Revenge RECAP 5/12/13: Season 2 Finale “Truth” Part 1 & 2

Revenge RECAP 5/12/13: Season 2 Finale “Truth” Part 1 & 2

Tonight on ABC REVENGE continues with a whole new episode called “Truth Part 1 & 2.” On tonight’s show it closes out its second season in a gripping two-hour season finale event that can’t be missed – someone will die!  Did you watch the last episode before the break?  We did and if you want to catch up, we recapped it here for you!

On last show episode Emily plotted her next move in her new role as Daniel’s fiance, while Aiden struggled with the re-engagement. Meanwhile, Jack learned more than he bargained for, and desperate times called for desperate measures as Conrad’s gubernatorial numbers slipped after Victoria’s big reveal on “Nightline.”

On tonight’s show the second season of “Revenge” culminates in a special two-hour finale event with two back-to-back episodes filled with high octane and life changing moments.  In the first hour, entitled “Truth, Part One” (9:00-10:00 p.m.), a series of dangerous events has been set in motion and it all comes to a head in one catastrophic moment that will change everyone’s lives forever. In the emotional second hour, “Truth, Part Two” (10:00-11:00 p.m.), the devastation leads to a heartbreaking death that will send shockwaves down the shoreline and force Emily to take a hard look at the truth and the path of revenge she has embarked on.

Guest cast for “Truth, Part One” includes Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Takeda, Seychelle Gabriel as Regina, Falk Hentschel as IT tech, Brian Lally as security guard no. 1, Guy Nardulli as security guard no. 2, Donna Rusch as newscaster no. 1, Bill Seward as newscaster no. 2 and Marc Istook as newscaster no. 3.

Tonight’s Revenge finale is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Revenge — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Revenge? Check out a Sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!


The blackout has covered most of NYC. Nolan is trying to figure what happened when the situation begins to look dour. People are milling on the streets with flashlights. Charlotte and Daniel are trying to find a secure location. Their once trust fund options have been limited to walking. Still that doesn’t completely erase what they were talking about before. Charlotte doesn’t know what to do about her pregnancy.

Victoria and Jack are still negotiating a truce. He thinks Victoria doesn’t know about David Clarke’s setup and she’s not letting him on. In fact she’s playing him.

Charlotte’s new friend and Declan are stuck inside the Bank of America. The automated doors have locked them in but these two can’t stand each other.

Conrad and Ashley are calm. Neither of them knows what’s going on with their supposed partners. Conrad actually wants his wife by his side. Not for sentimentality but for a good photo op.

Nolan finds out that they’ve been used. The Falcon had set up a program to go off if anyone, like Nolan, tampered with it. Now it looks like Aiden will be set up just like Emily’s dad if the gang doesn’t figure out a way out of this mess.

Jack and Victoria make into Grayson Manner. They’re supposed to be going through files when Victoria hides the one with Jack’s name on it. He further gives away too much when he mentions how not only is Ashley working with him but also he’s going to play a certain during Conrad’s speech.

Nolan is having problem covering Aiden’s tracks but it’s hard. However Emily is worried what the Initiative are planning. She thinks she should talk to her mentor. Nolan tries to dissuade her but she goes anyway.

Declan and the friend are getting to each other when the light come back on. It doesn’t matter anymore. Declan now knows Charlotte’s friend is in love with Charlotte.

The Gaysons believes everything is fine as a whole. But each member is worried about something. Conrad gets home only to be told by Victoria about Jack. The knife in his back is driven deeper after Victoria then tells him about Ashley.

Emily and Nolan make it to Takeda’s place. She’s the one to find his body. Despite whatever complications they were she’s heartbroken to find him dead. Especially after he was the one to help her get revenge. She doesn’t have anytime to mourn before she begins to investigate the scene. She finds Takeda’s box of secrets. Inside there is a photo with a circle around the face. She and Nolan think the mystery guy could be the killer and they have to warn Aiden before something happens to him.

Declan finally meets up with Charlotte but it’s too late. Her friend has already worked some kind of story where Declan beat her up and then robbed her. She set it up really well. Charlotte now believes her.

Victoria found a pregnancy test. She confronts Daniel thinking the test belongs to Emily. He tells her it’s not Emily’s and she deduces that it must be Charlotte’s.

Emily goes to Aiden to warn him. He tries to convince to leave with him when she catches sight of his bruises. She tries to storm away from a guy she feels betrayed her. He tells her that their mentor had his own agenda. Takeda’s fiancée was on the infamous flight. She doesn’t believe him and she won’t trust him. But she will try to fight the frame job against him.

She meets with Daniel and finds out that he believes its Aiden just as much as he feared. They’re saying goodbye when she notices the I.T. guy was also the same guy from Takeda’s photo.

Declan is still around the Grayson voting headquarters when unfortunately for him Victoria decides to have a chat. She mentions in one breath her daughters is pregnant then in the next that Declan is no longer allowed to be around Charlotte anymore. As if that would work. Declan immediately calls Charlotte to explain about Regina. He then goes on to say how happy he is about the baby.

Declan does help his case by revealing Regina has the video of the two women kissing on her cell. Charlotte asks her friend to see it but Regina refuses. She leaves Charlotte no choice but to tell her goodbye.

Aiden tells Nolan goodbye. He had revealed he killed Takeda. Nolan tries to understand and is a lot more forgiving than Emily. They part as their friends. Although Nolan does share his shock with Emily later. They’re doing facial recognition on the mystery man when they discuss how even Takada had his own motives. The program works and they are able to identify the guy as a hired gun. What makes the situation worse it that they just got a call from Jack about walking into the Grayson headquarters to get something they know is gone. It’s a trap.

Grayson is giving his speech. His family stands at his side while Nolan does his best to get a hold of Jack. Is it too late? Jack is at Grayson Global all alone when he checks his phone.
Aiden is packing his bag and getting ready to leave.

The assassin is circling the family.

In the middle of Conrad’s speech a mass text is set out. “Long Live David Clarke”. Immediately afterwards Grayson Global is bombed.

Conrad is using the bombing to win public support but he lets it slip that he asked his son to send everyone home.

Emily is searching the building when firefighters drag her out. She’ll be happy to know that Jack is alive. He confronting Nolan about how he knew the building was going to explode. Jack is angry but Nolan is able to explain away without pointing to Emily. The person who set up the meeting at Grayson Global was Ashley. She sent him his text. Jack smashes his phone, that’s how he can be tracked, and goes searching for Ashley.

Jack is able to corner her and he finds out that Victoria betrayed his plans.

Emily is bruised but she settles Daniel into thinking everything is fine. Nolan calls her and tells her about Jack. Emily is searching him out but remains one step behind him. Daniel on the other hand spots Aiden and believes him to be the terrorist responsible for today’s bomb. He would have turned Aiden into the police the Brit managed to escape in time.

There is one person that got injured. Declan was in the building. Ashley notifies Jack what happened to his brother but Nolan thinks it’s another trap. They only guarantee they have is for Emily to go with Jack to the hospital.

Emily sets up a distraction for Victoria and Charlotte so Jack can see his brother under disguise. Jack warns his brother to stay away from the family when his brother shares the pregnancy news.

Emily finally returns just to see Aiden hasn’t left yet. He gives it a last try to convince to leave with him but she turns him down again. He does leave the door open though.

Charlotte is able to see Declan. She apologizes for believing Regina. He forgives her and he wants to be parents with her. They’re building castles in the sky over their future as the rest of their family battles it out.

Nolan checks up on Emily. He comforts her when the topic of Jack comes up. Nolan thought Jack was with her she the opposite. Now they have to figure out what Jack is going to do next.

Daniel tells his dad that he wants out. Out of the entire family business. Conrad lets it slip that he saved him from the Initiative. Daniel is disgusted by his father but Conrad informs that no one actually got hurt.

Nolan goes to see Declan at the hospital. Declan wants Nolan to watch over his brother if anything happens to him.

Emily goes to Grayson’s family house. She finds a bitter Victoria. They fight with words until Victoria admits that the two have more in common than either thought. They talk nasty to each other when Emily catches Aiden on the news. He’s been arrested for the bombings.

Victoria shares the news with Daniel. He can’t work up the excitement knowing the truth. He also suspects that Victoria knew the truth too. He’s done with his mother now. Victoria goes to Conrad to confront him. In a moment of truth, Conrad admits there ws never an Iniative. It was simply a group of savy businessmen. These bombings granted him entry into the inner circle. He’s been known that there wasn’t any danger towards Daniel.

Jack makes back to the hospital. He only finds Nolan and not his brother. Declan passed away. Before dying, Declan left a heartfelt message for Jack. No his brother is out for more than revenge. This time he wants blood. After Jack stormed off, Nolan calls Emily in a panic.

Jack goes to the Grayson House. He finds Victoria and pulls a gun on her. He doesn’t pull the trigger. He only wants to kill Conrad. Victoria’s punishment is to be the one that explains all of this to Charlotte.

Aiden is no longer being interrogated by the police. They tell him that the investigation has changed. The police now think Nolan was the terrorist responsible. They go to his office and arrest him.

Victoria goes to Charlotte but can’t find a way to tell her about Declan.

Daniel goes over to Emily’s. She’s not there. Aiden is though. Aiden confronts Daniel and they go at it with fists. Aiden thinks he make Daniel let go of Emily but Daniel’s found Emily’s gun. Emily is at the party looking for Jack when all this is happening.
Nolan is at the police station. He tells them about the “Falcon” and the Initiative. But he’s been set up really well. The group had his dead girlfriend point fingers at him and call Nolan an anarchist.

Emily tells Ashley about Jack’s plans. At first Ashley wants to help until she realizes Conrad has been playing her. Now she’s willing to let Jack to kill him. Daniel finally shows up for the celebrations. He needs a new shirt. No one catches the blood on his.

Victoria stayed home. But her surprise of the night is when her son Patrick knocks on her door.

Emily catches Jack before he shoots Conrad. In order to stop him, she finally tells him the truth. She’s Amanda Clarke.