Prince Harry Caught With Cressida Bonas After Wedding, Has He Finally Found His Princess?

Prince Harry Caught With Cressida Bonas After Wedding, Has He Finally Found His Princess? 0625

This is not how I saw this going down. NOT AT ALL. Chelsy Davy played her cards beautifully at the Thomas van Straubenzee wedding. She was lovely, fun, exciting to watch and, god forbid, even slightly elegant. And yet Prince Harry still went home with 24-year-old Cressida Bonas at the end of the night. Dear God, how did Chelsy let this happen??

Because that’s what had to have happened, right? Chelsy had to let this happen. There’s no way Cressida beat her out of prince fair and square. But have him she does. The Daily Mail has pics. You can see them here. Cressida and Harry rode the train back from Northumberland together and were escorted by guards into the same car after arriving in London. Clearly, they are together but not too excited about the paparazzi catching them. There was no sign of Chelsy. Maybe they were serious when they called it quits for the last time?

Will you be disappointed if I saw I’m warming up to this new chick? Believe me, I don’t want to but I’m digging her travel ensemble. The DM says Cressida’s wearing boyfriend jeans but those look like straight up sweat pants to me. Sweat pants and bulky sweater… ya, that’s how I’d travel with a monster hangover after a huge bash. And she’s barely wearing any make-up – if any at all. I like how she rolls. The DM had to make a catty comment though comparing her to Kate Middleton. It wrote: “It certainly wasn’t the kind of outfit you would expect even an off-duty Duchess of Cambridge to be seen in.” Ya, no shit because Kate Middleton is PSYCHO about her image. There’s a time and a place for fake eyelashes and pounds of eyeliner and, to Cressida Bonas, this was not one of those times. If only Kate could be so discerning. Good for Cressida. Maybe we can be friends. Maybe.

What do you think of the Prince Harry/Cressida Bonas hook up? For someone not ready to become a princess she sure doesn’t mind spending all her time with a prince.

Photo Credit: Fameflynet

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