Private Practice Season 6 Episode 13 “In Which We Say Goodbye” Recap 01/22/13

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 13 “In Which We Say Goodbye” Recap

Tonight on ABC  the award winning show PRIVATE PRACTICE returns with a whole new episode called “In Which We Say Goodbye.” On tonight’s series finale wedding bells ring for Addison and Jake. Did you watch last week’s show? We did and you can catch up before tonight’s show here!

On last week’s show Addison attended Henry’s court date and realized that the judge still had some concerns about Jake’s past, Sheldon introduced Miranda to his friends, and Cooper’s efforts to secure a dream house were put on hold when Charlotte went into labor

On tonight’s series finale the series will end its run with a special farewell to the beloved doctors of Seaside Health and Wellness. Naomi returns to stand by Addison’s side on her wedding day, Cooper struggles with the hardships of being a stay-at-home father, and Violet begins a new project close to her heart.

“Private Practice” stars Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery, Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Jake Reilly, KaDee Strickland as Dr. Charlotte King, Paul Adelstein as Dr. Cooper Freedman, Brian Benben as Dr. Sheldon Wallace, Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd, and Griffin Gluck as Mason Warner, with Taye Diggs as Dr. Sam Bennett and Amy Brenneman as Dr. Violet Turner.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Private Practice at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of season 6 of Private Practice, and how sad you are it is ending?  Also, check out  a sneak peek!

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Tonight’s series begins with Addison and Jake’s wedding. She gets momentary cold feet but the sight of Naomi seems to help steady her. After the vows are swapped We see Amelia and Mason getting along fabulously while meeting Sheldon’s Miranda. Also off in a corner Naomi and Sam reconnecting. She shows photos of her grandchild and the next thing you know she and Sam are mid hookup in one of the random hotel rooms.  Charlotte is like any new mom- glued to her phone checking on her babies.

Sheldon is walking at the hospital with Miranda when she drops and starts having a seizure. It suddenly becomes real to him that she’s dying.  Poor Cooper is spending his days juggling the triplets and he confesses to Violet that he hates them, sort of. At least sometimes because when he finishes feeding the third one the first is hungry again and it’s all too much.

We flash ahead three months and Naomi is in town to pay Addison another visit. Addison quickly figure out that she’s pregnant but doesn’t know about Naomi’s hook up with Sam.  She does tell Addison that she split with her boyfriend  and then she grills her on why things didn’t work with Sam. Addison appears to crush her by telling her Sam never wanted kids. Addison puts it together and realizes that Sam is the father and she pushes Naomi to tell him. She insists it won’t work because Sam walked out on her and blew up their marriage the first time around.

Miranda is determined to check out of the hospital against medical advice and she also tries to push Sheldon away. She tells him she has reached the really bad part and she doesn’t want him to be there to see it. She wants him to walk away before they get bad.

 Charlotte walks in the door and finds Cooper a mess. He wants to hire a nanny immediately because he has been in the same shirt for five days and he has no clue if the stains are spit up or formula. He hasn’t showered and feels psychotic trapped only interacting with children. On the same evening Addison talks to Sam and clues him in to the fact that Naomi is single. His instinct is to go home and dump Stephanie.

Sheldon actually quits his job in order to spend Miranda’s final days doing whatever she wishes. He then goes and finds her and tells her that he refuses to walk away because she deserves to be loved and he deserves the opportunity to love her for as long as possible.

 Sam hunts Naomi down and cleans out a meeting room to talk to her. He tells her he’s ready to fight for her. He has always been in love with her and he realizes there was nothing better than her.  She thinks he feels obligated because she’s pregnant- except that he hadn’t known. The show that began with a wedding also ends with Naomi and Sam’s re-tying the knot.