Prince Michael Jackson Dating Kuwaiti Princess!

Prince Michael Jackson Dating Kuwaiti Princess! 0405

You’ve got to think Michael Jackson had something like this in mind when he named that kid. But how is Prince Michael Jackson dating already? I remember when he just a baby wearing crazy masks all over the place but not only is the 16-year-old old enough to be wooing the ladies he’s apparently old enough to be wooing extremely wealthy ones.

Sources caught Prince Michael and Kuwaiti princess, Remi Alfalah, out for a date Wednesday night at a bowling alley in San Fernando Valley. God, do you remember how awesome it was to meet up for bowling dates? I can still get those little butterflies every time I smell that heady mixture of cheap tobacco, crap beer and carpet deodorizer. It’s nice to know things haven’t changed that much and millions of millions of dollars can’t buy better high school dates.

But was this a real date? It seems that way. The pair are both juniors at the same private school and he drove her home at the end of the night. That sounds like a date to me. Hell, that sounds like going steady for realsies.

Super cute, right? I could knock on the odd fact that the chick is a princess but nothing really surprises me in those circles anymore. And it’s just like I wrote in the Paris Jackson story earlier, if these little dates take Prince Michael away from the current drama that is his life then, by all means, date away! These Jackson kids have all that crazy money but all those crazy family members to go along with it. If he can carve out a little time by throwing down some spares with a chick that probably has more money and oil than God he should go for it.

Check out the cute photos on TMZ here. Is that a date or a friendly get together?


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