RHONJ’s Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice Get Into Physical Fight (Video)

RHONJ's Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice Get Into Physical Fight (Video)

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice got into a heated argument just recently. Celebuzz reports that the brothers-in-law got into a nasty fight during a retreat in Lake George, New York.

A source close to the situation said, “Joe Gorga charged at Joe Giudice, and Joe Giudice put him in a chokehold. It all started when Melissa and Joe Gorga were in a room with some other people, and they were arguing with Teresa. Teresa called for her husband, and when he came into the room, Joe Gorga charged at him.”

Another source at the retreat said that Teresa’s husband Joe issued the first physical assault and the cameras were there to film the entire thing. The snitch said, “Joe Gorga got behind Joe Giudice and had him in a bear hug — but not the affectionate kind. Joe Giudice punched Joe Gorga in the side, twice. Teresa was there, but she left the room mid-fight.”

If you’re curious as to what started the feuding, the source said, “Nothing specific – it’s everything. It’s them being them, all the back-and-forth. There wasn’t one thing in particular. It’s their history. They were civil afterward. One minute they’re arguing, the next minute they’re nice and family again.”

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2 responses to “RHONJ’s Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice Get Into Physical Fight (Video)”

  1. mandy grace says:

    Wow either way it goes Joe Gorga started it!

  2. I wish Joe Gorga and his disgusting, lying, manipulating wife Melissa would go away.