Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants – Hired Croatian Hitman (Video)

Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants - Hired Croatian Hitman (Video)

Conspiracy theories have always abounded surrounding the death of Princess Diana 16 years ago. Apparently no has wanted to investigate things and get to the bottom of Diana’s tragic crash in that Paris tunnel quite like Queen Elizabeth. She has spent years watching as fingers have pointed directly at the royal family and so before she dies Queen Elizabeth wants the truth to be known so that her family is free from any speculation in this case.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine two weeks after the birth of Prince George the queen decided to call Prince William and share everything that she has learned over the years. She believes that Diana’s grown son now needs to know the truth so that he can do whatever is necessary to make peace with things. Elizabeth believes that Diana was most certainly murdered at the hands of cold-blooded international arms merchants that wanted to crush her crusade against land mines and all information supporting that theory is in the hands of Scotland Yard and the FBI.

Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants - Hired Croatian Hitman (Video)

The Queen told William that her investigation indicates that the car accident was staged by at least three men. The brakes and steering to her car were proven to have been sabotaged and she believes that a bright light was shined directly on Henri Paul in the tunnel making it impossible to keep control of the vehicle. The Queen’s investigative team believes that a notorious Croatian hit man was behind the accident and that he and his cohorts went deep underground after the hit was carried out. They were protected by weapons dealers until the accident was ruled an accident.

Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants - Hired Croatian Hitman (Video)

Elizabeth has also given Prince William a copy of the dossier which contains all of the information that her investigators compiled so that he can go over it with a fine toothed comb. Do you believe that Princess Diana was assassinated? Does this kind of plot sound plausible to you or do you still believe that the royals were somehow involved? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Victoria McGuire

    Is his father implicated? I hope not.

  • Ali

    There are sick people in this world!

  • SpringBeauty

    The driver was drunk out of his mind, and hit a cement wall at high speeds. Give it a rest!

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  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    Corruption at Scotland Yard shows that Lord John Stevens, Lord Paul Condon and Sir David? Veness colluded and lied repeatedly during their extensive? inquest cross-examinations. Stevens presided over one? of the largest sham investigations in the history of British policing –Operation Paget. An operation that the public believed was designed to investigate the Paris crash was instead used to cover up the truth of what occurred – protecting the perpetrators of the assassination of Princess Diana.

    The most popular Princess in the world murdered by her own Government -? Her Majesty´s? Government.

    Scotland Yard would create a perception that her death was being fully investigated,? when actually what happened was the biggest cover up, the British police had been involved in. Condon, Stevens and Veness deliberatly suppressed the? Mischon Note, because they? were an integral part of the orchestrated cover up following? the assassination of Princess Diana.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    One of MI6´s strategies is to delay treatment. Mi6 had complete control of the medical treatment of Princess Diana right from 12:25 a.m. when Dr. Mailliez arrived in the Alma Tunnel, until 2:08 – when Dr. Martino delivered? her to Hospital.

    Dr. Martino and Derossi deliberately lingered as long as they could in? the Alma tunnel while they simultaniously pumped catecholamines into Diana knowning it was harmful to her? thoracic trauma which they witheld knowledge of to the SAMU base.

    Making an operation deniable is always a consideration to MI6, this indicates that deniability is part of the planning process, this appears to point to choice of method used? in carrying out an operation choosing? a method that is deniable. In the case of Diana, the decision to eliminate her in a car crash is extremely deniable . an orchestrated? car crash is difficult to carry out – but it is very deniable. Deniability is a part of MI6´s technique as is lack of accountability. You cant prosecute MI6.

    MI6 obfuscate,? lie, hold back information, refuse to release it until they are absolutely forced to years and decades down the road. They are their own worst enemies in providing information to the public. They create the groundwork for conspiracy theories because they refuse to extradite the information necessary for the public to reach an informed verdict. Their self-admitted concept of deniability, denying they are responsible for events they are responsible for, indicates that MI6 are? lying.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    No, person, group or organisation? is going to put? their hand up for? the assassination of the “People´s Princess”.This is? not? like a terrorist bombing plot where some organisation is keen to claim responsibility.?No one wants to be held responsible for the death of one of the most popular and loved persons of the 20th century – Diana, Princess of Wales

    Yet someone? murdered Diana. Someone was involved in? orchestrating it. Someone did order this. The Monarchy, Government / Establishment and MI6.

    Why was evidence given? by Professor Peter Vanezis, Regis Professor of Forensic Medicine at Glasgow University, completely overlooked by the Royal Coroner?

    Due to the excessive levels of carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul’s blood,? Professor Vanezis, together with five other equally eminent forensic experts, concluded that: “The blood tested was not that of Henri Paul”.

    The? 20.7% carbon monoxide? level, they concurred, simply could not be? explained.

    A BAC of 1.74% combined with a carbon monoxide level of 20.7%, would have rendered Henry Paul unconscious.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    Henry Paus blood has never been DNA tested. It was toxicology tested but never DNA tested.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    Rosa? Monckton was MI6. She is married to Sunday Telegraph editor and MI6 agent, Dominic Lawson and her Brother Anthony Monckton, had been an MI6 agent since 1987. Rosa? Monckton? manufactured a friendship with Princess Diana – in actuality she was setting Diana up for murder. US NSA and MI6 was monitoring Diana. Rosa Monckton committed perjury without any apparent? accountability. Diana was under surveillance and Rosa? Monckton? was part of that surveillance.

    To bring about a succeeful operation, MI6 required in Paris about five experienced proficient riders on powerful motorbikes, a driver and car that would wait near the tunnel ahead of the incident, an emergency response doctor, two ambulance-based doctors? ( including one dispatcher ) for a back up plan in? case Diana survived, a pathologist, a toxicologist and an embalmer. This is exactly how? this was staged. Combined MI6 and DGSE operation. Diana was under NSA and MI6 surveilance from 1993.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    There is a massive? cover up on? both sides of the channel.

    Given that the? assassination? was? carried out on a multi-governmental? level, this means that justice can only? be? found through a thorough and independent? investigation by an international tribunal – such as the International Court of Justice with the power? to summon witnesses from the UK, France and The United States. It is impossible to achieve? justice under Uk, US or French jurisdiction. The so called “Inquest” is a huge cover up,

    If? we examine the? contradicting statements and inconsistencies within the investigation, both in? France and England,? we know, Diana was assasinated but the coverup is so massive? thats its impossible to provide the evidence and bring? it to Court. The Inquest was littered with inaccuracies and poorly drawn? conclusions. It was a huge injustice to the memory of Princess Diana. Diana´s assassination is one of the greatest? coverups of our time.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    If there is no conspiracy to commit murder, then why has NSA, DGSE and MI6 refused to extradite documents regarding involvement and surveillaince which they? say must remain “classified because disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security” ????

    What the hell.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    This was a sophisticated, premeditated murder not? a combined aggravated, pre-ordered? harassment by the paparazzi and others, it was not? manslaughter but a premeditated murder? conspiracy by a sophisticated? vehicular homicide attack ordered by the House of Windsor ( Prince Phillip ).

    Paparazzi had nothing to do with it. There were the legitimate paparazzi and the MI6-employed motorcyclists masqerading as the paparazzi. The MI6? fake paparazzi , chased Diana in the Alma tunnel. All the legitimate paparazzi, can all be accounted for at the time of the impact. Where are the Photographs ? No photograps has ever been released.

    What Dr. Derossi and Dr. Martino did to Princess Diana in the? ambulance should make anyone with a conscience exstremely angry.
    In the case of the death of Princess Diana, the London MPS and Inquest worked to protect the perpretrators – not the victims. Its a coverup of a Royal Murder.

    The particularly important, serious withholding of the vital evidence in the MISHCOM NOTE, given by Princess Diana to Lord Mishcom, her lawyer, informing him of the plot she had been warned of, where she would? be killed or maimed in a car crash masked as an accident, cannot? be ignored by anyone, least of all the French.

    But Lord Condon, Lord Stevens and Sir David Vaness decided otherwise. High-level corruption in London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    Both Pépin and Lecomte refused to attend the inquest? at the Royal Courts of Justice, and when the jury asked to see the various statements that they had given to police to explain their conduct, they were told by the Coroner (11 December 2007)

    “no, you cannot have the statements.” Under European? law, both of these scientists were legally required to attend the inquest, but they were protected by the French government, which invoked a law “to protect the essential interests?? of the French state”.

    What the hell ?

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    SInce the verdict “Unlawful Killing”, not a finger has been lifted to identity the “following vehicles”. The vehicle to ever be identified is the black 280 mercedes.

    Vehicles were witnessed fleeing the crash scene. The real paparazzi were left behind in the chase – other vehicles including the fake paparazzi ( MI6 employed motorcyclists ) – were seen fleeing from the Alma Tunnel. A dark Peugeot? followed by a white mercerdes passed the crash scene very slowly, assessed the damage and confirmed that there were no movements in the Black Mercedes. The Fiat, the Peugeot and the White mercedes disappeared along with the motorcycles into the British embassy next to the Alma tunnel.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    “As soon as you get to the casualty, you stabilise them, then you move them as fast as possible, often by helicopter, to a centre where you can perform surgery…..If Princess Diana, had had that done, most of us cardiologists think she would have lived”

    – Dr. Spehen Ramee, A Leading New Orleans Cardiologist.

    Diana, required immediate hospital? treatment and was deliberately sent to the wrong hospital, the most famous and photographed woman in the world, where she died 6 minutes after arrival.

    “With this type of injury, time is of the essence……In the United States the delay in getting Princess Diana to the? hospital for nearly two hours, would constitute gross malpractice. There is no excuse for it”

    – Dr. Michael Baden, Chief Forensic Pathologist for New York State Police.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    The Queen was indifferent to where Diana was burried, Her sole short term was for control of the post-mortem and the samples.Anything after that, including the funeral arrangements was of lesser consequence.The Queen´s 3.30 a.m. order for the French embalming? of Diana was passed from Malcom Ross, though Kenyons in London, to PFG in France. The embalming was illegal. There was no authorisation and Diana´s family was not consulted, as is required under French Law. What happened then is so sinister.

    The Queen reinstated Diana as a Royal so she could take control over her dead body. This allowed her to control the UK post-mortem and the samples taken and the later Inquest. These actions allowed the royal coronar, John Burton, to illegally take control of Diana´s body as soon as it arrived back in the UK.? The legal process was for the body to be controlled by the coronar in the area of her anticipated burial, Althorp as decided by the Spencer family – that was the coronar of Nothhamptonshire.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard


    Dr. Martino did something completely incomprehensible when attending Princess Diana.

    I am a physician and this is not correct procedure. Dr. Martino had administered Fentanyl, which is over 80 times more powerful than morphine.

    Now when Dr. Martino was questioned at the inquest about this he said that Diana´s blood pressure was 70 – he then said that between 60 and 80 unites of arterial blood pressure is stabile for a crash victim

    Then despite Diana´s blood pressure which is stable, he uses the “LOW BLOOD PRESSURE”, as a pretext to start pumping catecholamines into Diana´s system – the? effect of catecholamines is that it increases the blood pressure but it also increases the pressure of any potential internal injury. It should only be administered if absolutely necessary. It was not necessay because Diana´s blood pressure was not low.

    Dr. Martino, failed to inform the base? of his initial assessment that Diana had facial injury and could be expected to have “internal injuries, abdominal or thoracic”. Instead he lied to Lejay at the SAMU base. He mentioned an injured arm but omitted potentially life-threatning internal injuries. Dr. Derossi told Lejay two critical lies. He said Diana had “obvious cranial trauma” and then he stated twice “nothing for the thorax”. This is not on the record of Martino´s examination.

    At this point Dr. Martino knows of Princess Diana´s thoracic trauma, so the application of catecholamines could be detrimental to Diana´s condition. And Dr. Martino – being a doctor – would have definitely been aware of this. At the Inquest Tom Treasure criticised dr. Martinos actions. Diana had? a critical torn vein and the thoracic trauma that such a internal injury was probable. By pouring in Catecholamines Martino was ensuring that any internal injury would be made worse.

    The requirement for hospitalization immediately was admitted by Dr. Martino in his early assessment to the French investigators. Martino told the inquest that a blood pressure of 70 and a pulse of 100 was stable. Yet, he failed to move the ambulance out of? the tunnel for 90 minutes. ?? The ambulance travelled at an average speed of 17 kph ( 11 mph ) then stopped within 500 meters of the hospital. Dr. Derossi and Dr. Martino lied to the Inquest as for the stoppage of the ambulance.

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    The medical treatment received by Princess Diana before reaching the hospital? – in the tunnel and in the ambulance – provoked her death, a death which could have been avoided if she had been taken straight away and at speed to the right and? nearest hospital, and if the doctors who were “looking after” her during her transportation had communicated to the hospital the correct diagnostic in order to have the right surgeon and medical?? team awaiting them on stand-by.

    The decision to bring Princess Diana to La Pitie? Salpetriere Hospital was evidently made by the senior? French government officials on the spot, Paris Police Chief Massoni and Interior Minister Chevenement. Massoni was in the tunnel, and Chevenement was already at La Pitie Salpetriere, in phone contact with the rescue crew in the tunnel. Yet, there are five other hospitals closer to the crash? site, all with advanced emergency capabilities.

    Not only was Princess Diana not brought to Val de Grace. She was not brought to Cochin Hospital, the Hotel Dieu, Lariboisiere, or the private American Hospital – all of which were closer than La Pitie Salpetriere, and all of? which had qualified? personnel and emergency facilities to? repair the damaged arteries.

    Incredibly, despite radio communication between the ambulance crew and the hospital staff,? no heart specialist was present when the ambulance finally arrived at the hospital, nor? had a heart lung machine been prepared? ready for Diana’s surgery if required. ??

    One highly respected French doctor who specializes in emergency response, told? EIR, in an exclusive interview, that Princess Diana should have been taken to? the Val de Grace, “which is much closer than La Pitie. That is a military hospital. Every political figure who is in a car crash or is injured is taken there.

    It meant that Diana wasnt allowed to? survive.
    01:46 minutes from the Alma tunnel to La Pitie. Nobody remembers the route. Not the ambulance driver, Michel Massebeuf, not the accompanying police. ??? Yes, that is difficult when you are travelling at 17 km/h

  • Auguste Jean Felix Piccard

    Its a coverup of a Royal murder.

    Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered by DR. JEAN-MARC MARTINO and DR.? ARNOUD DEROSSI, IN THE AMBULANCE. These were not mistakes caused by simple negligence and circumstances, but deliberate criminal acts, part of a well-planned and carefully organized criminal machination, which? led to the tragically staged crash aiming at killing the Princess of Wales.

    Justice for Princess Diana.

  • Pauline O’ Donovan

    Diana was not murdered, but was killed because the driver had been drinking and lost control of the Mercedes, one of the safest cars. To avoid hitting another car he tried to pull away and because of speed he skidded into the pillar.
    Henri Paul was off-duty and came back on his own initiative. Dodi against advice got him to drive. The car was only ordered minutes before they left. If anyone wanted to kill Diana or Dodi they would have placed a bomb on the Jonikal.
    The French believed in treating victims on site and driving slowly so as not to further injury the patient instead of the “Scoop and Run” technique elsewhere. If I was either doctor named I would sue every author, published and website to suggest they murdered Diana.
    IF everybody wore seat belts then they all may have survived. Trevor Rees-Jones was in the most dangerous seat in a car, the front passenger seat. Although horrifically injured he lived.
    To be an MI6 employee one has to be a British citizen. A cursory glance at the application form states this. So that rules out Henri Paul and any doctor or medic who treated Diana.
    Someone stated that Diana got custody two weeks ahead of time. STUFF AND NONSENSE! There never was a problem about custody of the children which was all sorted out when Diana and Charles separated 5 years previously.

  • Anny

    Well Princess Diana wrote in a note towards the end 0f 1995 – “Charles is planning an accident in my car in order to make the path clear for him…” and she also mentioned in a secret tape recording in 1992 that she met Charles 13 times before they were married and the car which resulted in her tragic death coincidently slams into the 13th pillar.