Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Break Up, Their Romance ‘Has Died’

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Break Up, Their Romance ‘Has Died’

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have been reported to be dating for the past several months, but that’s never really been confirmed by anybody except for the ‘sources’ that are supposedly close to the Royal family. Now, several reports are stating that Prince Harry is over Cressida and that their romance has supposedly ‘died’.

Star Magazine reports that despite being hot and heavy just a few months ago, Harry has been ‘distancing himself’ from Cressida over the past few months.

Star’s sources state that Cressida is starting to feel like a ‘second-class citizen’ compared to Harry, especially because he’s been ignoring her so much. This supposed insider reveals, “The phone only rings when Harry wants something. The romance has died… Cressida feels let down.” Apparently, the last straw was when Harry promised Cressida a vacation that never happened when Harry decided to go to the US instead.

That’s where this report loses me. Harry’s trip to the US was planned months in advance, and this rumor tries using that as an excuse for Cressida’s anger. While I have no trouble believing that he’s distancing himself from her, I highly doubt that this trip was the cause of Cressida feeling ‘let down’.

That being said, it’s pretty clear that Harry loves being a bachelor and I don’t see him giving that up anytime soon. I’m sure he likes Cressida, but enough to put a ring on it? This is Harry we’re talking about.

Besides, there’s no rush for him to get married and produce a heir like Prince William. He’s the younger son and everyone in the world knows by now that Harry doesn’t really have his older brother’s discipline. He wants to party and have fun, and getting serious with Cressida wouldn’t necessarily go in line with that.

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