Prince George’s Seven Godparents Named For Christening Today

Prince George's Seven Godparents Named For Christening

Today is perhaps the biggest day of Prince George’s short little life as he is scheduled to be christened at 4pm this afternoon according to an official announcement made by Kensington Palace. While royal engagements traditionally include a slew of people, fewer than 30 will attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s special even for their son. A special tier of wedding cake was preserved and it will be served to the guests after the ceremony concludes. We have all been guessing ever since George’s birth about who might be named as godparents and as usual, the list is several names deep. However the royal couple continues to break from tradition and prove that they really do prefer a low key, normal life by naming only one member of royalty as a godparent to Prince George – Hugh, Earl Grosvenor, the son of the Duke of Westminster.

According to The Royalist, Mr Oliver Baker (Oliver attended the University of St Andrews with The Duke and Duchess), society decorator Emilia Jardine-Paterson (nee d’Erlanger) who attended Marlborough College with Kate and also helped redecorate Kensington Palace, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who is well known to the media corps covering the Royals as he served as private secretary to William and Harry from 2005-2012,  Julia Samuel, a close friend of Princess Diana’s and the founder of the charity Child Bereavement UK, Zara Philips and William van Cutsem (a childhood friend of William) round out the list of those named. Each one is very close to either William or Kate and clearly, being a commoner is irrelevant.

Are you surprised that Prince Harry as well as Kate’s brother and sister are noticeably missing from the list of godparents? Apparently they really did choose friends that they believed could handle the responsibility of their child in an emergency! Do you think it has caused a strain on the family or are Harry and Pippa Middleton relieved to have not made the list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!