Queen Elizabeth Disgusted Over Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Bikini Photos

Queen Elizabeth Disgusted Over Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Bikini Photos

Queen Elizabeth can’t be best pleased about the fresh royal scandal marring the House of Windsor. Liz has already had words with Kate Middleton about being snapped in “compromising situations” while on holiday, but clearly they’ve fallen on deaf ears.

Sure, Queenie’s pissed about the new snaps of Kate’s bumpikini, but I doubt it’s the breach of privacy the palace is crowing about. No. It’s all down to the bad publicity Liz knew such a lavish vacation like this – one that most people will never be able to afford – would bring to the Royal Family. Why then did she supposedly ask the younger royals to curb their spending? Wasn’t it because in these times of austerity, most of their subjects slave away at thankless jobs just to put food on the table and keep their homes warm? And if the young royals are seen gallivanting around on exotic islands and exclusive ski resorts, won’t that reflect badly upon the entire family? Won’t the young royals look like they really just don’t give a toss about the little people?

And isn’t it these very same little people who are paying taxes to keep the Royal Family in the lavish lives they’re accustomed to?

By the way, the Royal Family are definitely the best milkers of the benefits system, if you ask me…

The sudden appearance of stories about the young royals flying Easy Jet might be flattering press for the Royal Family Firm – at first. But when you read on to see they’ve landed yet again in another luxurious and outrageously expensive holiday hot spot, you have to ask yourself – what was the real point of them flying a budget airline, other than to appease granny? Does the palace really think I’m that stupid to buy this obvious piece of crappy PR? We’re all in this together… yeah, right!

And here’s a thought – why doesn’t Kate ever vacation in Britain? I mean, she is going to be queen consort one day, so why not bring some much needed publicity to its holiday destinations to stimulate the tourism economy of her homeland, while also helping the people who butter her bread with their own money? I mean, that is her job, after all. Just saying…

Guess Mustique is Kate’s idea of being austere and a proud supporter of Team GB.

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  1. Linda Cannon says:

    Prince Wm just inherited 13M from his mother’s estate, and I’m sure they are not short of funds. No one wants an impoverished, shabby monarchy , do they? Pageantry and all that nonsense is what it’s all about. The younger royals will always want to have fun in the sun.

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