Rihanna Reinforces Violence: Continues Lending Support to Hot-Headed Bully Chris Brown!

Rihanna Reinforces Violence: Continues Lending Support to Hot-Headed Bully Chris Brown

The Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship is one celeb romance that I will never understand. No matter what Chris does, no matter how he acts or how he behaves, Rihanna is right there by his side. I don’t think anybody will ever truly comprehend RiRi’s thought process behind her love for Chris Brown, but what people are noticing is her total disregard for Chris’s violent behavior — both in the past and in the present.

Chris Brown is a bully. And Rihanna doesn’t seem to mind much. She still claims to be in passionate-I-can’t-live-without-him love. Do you think this relationship is a healthy one, is it all right, for herself and for the image she’s promoting to her young fans? Is Rihanna, whether she realizes it or not, reinforcing violent behavior?

Reinforcing may not be the correct word in this situation. But Rihanna definitely doesn’t rank VIOLENCE and ABUSE very high on the Not-Good-For-Relationships List. In many ways, she disregards it or chooses not to make a big deal about it. Her recent court appearance alongside Chris Brown emphasizes this unhealthy perception.

When Rihanna accompanied Chris Brown to his court appearance yesterday, she was front row and center to “cheer” on her sometimes-most-times boyfriend. Let me remind you . . . . This trial is concerning the terms of his probation dealt to him upon violently assaulting Rihanna back in 2009. Not only was Rihanna there, but she blew a kiss to Chris from the audience. Am I the only out there who thinks this is just a tad messed up?

Chris was supposed to complete a certain amount of community service hours, but prosecutors claim that, due to his “sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting,” he should be ordered a new sentence. I think it’s pretty obvious the documentation was fraudulent. For some reason, I’m thinking community service isn’t on Chris Brown’s to-do list.

Prosecutors also cited his instances of recurring outlandish and violent behavior — as yet another reason to reconsider his probation time. The event they cited was the recent fight he had with Frank Ocean over a freaking parking spot. He threw a chair through a window after a Good Morning America interview. But he doesn’t have anger issues, right, Rihanna? *Sigh*

Let us know what you think of this relationship of perpetual confusion, unhealthiness, and Chris Brown violence. Is Rihanna unintentionally reinforcing violence? Or is it just tough love?

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4 responses to “Rihanna Reinforces Violence: Continues Lending Support to Hot-Headed Bully Chris Brown!”

  1. Chris Brown needs to spend a few months in jail, or even better, prison, without his ‘bodyguards.’ Perhaps the experience would help cure his violent bullying attitude – even if it doesn’t we would still like to see the American Criminal Justice System actually work as if the wealthy and the poor were equal.

  2. Jess says:

    Chris brown disgusts me. And sadly he has breed a fandom of dumb young girls who cannot see past his “attraction”. These girls are in denial that their “god” is at fault because they think its everyone else’s fault.

    His violent history: Rihanna, good morning america, Drake, Frank Ocean

    Verbal twitter fights: Amanda lambert, Pink and her husband, John Legend’s wife, jenny Johnson, and more

    His rebuttals: no remorse + more displays of violent behavior + drug use.

    And Team Breezy claims people need to get over it.
    Team Breezy and Chris Brown are pathetic.

  3. Twana Tells says:

    Rihanna is a ride or die chick who’s simply holding her man down. She has his back no matter what & hopefully he doesn’t do anything to make her look foolish

  4. JBWilliams1991 says:

    How is this Rihanna’s fault exactly? Victim blaming is unhelpful and wrong, even when the victim is a celebrity.