Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 REVIEW “Face Time”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 4 REVIEW

Last week Mona was no where to be found. Caleb was back and still being the best boyfriend ever. Melissa was acting creepy ( more than usual.) Ella is heading to Vienna with her coffee shop hottie. Ashley ditched her Manolos. A is after Emily’s mom.

Tonight’s show opens with Emily’s dad coming home. He gets out of the cab, dressed in fatigues, carrying a bag. Emily walks down the path from her house and gives him a hug. He kisses her on the head and tells her not to be late for school. Emily looks back as she walks down the sidewalk. She sees her dad give her mom a kiss and a hug.

Hannah and Caleb are outside the school. Poor Caleb has the misfortune of telling Hannah that her father thinks her mother is the one who took his gun. Hannah is understandably upset. Caleb tells her that the gun was a 38 and if it comes back that Wilden was shot with a 38 her mom has a lot more to explain than a alibi. Hannah snaps at Caleb and goes to storm off, he tries to talk sense to her , but this is Hannah. She ask Caleb to not do anything. She turns and walks away and over to Spencer and Aria. Spencer’s skirt is shorter than usual. While Aria is…well…dressed like Aria. Hannah demands to know if Spencer showed the mask to her Melissa yet. Spencer says not yet. Hannah ask her what she is waiting for and that she can’t let her get away with it just because Melissa is her sister. I think it’s interesting how these girls don’t ever get proactive or even a backbone till they are upset or angry about something. Must be a teenage girl thing. Hannah thinks Melissa is A. Emily walks up and tells them her dad is home because family services wants to talk to them.

When a pan around to a car, inside is the new detective. Honestly these cops on this show look the same age as the girls. He is sitting in the car with a woman they are watching the girls. She tells him if she had dressed like them when she was in high school her dad would have had a stroke. Cute cop tells her that he could have gotten used to it (so he has to be somewhere in his 30’s?). She tells him they aren’t there to get cozy. He says he knows, they are their to solve a few homicides. The woman adds they are also their to find out what is about those four pretty girls that attracts so many corpses.

The girls are sitting outside in the schoolyard at one of the tables. Aria is afraid Hector will realize the copy of Melissa’s head is missing. Hannah says he has so many heads he will never notice one is missing. Spencer needs to write that down. Emily’s phone goes off she picks it up. Her dad sent her a text telling her to come straight home from school. Aria thinks family services can’t possibly think something is wrong with Emily’s family.( Aria needs to wake up and smell that coffee she is carrying around, it’s a miracle family services haven’t checked into all these girls what with all that goes down with and near them. ) Emily seems to believe with all the lying she has done they have every right to think something is going on. Aria says they are just little lies. Hannah tries to say something smart, something about little lies turning into big lies and then before you know it everything is all twisted. (It’s like that spaghetti analogy from last season). Aria grabs her books and gets up to go to class. The girls ask her about Jake. (He is just fine in case you wondering). Hannah changes the topic by asking her if her mom is really going to Austria with that muffin man (the one that lives on druery lane). Aria confirms that she thinks she is. Spencer says Austria is a long way from Rosewood. Aria is banking on A not having a passport. (Please… THIS IS A….she probably has a passport for each black hoodie she owns and her freaking red coat). Spencer decides to school Emily on how senior year is supposed to be the best year of your life. Emily is like yeah whatever you have to survive it. Emily walks away, and Spencer gets up to leave to.

Next we are at the muffin mans coffee shop (speaking of muffins Spencer’s mom is shoving one down her throat.) Mrs. Hastings tells Melissa how smart she was for buying a jacket. Melissa being one to never miss a opportunity to gloat agrees with her mother. Spencer is just sitting there quiet and bored. Mrs. Hastings tells Melissa that Spencer could you use Melissa’s other trench coat. (Please let there be a clue in it, maybe it will be red,lol.) Spencer in her usual polite smug way tells Melissa that it would be a honor and a privilege to wear her trench coat. Melissa gives her a confused smile. Mrs. Hastings things Spencer is jealous of Melissa ( of all the things Spencer feels toward Melissa I will guarantee jealousy isn’t one of them) her mom continues to berate her and try to make her feel guilty, Melissa chimes in and says if she were Spencer she would feel the same way. Would you? Questions Spencer. Spencer then goes on to tell her mom how she got rejected by UPenn. Her mom flips. Melissa offers to help in her usual snotty self absorbed way. Spencer isn’t to thrilled but to avoid a argument she agrees to allow Melissa help her to still try to get in. After all reasons Spencer maybe there are a few things she could learn from her.( If you could see the fake smile on Melissa’s face right now. )

Hannah is at her moms work, Ashley is not in her office so Hannah being Hannah decides to decides to snoop around some more. Hannah starts looking at her moms calendar, when Ashley comes out of the back carrying a long metal safe box with the two cops from the car. The guy cops says hi to Hannah then introduces her to his partner. Ashley tells Hannah she will call her later. The lady cop tells her Hannah can stay it will just take a minute. She puts on some gloves. The box belongs to Wilden it’s full of cash and it has two passports in it one is American and one is Canadian. Hannah is really nervous and uncomfortable. The lady cop takes out a bag with a gun in it. She calls the guy cop Gabriel. (Sounds good to me, Gabriel it is). He ask Ashley if she would have been the one to take Wilden into the vault. Ashley says if she was there she would have been. The lady cop says so the only bank employee that would have seen the contents of the safe box is Ashley ( so much tension you could cut it with a knife, Ashley looks like a deer in headlights, Hannah wants to scream) the lady come the says I mean just right now when it was opened. Ashley says yes that was the first time she has seen its contents ( I think she is lying, but hey that’s what they do on this show.) Gabriel slams the box shut and picks it up. The lady cop gets a butterscotch, she looks at Hannah while getting it. They leave. Hannah and Ashley look at each other.

Emily’s sitting in her room talking on the phone to Spencer. They are trying to figure out how to find out from Melissa how she knows Shana and how Hector got a mold of her head, Spencer says she knows Melissa wont tell her. They need some leverage. Emily hears her front door slam and then hears her mom and dad talking. She continues to talk with Spencer as she listens. Spencer tells her she thinks that maybe they can use the head mold (mask) for leverage. Emily goes to her door and tells Spencer she needs to go. Spencer tells Emily that they will come up with something tomorrow. Spencer hangs up and lays her phone down. You see Spencers computer screen, she is looking at a list of Healthcare Professionals in the State of Pennsylvania ( got to give it up to these girls, I love the way they multi task.) Emily is still listening to her parents. Her dad says that someone was asking questions about their family. Her mom is concerned about the whole town knowing. ( yeah lady because what they think is clearly the most important part of this whole entire situation.) Emily’s dad agrees, he says its just gossip. Emily is standing in her doorway looking sad. Her dad is more worried about Emily, he knows she is lying to them and wants to know what she is hiding.

Emily goes to see her doctor and tells him that he misunderstood their conversation and that he had no business calling family services. She says that she can explain everything and that he needs to,call and tell them too back off. He thinks somebody had her come in to talk with him and tells her that his office is a safe place. Emily gets up to leave. He tells her he got her MRI results back and that she tore her rotator cuff. He goes on to say that she needs rest and rehab and if that doesn’t work she could need surgery. After the surgery she may not be able to swim. (The look on Emily’s face says it all.)

Hannah comes across the lady cop sitting on a bench in the park drinking a frozen drink of some kind (non-alcoholic). Hannah compliments her on her heels. She thanks Hannah. She offers Hannah a sit next to her on the bench. (I did not know that you could just walk out of the police station with case files and lay them down for anyone too
see.) Hannah sits down and starts talking about all the money in Wilden’s safe deposit box, she thinks it must have been thousands. Lady cop agrees. Hannah think normal people wouldn’t keep all that money and a gun and passports in a box like that. The lady cop says she would be surprised by what “normal people” do. Hannah thinks that means Wilden is crooked. She brings up how he knew Melissa. The lady cop want to know how many times Wilden talked to Hannah in the last year. Before she can Caleb comes to her rescue.

Spencer finds the doctor that Toby needs to talk to and Toby gets up,to go,and leave to talk with him bout his mother. Spencer goes to talk to Aria. Aria thinks he is going after the lair. Emily walks up,and hands Spencer a key. Emily walks out to talk to Paige and tells her she is going to be missing swimming practices for awhile.

Aria and Jake are talking about Jackie Chan. When Malcolm comes running up to talk to her. He ask why she doesn’t come over anymore. She tells him he needs to get back inside before his mom and dad start looking for him. Jake ask who Ezra is (I don’t remember that name being said). Aria says just one of her teachers (wow just wow.)
Next Aria is sitting on her the swing in front of her house apparently she told Jake all about her and Ezra. Jake seems to think she isn’t over him yet. She claims she is. Jake tries to give her advice. Then he gets up and leaves.

Toby is talking to the doctor about his mother. The doctor knows the patient in question was from Rosewood. Toby tells the doctor the patient that killed herself was his mother. The doctor ask him to sit down.

Hannah and Ashley are in their kitchen. Ashley tells her she isn’t allowed in the vault anymore and with Wilden dead things are worse than ever. Hannah tells her mom she knows she was in Rosewood the night Wilden was killed. Ashley ask her how she knows. Hannah tells she was hoping that she would deny it one more time. Her mom looks down. (There is this really neat effect where it goes from light to dark behind Ashley.)

Toby is listening to the doctor. He tells Toby that when something like that happens you go over everything in your mind and wonder if it was something you missed. Toby reminds him the doctor saw her the day she died. The doctor tells him that for some people it’s like the air weighs more for them, pushes them down, wears them out and that’s what Toby’s mom was like, and then she fell. Toby says there is a big difference between falling and being pushed. Toby tells the doctor he has seen the roof, and that he knows the doctor doesn’t think she jumped either. The doctor tells him they even they can experience denial. Toby wants to know who on the staff she talked to besides the doctor? (maybe E.Lamb?) . Did she have any visitors? (Like lets say Alison) The doctor tells him that his mother loved him and hated being away from him. He tells him the force got to be much for her (the air) and that he is studying that right now (crazy talk) which Toby figures out to beats later. The doctor is a patient. He tells Toby to come back and visit and tell his mother to stay away from that girl. Toby ask what girl. The doctor replies the BLONDE one (totally called it, Alison.)

Spencer’s sister is roaming around h use and right into the kitchen. Someone is watching her through the window. She is to be busy getting a glass and a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator to notice. She notices her suitcase in the floor. Spencer and Aria are the ones watching her. Melissa goes over to the suitcase and opens it and sees the mask of her face. Melissa takes off with it and Aria and Spencer follow her. Did I mention Spencer is taking video of all this play out on her cell phone?

Emily is getting a talking to her by her father and mother. They want to know how she got hurt. She won’t tell them. They get more upset when she won’t. She tells them she is sorry, the walks out the front door and leaves with them yelling after her.

Hannah is standing in her kitchen with Caleb. They are talking about her mother and her admitting to Hannah that she did come back to Rosewood, but she wouldn’t tell her if she saw Wilden that night ( she totally did.) Caleb wants to know if she said anything about the gun, before she can say anything the doorbell rings. Of course it’s the cops and of course they want to talk to Hannah’s mom. Hannah tells them she isn’t there. Gabriel says they see the car parked outside. Caleb lies and said he drove it there because something is wrong with one of the speakers. Lady cop tells Hannah to let her mom know they would like to,speak with her. Hannah assures them she will. They leave. Hannah closes the door. Grabs Caleb and he holds her. Ashley comes to look, then turns around and goes back to her room.

Spencer and Aria have followed Melissa to Hector’s place. Melissa comes out the door dragging a bag. Spencer wants to know if it is big enough for Hector(lol) Aria assures her it’s not. Spencer follows Melissa, Aria goes in Hector’s. The place looks empty. Spencer is on Melissa’s tail. Aria goes in the back room. Melissa is breaking molds on e pier and throwing them in. Aria spots something with her flashlight, a whole shelf full of mask of Alison’s face. Aria finds Hector and questions him about the molds she found. Hector has a flashback of Alison coming and telling him to give her the money he owes her, he only has some, Alison’s says to give her what he has and she will call it square. He does. She goes running out. He sees her get in a black car and it speeds off. Aria ask him when that was. Hector tells her it was the summer she went missing. Melissa is still breaking stuff and throwing it in the water. Spencer is standing there watching the whole thing. She walks up to her. Melissa realizes she is the one who put the mask in her suitcase, she also mad because she followed her. Spencer tells her she can’t run to her room and that she wants some answers. She ask her if she was on the Halloween train, and if she Mona is the Ali mask? Melissa looks surprised and says it was Mona. Aria ask Hector about Melissa. Hector says he made the same deal with her. Her face for information. Aria wants to know what, in around in about way he offers aria the same deal. Spencer is grilling Melissa about Shana and asking her about the mask and where she could get one. Melissa says yes and when it was made. Spencer says before or after Alison died. Melissa thinks she could still be alive. Spencer ask if it was her that tried to kill her on the Halloween train. Melissa tells her it was Wilden (pity no one can ask him). Spencer wants to know why Melissa was helping him. She says she wasn’t helping him “we” were afraid of him. Spencer wants to know who “we” is. Melissa doesn’t tell her. She tells her that she didn’t know that Spencer and Aria were going to get hurt on the Halloween train. She also tells her that she sent Shana and Jenna to keep a eye on them the night the club was set on fire, and that Wilden is the one who did it. She ask Melissa if she killed. Wilden. Melissa tells. Her she has to let it go because if she doesn’t it is going to come apart in ways she could never imagine.

Page is swimming in the school pool and Emily shows up. Emily wants to tell her something. Aria finds Spencer on the pier and ask her where Melissa is. Spencer tells her it doesn’t matter and that she is gone. Emily is sitting at the pool with Paige. Emily told her about the fact she might not be able to swim again. Paige tells her it will be ok and she will be able to swim again. Emily and Paige are walking to Emily’s (that girl must dread turning that corner, all she ever sees is police lights flashing.) Someone called the police about a domestic disturbance at their house ( A). Her mom tells her the cops just want to talk to her. Emily walks over to the cops with her mother and tells the cops it is just one big misunderstanding. Paige stands nearby and waits.

Aria puts a teapot on the stove at Spencer’s (helps calm your over active imagination.)

Spencer comes walking in. Spencer tells Aria that Melissa is gone her car isn’t outside and she isn’t in the barn. Aria ask her I’d she believes what Melissa said. Spencer tells her she believes enough of it. Both the phones get a message Melissa’s guilty of plenty, but she’s not ‘A’ material. Kisses. Hannah walks in Spencer’s house. Spencer tells her they know how Mona got the Ali mask and they know who burnt down the lodge or at let they think they do. Aria ask Hannah what’s wrong. Hannah tells them she thinks her mom killed Wilden and A knows it. Teapot whistles and they all look back startled.

“A” tag: “A” fished some mask parts of the water and is gluing them back together to make a complete mask of Melissa.