Selena Gomez Breaks Up With Justin Bieber Via New Year’s Day Tweet

Selena Gomez Breaks Up With Justin Bieber Via New Year's Day Tweet

It’s a new year. It’s a new chapter in the novel of our lives. As of now, we’ve all only written about three new pages of the 2013 memoirs, but we’re well rested and ready to sink our teeth into 2013 like a pack of hungry wolves. Selena Gomez isn’t planning to let this year become an unwritten novel. The singer, and regular celebutante, is preparing to change her life this year and re-write the novel of her life. (If that sounds a bit too Deepak Chopra-meets-Oprah, too bad for you!)

On Tuesday night, Selena tweeted, “New beginnings. Fresh start. I love you all.” This immediately sparked rumours that Gomez was slowly moving away from her long-time boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Although they spent the Xmas holidays in Mexico, Bieber was purportedly so obsessed with his Twitter and Instagram that he completely ignored Gomez and instead kept his fans up to date with his Mexican trip – just like a kid with a new toy. The two had a rough fourth quarter of 2012. In November, there were reports that he cheated on Gomez with Victoria’s Secret supermodel Barbara Palvin. Then, not too long after Palvin-gate, the two were at odds again after Bieber spent too much time chilling with Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.  They are currently back together again, but Gomez’s tweet indicates otherwise.

The two were once Hollywood’s biggest power couple, but they have since drifted apart and became unhealthy, toxic tabloid fodder. It would be wise of both of them to give this relationship a break and graze in the green fields of singledom for a while. We’ll never know whether Gomez’s tweet was a rogue New Year’s Day message to her fans, or whether she’s truly looking for a fresh start.

2013 might just be the last we’ll ever see of Jelena.

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