Is Queen Elizabeth Setting Up Kate Middleton For Divorce?

Is Queen Elizabeth Setting up Kate Middleton For a Divorce?

Queen Elizabeth is hospitalized, and word from a royal source is that courtiers are blaming her ill health to an overloaded work schedule. But what can she do, when she’s the only reason the public hasn’t revolted against the monarchy to toss out the House of Windsor?

Prince William and Kate Middleton should all be returning back to Britain after their last luxury holiday in the Swiss Alps. No doubt W&K will visit granny in hospital for a prime photo op to make them look like caring individuals. One would almost think this was a palace PR stunt so no one dare say a word against the young royals anymore, who’ve been criticized by the masses lately for their lazy, wastrel ways, enjoying one lavish vacation after another and doing a bare minimum of plummy 1-2 royal engagements a month.

Interestingly, though, this same source suggested that this was a palace PR stunt to make Kate look bad! And that this has been going on for a very long time! This means that Kate’s being set up to fall… and that can only lead to a divorce. The timing of Q in hospital while K was on yet another holiday, after coming back from a vacation in exclusive Mustique, is no coincidence. It makes Kate look like a dolittle spoiled brat who works as little as possible in her role as a royal and then cries to Will: “I need another holiday, the people are so mean to me!” And Kate off on another vacation means she’s putting more work on the Queen’s 86-year-old shoulders – and how much more can Queenie do at her age? Of course she wound up in hospital while Kate was in luxury bliss sledging down the Swiss Alps. Jeez Kate. Ever think of anyone else but yourself?

What’s the betting that there will be a very poor turnout of the public to see Kate on her March 5th royal engagement in the desperate town of Grimsby? What if the few people there boo her? She could be silenced into red-faced embarrassment, too, with no clapping from the common folk. The poor peasants who pay her wealthy way in the world through taxes taken out of their thankless jobs can see straight through her caring act. She couldn’t give a damn about anyone but herself.

This reminds me of the wedding of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – which we all know now was doomed.

The Queen did say once that Will and Kate’s wedding would end in tears…

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3 responses to “Is Queen Elizabeth Setting Up Kate Middleton For Divorce?”

  1. Don says:

    the most stupid spew of hate yet. man sounds like sour grapes jealous much……………………………………………………………

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  3. Hannah says:

    Page writes articles like this all the time about the Duchess. She is just jealous, because I know for a FACT if she was offered the same opportunities as Kate to live the way she does, she would take it in a heartbeat- who wouldn’t!? Page, no one wants to read your disgustingly petty and biased articles anymore. Other than the fact that you write at the same level as my seventh grade sister, you are probably just upset that you’re stuck in a low-end work-from-home writing job, but next time keep your opinions to yourself you lackadaisical piece of trash.