Justin Bieber Brags He Dances Better Than Michael Jackson and Insults Tour Crew – Report

Justin Bieber Brags He Dances Better Than Michael Jackson and Insults Tour Crew - Report

Anyone with eyes can recognize that Justin Bieber has changed. His songs have matured; his hair has gotten shorter. He’s started having sleepovers with girls, has run ins with the police, and smokes weed. He hangs out with rappers who aren’t private about their drug use and womanizing. The cute kid from Canada that got discovered on YouTube doesn’t exist anymore: he’s been replaced by a greedy, self-absorbed millionaire who is disrespectful to the huge team of people who travel the world with him to help put on a good concert. Or so a co-worker claims.

The insider reported Justin’s personality 180 to National Enquirer, print edition January 14, 2013. The crewmember vented that he’s “a big-headed, self-absorbed pain in the ass! The difference between Justin from our last tour to this current one is like night and day. Justin used to be kind and considerate; now he never misses an opportunity to belittle everyone around him. He calls them ‘mere peons’ and refers to himself as a ‘megastar.’” That has to be an exaggeration though—where would Justin have learned the word ‘peon’?

Apparently, Justin’s ego has become so inflated, and his patience so short, that he yelled at his backup dancers during rehearsal. “He told them what they were doing ‘wrong’—and then actually said, ‘If Michael Jackson’ was alive to see me dance, he would agree I’m easily as good as he was.” I may not know much about dancing, but I do know that you don’t say you’re better than Michael. It’s a cardinal rule of humanity—it comes right after the golden rule!

So what’s up with Justin’s jerk streak? It seems that fame has hit him hard, inflating his head and wallet. If he’s acting like that, it’s all the better that Selena Gomez dumped him via Twitter on New Years! Do you think Justin has changed, or is he still the sweet blonde kid with the beat?

4 responses to “Justin Bieber Brags He Dances Better Than Michael Jackson and Insults Tour Crew – Report”

  1. OMG Justin you are NOT and NEVER will be not even vaguely like Michael Jackson, let’s figure better. Simply you are NOT and NEVER will be like Michael Jackson. As the whole world well knows. So dude, low the claims, so that you’ll avoid to appear ridiculous, which you really are.

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  3. Alison M. says:

    There is no one like Michael Jackson and there can never be. He raised the bar in everything in music, dance, humanitarian, etc. And Justin Bieber can never in his whole life ever meet that standard by a long shot. He has let his ego get bigger than his britches. Think again Justin.

  4. I am not even an MJ fan. I prefer my own soul culture to tha tof any pop king! That being said Mr. Bieber:
    You are never never ever gona be that together!