Prince Harry Dressing Cressida Bonas Like Kate Middleton To Prove She’s The One?

Prince Harry Dressing Cressida Bonas Like Kate Middleton To Prove She's The One? 0305

So Cressida Bonas is playing hard to get. I think this might work for her. Prince Harry has a history of liking difficult women who make him try for their affection. The only reason he broke up and got back together with Chelsy Davy all those times was because she couldn’t stand his behavior. Withholding the love (or the sex) from a prince to win his love seems like a cliche but Cressida must know what she’s doing because Harry’s on a mission to prove she’s the one.

According to Now magazine, Cressida has given Harry three months to convince her that she’s the only princess for him. Apparently she’s already made him delete his ex-girlfriends’ numbers from his phone (please, that’s what his friends’ phones are for) and she’s forcing him to stay away from his wilder friends. And apparently he’s toeing the line. The best example for me? He bought her mukluks. Kate Middleton was just spotted wearing Mukluks while at the Swiss wedding with Prince William. Coincidence? Maybe. But it could be telling. Did he phone up his sister-in-law for ideas on how to woo a chick? Is this a way for Harry to smooth the way for the two women to be friends? They have to be, right? Those two are going to be spending a lot of time together if Cressida plays her cards right. Kate has to be on board so this just might be a good sign.

So Harry’s being a good boy. Fine. He’s lonely and wants a partner like his brother. He just spent four months in Afghanistan. This relationship will work… for awhile. Harry can be monogamous. He has in the past. But can he stay that way? Harry might want a girl like Kate on paper but I’m not so sure he can go the long haul with one. Is the courtship enough for Cressida? If Prince Harry proves himself now, is he off the hook later? I wonder if he sees it that way.



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4 responses to “Prince Harry Dressing Cressida Bonas Like Kate Middleton To Prove She’s The One?”

  1. Linda Cannon says:

    Those two will never be chums, no matter how many mukluks come with the job!

  2. Cinema Francês says:

    Maybe when Harry stops searching for the one, she will appear out of the blue.

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