Reese Witherspoon Offends Police Officers Again! (Photos)

Reese Witherspoon Offends Police Officers Again! (Photos) 0505

God damn, I admit I’m a little slow on Sunday mornings but Reese Witherspoon is laying her mea culpa nonsense on a little too thick. The Oscar winner made an effort to be seen yesterday at LAX with husband and (rather adorable) baby, Tennessee Toth. We didn’t get the ear to ear Hollywood sweatheart smiles this time around but we did get an Atlanta Police Department hat. Reese Witherspoon REALLY, REALLY wants us to know she respects police officers. She respects them so much she wears their hats. Two claps on this one.

Why does this bother me? It’s just too damn obvious! I get it! You’re trying to make amends. You’re trying to prove to the world you’re not a self righteous nasty drunk who throws your fame around when it suits your purpose. But walking coolly through the airport with your heard cocked down so we ALL can see what the hat says is a little ridiculous. This is strike two for Jim Toth who was drunk behind the wheel in the first place and, as her manager, probably had something to do with this hat thing.

When celebrities go to all that effort it just comes off as less than sincere. And it’s not about praising the police department. This is all about Reese. It’s all about her career and her image and her legacy. It’s just annoying me! Oh, and another clear reason this little walk of shame through LAX was just for show… check out the pic of her kid. Now, that’s a mighty cute kid but have we ever seen such a sweet close-up of little Tennessee before? Hell no we haven’t! I’m not shocked. We all knew she would use her mom card to get out of this shit hole of a situation but even this is a bit too direct. But it will work. It’s Reese. Of course it will. Oh look at those cheeks! Look how sorry Reese looks! She’s wearing their hat so she must support them. Good for her. She’s learned from her mistakes! Biotches please. All Reese Witherspoon learned here was how not to be the next Mel Gibson.

Am I alone? Is Reese Witherspoon offending police officers by wearing the hat through the most paparazzied airport in the world?

Photo Credit: BJJ/Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET

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2 responses to “Reese Witherspoon Offends Police Officers Again! (Photos)”

  1. you are not alone in noticing and disrespecting this blatant manipulative move on reese’s part

  2. Wow. She sure thinks she is the cat’s meow!