Princess Diana’s Alleged Assassin Fleas To Thailand: Soldier N Chased By Scotland Yard Agents Investing Di’s Murder


For years there have been several opinions on Princess Diana’s death. There are people who believe it was an accident and then there are other people who believe that it was an assassination. People who enjoy conspiracy theories or the royal family in general already know that about a month ago we found out that Princess Diana’s assassination could have been ordered by Prince Charles and carried out by the British Military.

Let me bring you up to date, Princess Diana died in a car accident in France, Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were all killed in the “accident.” Princess Diana believed that someone was going to kill her beforehand: ten months before the tragic car crash she wrote a letter and written in it was her belief that her former husband Prince Charles was going to assassinate her in a crash.

Now a sniper by the name of Soldier N, a man who claimed that the SAS helped in causing the car crash that ended up successfully killing Princess Diana, has decided to run away to Thailand because he fears for his life, according to The Daily Star.

Soldier N claimed that the special forces agents killed Princess Diana with using a clever trick, they shined a light into the driver of the car’s eyes which then caused him to lose control and hit a pillar in a tunnel in Paris, after making the claim, Soldier N fled to Thailand right before Scotland Yard could take the time to examine the evidence.

Soldier N was jailed due to illegal possession of firearms, he was found stashing a pistol and 338 bullets in his bedroom, seems like he was ready for a fight; it’s been said that he’s currently suffering paranoia which could of made him stash the gun and ammunition.

Princess Diana’s death is still under investigation and it’s going to surely get solved sometime soon, now we’ll wait and be patient for more information to emerge.

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