Reign RECAP 12/5/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Left Behind Bars”

Reign RECAP 12/5/13: Season 1 Episode 7 "Left Behind Bars"

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and we can’t wait for tonight’s all new episode entitled “Left Behind Bars.” If you missed the previous episode don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE. On tonight’s episode, Mary and Francis will be forced to work together when the castle is taken hostage and Catherine will make a shocking proposal in attempts to save everyone’s lives.

This is what happened on last week’s show: An attempt to scare Mary (Adelaide Kane) causes Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) to take drastic measures to make sure the guilty party is caught. Francis (Toby Regbo), aware of Bash and Mary’s growing attraction, turns to Olivia (guest star Yael Grobglas). Bash ventures into the woods to pay his debt — the human sacrifice the pagans demand — and returns with blood on his hands. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) comes clean with the girls about her affair withthe King (Alan Van Sprang), to a mixed response. 

What do you think about Reign season 1? Are you liking the Gossip Girl-esque drama against the historical backdrop? We find the show quite intriguing, and the premise is kind of a nice departure away from the CW’s constant deluge of supernatural/paranormal shows (but, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE those).

Don’t forget to come back here tonight at 9 PM EST for your live recap of Reign season 1 episode 7 “Left behind Bars.” In the meantime, be sure to hit up the comments section below and let us know what you’re most excited about for tonight’s episode.

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The troops are riding off and Mary asks Catherine where Bash is. The Queen says that he’s probably riding up front with the King. She says it’s a shame men can’t get along more harmoniously like women do. Mary asks the Queen if she means like they do and Catherine clarifies that she means like Mary and Olivia. Catherine says she’s so sweet for tolerating how sweet Francis is on Olivia. She says it must be hard to know that Olivia is in Francis’ heart. She says it’s good that Mary has made room for Olivia just as she did with Diane.

The Queen finds Olivia and congratulates her on getting Francis in her bed. She tells Catherine that Francis loves Mary and the Queen says she can’t know that. Olivia says at his crucial moment, he called out Mary’s name. Olivia says she has lost.

Mary finds Francis sparring with his little brother Charles with forks that his mother is making them learn to use. He says he stayed behind because a Neopolitan count is coming and he must be greeted by a king. Mary says that will give him more time to spend in bed with Olivia. Francis reminds her the plan was to make their’s a business arrangement. She says that they are no happier now. He reminds her each of them could be married to someone else tomorrow. He says that he needed to be able to forget her for a while so he can stay sane. She stalks out.

Greer sits in the kitchen reading a letter her father wrote out loud so Leith can hear it. She says he’s asked if she’s met any agreeable men of fortune. Leith says her father expects a lot and she says his money comes from mines that are playing out. She says she’s only been trained to smile and dress pretty. She says she can’t even cook an egg and Leith invites her to come and take the pan. He cuddles up close and instructs her how to flip an egg. She throws it onto the floor and he laughs and says she’d be surprised the things they put back together to serve those upstairs. He tells her they should go off somewhere and they kiss.

Catherine neatens Francis’ hair and tells her to behave in front of Count Vincent. Catherine greets him in Italian. He’s surprised to see the king is away. The head of the guard tells the Count his men must relinquish their weapons and they easily agree.

Diane asks Bash why he’s not off with his father and he says he’s had enough killing. She reminds him of their precarious position and that if Henry dies, they would be without means. She asks him what if he’s legitimized. She reminds him the bastard Elizabeth may take the throne in England. She says if Catherine’s marriage to him was annulled then he would be in line for the throne. Bash tells her that talk like that gets bastards and their mothers beheaded.

Vincent kisses Mary’s hand and tells Francis he must guard her closely or someone might steal her away. Mary smiles at his flirtation but Francis doesn’t look happy. Vincent tells Catherine he heard of the gold goblets she got from the Pope when she married Henry and says she must hold them back for more important visitors. He tells her he’s been in France recently to get his young son back when he was held hostage. He says it cost 1,500 ducts to get his son back and can thank France for knowing exactly how much his son his worth. Catherine toasts peace but Vincent toasts clarity.

Greer dresses as a peasant and Leith says she looks authentic. Someone sends them back to the kitchen and Leith says he thinks they’ve lost the castle. The men drop the gates to lock them in. Vincent asks where the king is and they say he’s gone to quell some unrest. One of Vincent’s men comes in and whispers in the count’s ear. Francis whispers to Mary to get upstairs to her chambers now.

Diane says she can tell Henry it’s a fait accompli. Bash asks if she’s talked to the Pope and she says no. But she has spoken to some cardinals and that they are open to bribery and that it could be done. Bash tells her it’s enough and that he won’t displace his brother and take the throne of France from Francis. She tells him that Francis took it from him since he was the first born. Just then soldiers burst in and surround Bash and Diane at sword point.

Francis asks Vincent to explain why he’s there and says it’s not a diplomatic mission. Vincent says he’s there for restitution. He tells Catherine that his son died of dysentery on the journey home because of the poor conditions he was kept under. Catherine commiserates and he says that he has no other children and his wife is dead.

Catherine encourages him to wait until the king returns and Vincent tells her he’s been waiting in the woods for three weeks to be there when the king left. His councilor comes in and tells him they have the castle secured. Vincent tells Catherine, Mary and Francis that the castle is now under his protection until he receives satisfaction. Mary asks to clarify if he’s holding them for money. Vincent tells her she’s an innocent in all this and then tells Catherine they will negotiate Italian to Italian.

Vincent’s men shoot darts at Henry’s photo and one tries to capture Kenna in his arms. She says he has no idea who she is and says she’s the king’s special friend. Mary comes in and tells him to get his hands off of Kenna – he says that she’s his lady. Vincent comes in and says that soldiers need their fun. Mary begs him to take her Scottish ladies up to her quarters. He agrees if she and her company will come down for the feast. He promises they won’t be harmed and she tells him she’s grateful for his protection.

In Mary’s quarters, they wonder where Greer is. Just then she comes in and says she thought she would be safer hiding out in the kitchen. Mary says that they have to wait to see if the Queen and the Count can strike a bargain. She says she’s no good at waiting. Mary heads into the tunnels and calls for Clarissa. She asks her to mark a safe path so Mary can get people out of the castle. She says please. Mary drops a white rock onto the tunnel floor and then backs away. When she looks back the rock is gone!

Vincent looks at the gold pieces that Francis gives him. He tells him it’s 10 times what he paid to get Roberto back and Vincent says it doesn’t give him satisfaction. Catherine agrees that gold doesn’t buy back family or the family line. She tells him he needs a bride and offers him Mary and says she’s a virgin and can provide ransom or children as he wishes. Francis doesn’t like this and offers himself as his hostage. Vincent says he accepts the offer. Catherine is horrified that he’s ready to sacrifice himself to save Mary.

In the prison cells, Bash sits when a soldier comes in and asks what they call him. He says they call him bastard. The soldier tosses him a crust of bread and Bash knocks him out and locks him in the cell. But then in the hallway, there are two of Vincent’s men that pull their swords out and confront him.

Mary comes to see the Queen and asks how the bargaining went. Catherine tells her Vincent is taking Francis because he offered himself in Mary’s place. Catherine says they can’t let it happen. Mary says they must all escape and tells Catherine about the secret passages. Catherine says they’re a death trap when you don’t know your way out. Mary says she knows the path because she played there as a child and has marked the way with chalk. (ah! That was the white rock she left for Clarissa)

The Queen says that the soldiers pacing the halls will make it impossible for them to get into the tunnel in the main hallway to escape. Catherine says she can improve on Mary’s plan. She says they need a distraction and the count’s feast should do nicely. Mary tells her the count expects her and her ladies there. Catherine says they can all go to the feast and that will give Francis time to escape and get all the servants out. She says he won’t leave without them.

Catherine says she’ll remain behind while everyone else gets out. Mary asks how she can trust her and the Queen says that she can believe that she loves Francis and will go into hell for him. She asks Mary how far she’ll go for him. Catherine says she’ll swear on her immortal soul that she’ll be the last person in the room. Catherine asks if she thinks that Francis will survive leaving with Vincent. Mary says she’ll go into hell with Catherine to save him.

Mary comes to see Francis and finds that his younger brothers were also rounded up and are being held with him. Francis tells her that Vincent played with Charles earlier but his eyes were dead. He tells her that Vincent wants to take his father’s line. Mary asks him to go along with their plan. Francis says Vincent was watching her too greedily and he can’t leave her in his hands.

Francis says as soon as he gets out of the room he’s coming for her. He tells her he’s sorry about Olivia and his foolish ways. Mary tells him he must save their people including his brothers. She says they must trust each other to do what is necessary. She says she believes he can lead the people to safety and he must believe she can get herself to safety. They kiss and she tells him to promises that he won’t come back.

Mary brings Olivia along with her and she tells Olivia to wait in the tunnel and let people escape. Olivia demands to know why she’s being left alone in the dark and asks Mary if she’s punishing her. Catherine tells Olivia she’s the only one that won’t be missed at the feast. She tells Olivia if she lets her down, she will face Catherine’s extreme displeasure. They give her a candle and shove her in the tunnel. Mary says she has to keep the door closed completely do the guards won’t find her. She and Catherine close her in and go. Olivia is in the tunnel freaking out.

One of the count’s men comes in and tells Bash he’s getting a death sentence for flouting his authority. He has his sword out but then gives him liquor instead. The guard explains that Diane is paying him to look after him and Bash remarks that she’s good with bribes.

Mary’s ladies are worried about the plan and that they’ll be punished when Vincent realizes he’s been tricked. Mary tells them they’ll be gone before he knows. Catherine comes in and tells the girls that she knows what they’re thinking. She tells them not to be afraid and says she’ll be there when they come in and then when they leave. Lola says they can’t trust Catherine any more than they can trust Vincent’s men.

Catherine tells them her family castle was attacked when she was 8 and says she was held hostage for years. She says that many soldiers just like these men demanded they could share her. Catherine says she can still hear their laugher. Catherine says she and the nuns prayed for the Pope’s men to come and that one day the laughter stopped and she stepped into the light over their dead bodies and into the arms of Pope Clement. She tells them to have faith and they will emerge intact.

Catherine offers the soldiers a chest of gold pieces and says it’s a gift to them. They all go rushing to grab some as the clock chimes. Greer comes in serving food. The clock chimes. Someone screams in Francis’ quarters and the guard rushes in. Francis bashes his head and takes his weapon. He shoots the other guards and brings his brothers along. Leith tells everyone in the kitchen to go – he says it’s starting. He tells them to go and says he’ll stay and keep serving. Greer insists on helping them.

Francis brings the people to the tunnels and sends them on. Olivia begs Francis to take him with her and he tells her she has to stay and wait on Mary and her ladies. She says she’s not a pawn to be played with by him and his mother and he blows up and says they can talk about it later but that she needs to stay there. He walks away after the others and she steps back – it looks like she’s leaving!

At the feast, the soldiers gamble. Mary tells Vincent she’s feeling breathless. She tells him embarrassed that her corset is too tight. He tells her she can retire until she regains her breath. She says her ladies will attend her and leaves the room. Francis leads the way through the tunnels but then comes to an intersection. He sees the chalk mark and leads them on.

Catherine watches the hourglass. Olivia hears soldiers pass by and steps back. Francis stops and says – Mary where are you. His little brother asks if he’s leaving them. Mary knocks on the panel but Olivia doesn’t answer! She’s not there. The ladies are stuck in the hall and a guard could come on them at any moment!

In the kitchens, a guard comes in and asks Leith where the girl with soft hands is (Greer) and then notices that no one is there except Leith. He draws his sword and Leith attacks him. They struggle and then when he has Leith down, Greer attacks and leaps at him. The guard slaps her hard and then chokes Leith. Greer wallops him upside the head with a skillet and asks Leith if she killed him. Looks like she did. Leith cuts his throat just to be sure and to offer her some comfort. He says now they’ll never know which of them killed her.

In the hallway, one of Vincent’s men comes upon Mary and her ladies and says that Vincent sent him to find them. Mary says they were just on their way back. Olivia wanders lost in the tunnels. She sees something that startles her and her candle goes out.

Mary and her ladies come back in and Catherine rises and tells Vincent that Henry will go to war to protect them. He says that they’ll be on their way. Catherine begs them not to take her children. She offers them the purity of Mary and her ladies. They cry out in protest at Catherine’s offer. She says they’ll never tell because it would ruin them. Vincent tells her to give her Roberto back and he’ll let her children live.

Vincent asks Mary to forgive him and says he’s not a gentle man. He grabs her and drags her away as her ladies scream. Each of Vincent’s men grab one of the ladies and Vincent throws Mary onto the table to rape her. Catherine yells out Vincent’s name and tells him that his son is dead because of him. She says she’ll make him a new offer. She tells him to take his hands off Mary and she’ll let him live. The men around him notice they have nose bleeds and begin to collapse around him.

Vincent says they ate the same food and drank his wine. Mary says – the gold. Vincent says he never touched her gold. He calls Catherine a Medici bitch and charges her with his sword. Mary puts a knife into him and when he tries to raise his hand to attack Mary, Francis is there and lops his hand off. As Vincent dies, Francis tells him his son awaits him.

Catherine comes to check on the girls and they ask why she didn’t tell them about the poison. She says she learned long ago that the only way to keep a secret is to tell no one. Francis goes to Mary and holds her close. Catherine says she also wasn’t sure it would work. Francis takes Kenna to the infirmary for her injuries – where a soldier kicked her.

Mary asks Catherine why she didn’t let her be raped. She says if Catherine had let her be ruined, she wouldn’t have been able to marry Francis. Vincent bleeds out on the table. Catherine says that since Mary risked her life for Francis she owed her a moment of respect. Mary asks if the laughing soldier story was more than that – she asks Catherine if the Pope didn’t get there in time. Catherine says history is written by the survivors and that’s what she is.

Bash and Diane take a walk and he asks her about the circumstances that would result in him being legitimized. He worries that she arranged Vincent’s takeover of the castle. He asks her if she arranged it and she says he should have been away when it happened. She tells him that he’s not family with Catherine and Francis – she says he’s an unwelcome complication and he shouldn’t worry about protecting them.

Mary finds Francis late that night and demands to know why he came back. He tells her he loves her. She asks what about the fact they could be parted and he kisses her. She mentions the France and Scotland issues and he kisses her. He tells her there has been too much thinking going on. He lays her down on his bed and kisses her. She wraps her legs around him and he tells her to say when she wants him to stop and she says never.

Seems everyone forgot about Olivia. Where is she?