and Toby are still in the room when Spencer realizes there is no way she could have jumped and hit the ground from that room. They decide they need to find someone who was there the night it happened.

Caleb is walking down the road. Hannah’s dad pulls up and tells him they need to talk.

The creepy studio guy is explaining to Emily how she needs to breathe with the cast on her face.he pulls it off. Back outside Hannah shows them what she found. They look shocked. Caleb and Hannah’s dad are chit chatting about if he saw Ashley the night Wilden was murdered. He did. She came to his house. He left and when he got back she was gone He also tells him that he had a gun he kept upstairs he went to look for it but it was missing.

Emily is trying to get the clay out of hair. Her mom comes up and asked her if someone from family services has called her. Apparently they think that her mo is abusing her. Aria is watching her mom while he is getting coffee with her martial arts instructor. She goes up to her mom and convinces her to go to Austria with her boyfriend. She sits back down with her date.

Hannah goes over to Spencer’s and finally takes out what was in her purse.  A mold of Melissa’s face. Hannah heads back home. Lets her mom knows she is back home. She apologizes to Hannah for the fight they had earlier.
She is just standing in the bathroom looking super upset and guilty.

Spencer and Melissa a talking in Spencer’s room. Emily is laying I bed. A sends her a picture of her mom behind bars.

A is listening to a record and looking at Emily’s X-rays.