Paris Jackson And Debbie Rowe Reunite: Loves Birth Mother More Than Greedy Jackson Family

Paris Jackson And Debbie Rowe Reunite: Loves Birth Mother More Than Greedy Jackson Family 0405

With a family like the Jacksons who needs enemies? So it’s no surprise that Paris Jackson is reportedly reaching out to that other parent of hers – the one that signed over all her parenting rights when Paris was only three years old. Yes, Debbie Rowe is back in the picture!

According to TMZ, Paris and Debbie have been hooking up on the sly for their mother/daughter dates a lot recently and have established a relationship. Apparently Debbie can make a pretty penny off of selling details from these little heart to hearts but has managed to keep everything low key. She’s anxious not to be seen exploiting her teenage daughter. That’s funny. I’m pretty sure she’s the only person in that kid’s life who thinks that way.

Perhaps Paris is just looking for some friendly advice from a person in no way connected to the ongoing Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit currently making headlines. The Jackson family is suing concert promoter AEG Live for the negligent hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray. Paris and her older brother Prince Michael are scheduled to take the witness stand and give their accounts leading up to their father’s untimely death.

So she’s got a lot of shit going on. Not only does she have this trial but she’s also in high school which probably doesn’t help. She’s seems to have taken a liking to Miley Cyrus which can’t be good and La Toya Jackson is hell bent on using filming the kids for a reality show. No wonder she’s reaching out for some outside perspective. And, technically, Debbie is her mom, although I wonder how maternal she could possibly be. Still, I don’t know that story. I have no idea what went down between Debbie and Michael so I always try not to judge her too harshly. If she wants to come back in that kid’s life and give some unequivocal support and provide a foundation to lean on then good for her. Paris is going to need it. Katherine Jackson won’t live forever.

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