Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn Hook Up in LA While Kristen Stewart Away Filming in NYC

Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn Hook Up in LA While Kristen Stewart Away Filming in NYC

Don’t start celebrating just yet Robsten fans, because Robert Pattinson just threw a major wrench in his reunion with Kristen Stewart by spending a night out with former flame and rebound Dylan Penn this past Wednesday. Kristen is away in NYC filming Anesthesia and apparently Rob got a taste for more cocaine partying while his recent hookup was out of town. Both Rob and Dylan were in attendance at a private party being held at the Spare Room inside of the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, but instead of sticking to their corners of the room they hung out together all night in a small group and even left at the same time.

A source told E! News, “that R.Pattz and Penn left around the same time after mingling with guests by the bar area and the back room.” If Rob and Dylan are more than just friends they did a good job of downplaying their affections because another source said that throughout the night, “Girls were all flirting with him,” and I would like to assume that girls wouldn’t have been acting that overtly thirsty for him if it was obvious that he and Dylan were an item.

Either way this news can’t make Kristen happy especially in light of the fact that she and Rob have been spending a lot of time together recently sparking rumors that Robsten was officially back on. FameFlynet confirmed that, “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson enjoyed a 4 hour visit together at his Beverly Hills home on October 30, 2013,” and that they left his gated community at the same time in separate cars. Upon realizing that their rendezvous was being documented Rob turned around and headed home and Kristen who was none too pleased, “angrily wagged her middle finger at them as she drove past.”

On November 2nd Rob and Kristen were spotted celebrating the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos together, which is a bit of a tradition for the two who spent this holiday together last year. A source said, “Rob and Kristen went to check out the scene at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday night, Nov. 2… There was a huge celebration for Dia de los Muertos with tons of costumes and bands. They just mixed in with the crowd and acted like a normal couple just hanging out.”

Despite the fact that an insider said that friends of Rob and Kristen, “honestly believe they will not get back together,” and that Rob is enjoying being single, something tells me that we haven’t heard or seen the last of Robsten, and that no one – let alone Dylan – is going to stand in Kristen’s way of winning back Rob.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet