Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 11 REVIEW “Bring Down the Hoe”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 11 REVIEW "Bring Down the Hoe"

Last night, episode 11 was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  All of our little lairs are sitting outside on the school patio discussing how Red Coat has to be CeCe. They talk about how strange it is that she has been living in a crawl space (not CeCe, the girl is definitely sketch but there is no way she is going to live in a crawl space), how Shana is afraid of her and the millions of other plot points that are there to mislead us. Emily isn’t sure how she can stay at Ali’s knowing the big bad can see and hear her. Aria advises her to stay on the second floor. Spencer tells her she needs panties on at all times (lol).

Hannah shows up with her food tray and sits down. Hannah has been helping her mom look for new attorneys which is really hard because they are all a bunch of fame mongers. Hannah tells Spencer to ask her mom if she can get back on the case. Spencer tells her that her mom is looking for a way she can do just that. The lady detective shows up and chit chats for a bit before she drops the bombshell that the cops are in possession of a muddy heel that match the prints they found on the beach the night Wilden was murdered. Hannah looks sick and anxious. The detective ask if anything is wrong. Hannah tells her she needs to pee and gets up and leaves. The detective tells the girls she hopes she didn’t ruin anybody’s lunch.

Spencer and the girls catch up with Hannah in the hallway. Spencer tells her she need not worry the detective is just trying to get bait them. Emily agrees because she has been on her since the tape of her holding the guilty sign showed up. Spencer lets her know that it is just A throwing a temper tantrum because Mona said she killed Wilden and ruined A’s plan for Ashley going down for it. Emily says the detective is just trying to make them lose it. Hannah tells her it worked she lost her breakfast (weren’t they at lunch?) Spencer says they need to put CeCe on the detectives radar she plans on doing so by having her, Emily and Aria check out the crawl space after school. In the meantime so that Ali’s mom doesn’t get suspicious Hannah will be shopping at Macy’s with her. Hannah is not all about that plan (for once she has no interest in shopping). Spencer gets a text and leaves (Toby?) Hannah is standing by the lockers having a break down when she sees some kid watching her. Hannah shakes it off and walks away.

Emily is standing in a room reading a paper she printed (its a recommendation letter from Zoe). Paige ask if they are still on for the dance later that night. Emily tell her she doesn’t know she has stuff going on but she will call her later. Paige starts reading the letter and comments on how Zoe is gushing about Emily and is in to her (jealous Paige is back). Emily tells Paige that is just the way Zoe is. Paige is not buying it. Emily snatches from her and tells her she has a class. Paige watches her walk away.

Aria is outside the school (leaving no doubt) when Jake pops up and offers her a ride. Aria tells him she drove herself that day. Jake wants her to get coffee with him. Aria tells him she is busy (snooping around where A has been snooping in Ali’s house). Aria then ask him if he wants to go with her to the school dance. Jake is more than happy and says he will go.

Emily takes her recommendation letter to Ezra and ask him if he is busy ( if staring into space counts as busy then boy hasn’t got a second to spare). Emily shows him the letter and while he is looking at it she ask him if he is growing a beard (no wonder Emiily likes dating girls she is horrible with guys……lol). Ezra tells her other people have real world problems that don’t consist of worrying about glowing recommendation letters. (Harsh). Emily apologizes for bothering him and turns to leave. Ezra snaps out of it long enough to realize that he is the one that needs to apologize, he then explains that he isn’t at his best because Maggie is moving across the country with Malcom. Ezra ask Emily not to speak a word of this to Aria (so she will know by the end of the show).

Caleb and Hannah are walking in the school hallway. Caleb ask her if she needs a ride home. Hannah tells him no that she is going shopping with Ali’s mom. Caleb is surprised. Hannah tells him she can’t go with her own mom. Caleb tells her he will pick her up at eight for the round up. Hannah tells him she isn’t going. Caleb tells her she is because Ashley says so. Caleb kisses her and walks away. Hannah finds a envelope that says Diva Dish on it (CeCe worked there), its full of money (I’m talking amount one might hide in a lasagna box). It has a note with it that says “maybe this can help your mother”. Hannah gasp and looks around, the guy that was watching her earlier is standing near by, when she notices him he walks away.

Spencer is walking with Toby they are headed to his truck. Spencer is explaining all about Hannah’s magical envelope full of money. Spencer can’t understand why CeCe would put it in a envelope for the place she worked at (told ya). Toby doesn’t think she would. Spencer is literally spinning off into another world. Spencer and Toby get in his truck when Toby turns it on he hears his mom singing “Anytime” while she plays the piano. Now Toby is the spinning off. Spencer stays talking really loud and begging him to take the cd out. Toby finally does take it out it has a note on it “There’s more where this came from. -A. It has a label with his moms name on it and Dr. Palmers name is underneath that.

Hannah is at the Muffin Mans buying coffee when mystery boy walks in. Hannah hears him ask for a water and when she sees who it is she heads for the door to leave. She stops just long enough to tell him that if he doesn’t stop he is going to be one sorry stalker. Hannah walks out the door.

Toby decides he wants to meet with Dr.Palmer that night. Toby ask Spencer if she wants to come with him. Spencer can’t she has to meet Emily and Aria in a crawl space. Toby calls the nursing home Palmer is at, the whole time Spencer is begging him to hang up (A thought occurred to me about Palmer and Wren, remember last season when he was talking to Hannah about how his dad slowly slipped away into dementia? Well what if Dr. Palmer is Wrens father? Which could also mean Wren is the one giving Toby the clues….right?)Spencer tells him they need to be sure CeCe is A before they make another move. Toby hangs up just as someone answers the phone.

Aria and Emily are already in the crawl space wondering where Spencer is at. Emily ask Aria if she has talked to Ezra lately. Aria tells Emily that he has called her but she doesn’t answer because it wouldn’t be fair to Jake (which tells me Aria isn’t completely over Ezra no matter how much she pretends to be). Emily tells Aria she needs to call him. Emily finds a button with her flashlight and ask Aria if she thinks it belongs to Red Coat. They hear a noise and freak but its just Spencer jumping up with the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. Someone comes in upstairs Spencer thought Ali’s mom was with Hannah. Emily texts Hannah . Aria gets up and goes over to one of the holes and looks though it. Emily gets a text back confirming that Ali’s mom is with Hannah. Emily shows it to Spencer who then shows it to Aria. Aria peeks through the hole again. This time a huge freaking knitting needle shoots down it and almost jams into Arias eye. It happens two more times in two of the other holes and then they hear the person leave.

The girls are at Spencer’s house. Hannah wants a count of how many knitting needles there were. Aria tells her that one was enough. Hannah wonders if there was more than one person. Emily tells her there was only one. Hannah tells Emily she should take the Diva Dish envelope with her so if it is CeCe they can trap her. Emily tells her if she does go back its going to be to pack up her suitcase. Emily says she will move into Spencer’s. Spencer ask her if she wants to move tonight. Emily says yes and then ask if its a problem. Aria wants to know who Spencer was on the phone with upstairs. Spencer tells her Toby. After a guilt trip and loads of peer pressure Spencer caves and tells the girls that A’s been helping Toby and that Toby’s mom might have been murdered.

Toby is sitting in his truck and is on the phone with someone at the nursing home that tells him Palmer isn’t well (and I bet you anything some how his being sick is where the connection to Wren will come into play….presuming there is one of course). Toby hangs up his phone and sees a message from A its a picture of a car. Toby looks around.

Aria is at the Muffin Mans getting a coffee and she goes to sit down. She notices Ezra across the way. Ezra sees her and comes over. Ezra wants a minute with her he has something he needs to tell her. Aria tells him it isn’t really a good time. About that time Jake walks in. Aria handles the introductions. Ezra gets his things and leaves. Jake puts a black box of the counter and tells Aria to open it. Inside are a light blue pair of boots Jake bought her.

Emily is at Ali’s packing her stuff up to leave. Emily ask Spencer to grab her stuff in the bathroom and to check the shower. Spencer heads out. Emily’s phone beeps, it’s a message from Paige “Haven’t heard from you abt tonight. Guess answer is no???”
Emily looks around the room and stops on the dresser she looks at a light blue nail polish and remembers something about Ali. Apparently there was this one time when Ali was painting Emily’s toenails and they started taking about Ben. Ali tells Emily she needs to break up with him and if Emily doesn’t want to do it she will do it for her. Ali goes on and says she has done it for other girls before there was even this one time when she did it for this one girl ( CeCe?) and the boyfriend pulled a gun on her (Wilden?). Which would mean that it was CeCe not Ali who was fooling around with Wilden at Cape May that summer. (Which would also mean that whoever killed Wilden didn’t kill Ian and Garret or try to kill Jenna for like the gazillionth time…..right?) Spencer walks in and disrupts Emily’s train of thought and the she turns around and says to Spencer exactly what I just wrote (just the CeCe dating Wilden instead of Ali part).

We are In A’s new lair. I know this because of all the newspapers and pictures of Ali in it. And just when you think it can’t get any more interesting you see CeCe talking on the phone wearing a black hoodie. She leaves a message asking somebody where they are (Wren? He is busy visiting his sick dad) and telling them she isn’t staying there forever and she sure isn’t going back to Rosewood and for them to call her. She hangs up. Next you see a Red Coat lying on a chair.

Hannah and Caleb walk into the school dance being held in a barn. Caleb ask her if she wants a drink. They guy that keeps following her around ask her to dance with him. Hannah ask him what, and he says for her to dance with him. Hannah ask if he is out of his mind. He tells her that he is the one that put the envelope in her locker and that he knows her mom is innocent. That shuts Hannah up. Hannah recovers and ask him who he is. He tells Hannah that he was at the lake that night, that Wilden called him to tow his car, he saw Hannah’s mom leave and after that he heard two gun shots. He also tells her that he saw somebody running off. Hannah ask him who. He tells her he doesn’t know but that it was a girl. Caleb comes back with her drink. Hannah ask him if hold it for one second that she has to dance with, the guy says his name is Travis. Hannah tells Caleb it’s because of a bet she made. Hannah and Travis continue talking while they dance. Hannah asked him why he waited so long. Travis tells her that there is bad blood between his dad and Wilden and that his dad could have looked just as guilty as her mom. Hannah ask if the person he saw running away was blonde. Travis tells her he thinks so. Hannah ask how he got the money. Traitors tells her when he saw Wilden’s body he panicked and left the truck there. Later it was back at the shop and the envelope was in the seat.

Aria runs into Caleb and ask him how it’s going. Jake ask him what they are serving. Caleb tells him he would stick with the water everything else taste like cough syrup. Aria ask where Hannah is and Caleb tells her Hannah is dancing off a bet with one of her brothers teammates and then ask Aria if she knows anything about it. Aria lies says she does and then says that Mike is immature. Caleb smiles at her.

Spencer and Emily walk in with Toby. Emily is explaining how to two step. Spencer has no clue and says she doesn’t know the difference between a two step and a polka, but that Toby can lead. Toby says sure but then ask Emily what a tow step is. Emily just smiles. She notices Paige. Paige didn’t know Emily was going to be there and when she sees her she just blows her off.

Hannah is still dancing with Travis and trying to convince him to go talk with the police.
Travis tells Hannah he has done everything he is going to do and then he walks away.

Aria and Jake are doing a line dance. Ezra sees Aria and Jake sees Ezra. Caleb is talking with Hannah about Travis and how he could be working for A and she shouldn’t trust him. Hannah says she knows but that she might have too.
Toby sits down on some stairs and looks at the picture of the car again. This time we can see the message “Palmer’s old car: 1071 East Mountain Drive. -A. Spencer walks up and ask Toby if he wants to dance. Toby smiles and says sure.

Jake goes over to Ezra and tells him he Aria is happy and he needs to let her go. A girl walks up behind Jake so he ask Ezra for two lemonades (I’m pretty sure Caleb said that was a no no).

Spencer and Toby are dancing. Spencer ask him if Emily said anything to him. Toby ask her like what, she says never mind. Toby tells her he got the address for Palmer’s car. Spencer ask him where he got it. They get in a argument and in he middle of it Spencer slips and Toby finds out she told the other girls. Toby gets upset because he knows that means A might not help him anymore. He accuses Spencer of picking her friends over him and then he leaves. Spencer stands there and watches him walk away.

Spencer runs over to Caleb and ask him if he can follow Toby that she thinks A is setting him up, she takes the two plates in his hands and says she will feed Hannah. Cable takes off. Spencer is left holding the plates.

Emily is being watched while she is watching Paige. Aria walks up and ask Emily if she knows who that guy was Hannah was dancing with earlier was. Emily didn’t see him. Emily ask Aria if she has talked with Ezra yet. Aria tells her no and then ask her why. Emily tells her what Ezra asked her not to tell her. Aria takes off. Emily looks up and sees Red Coat.

Travis is at the gas station locking up the pumps for the night when Hannah shows up. She give him the money back and tells him she knows he wants to do the right thing or he wouldn’t have come to her.

Spencer is still holding the food when Emily walks up. Spencer is wondering where Hannah is. Emily is like who cares where Hannah is I just saw Red Coat. Spencer puts the plates down they both see her take off out the door. They follow her. Spencer ask the hayride guy if they can borrow his truck, he tells them no, so of course they do it anyway.

Aria goes over by Ezra and apologizes. Ezra knows Emily told. Ezra tells her it’s ok and that he has no right to invade her life with his problems and that she should go find Jake.

Spencer can’t get it started. Red Coat jumps in the hay in back. Emily notices the hay moving. She shows Spencer. Spencer text Aria and tells her they need her and Jake outside. Spencer and Emily get out and Emily grabs a hoe. Emily starts hitting on a Red Coat she see in the hay. Spencer grabs it, turns out it really is just a coat. (How that little trick was pulled off is beyond me unless A is further down in the hay).

Caleb finds Toby breaking into Palmer’s car. Caleb tells him that if the tip came from A its probably a trap. Cue the police car and them running away.

Back at the gas station Travis is telling the lady detective what he knows. She ask if he is sure he heard the gun shots after Hannah’s mom left. Travis tells her yes. Hannah is sitting outside on a bench looking worried.

Spencer and Emily are back inside and they have the Red Coat. Emily ask if a button is missing. Spencer tells her yes. Spencer walks away to talk to Toby. E ily walks over to Paige. They make up and dance.

Aria shows up at Ezra’s. Aria ask what happened with Malcolm. Ezra tells her it’s a mess and he would rather not drag her into it. Aria sits down by him on the couch and tells him she isn’t leaving and he might as well talk to her. She puts her hand on is arm. Outside the door CeCe (dressed in all black including her hoodie) is standing and putting her ear on it listening (Thought she wasn’t coming back to Rosewood).

A is chilling in her new lair. A is knitting ( you know who else likes to knit? Ali’s mom…just saying). She has five dolls Spencer, Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Mona. She jams a big knitting needle in one but we don’t see which one.

Next week is the summer finale. It promises to be the most explosive finale ever. Get ready it’s World War A………