Robert Pattinson Abandoned Kristen Stewart After Christmas Fight, Flew to London Alone

Robert Pattinson Abandoned Kristen Stewart After Christmas Fight, Flew to London Alone

Robert Pattinson may have publicly forgiven Kristen Stewart for her summer affair with director Rupert Sanders, but their relationship is still super tense! The couple was set to spend the holidays together in England, but plans fell through after Kristen picked a fight for no reason, insisting on bringing her mother to his family’s Christmas. Rob was set on having Kristen spend more time with his family, and the fight escalated to the point that he got on the plane alone!

 A source reported to Life & Style, print edition January 14, 2013, “Kristen was all set to go to London with Rob for Christmas, but they got into a huge fight, and he told her that she should stay in LA.” Ouch! As if being alone for Christmas isn’t hard enough, the whole world has to know that she’s screwed up their relationship—again! Kristen has been brazenly unapologetic about the affair, and her disdain for Rob’s emotions are obvious! But the bad habits go both ways: Rob is only staying with her because he knows her name boosts his career!

So what was this big fight about? “At the last minute, Kristen wanted her mom to go too, but this trip was meant to be about Kristen spending more time with the Pattinsons. Bringing her mom was not the plans, and Rob was annoyed.” This needs to be digested a bit! Rob seems like a decent guy, and we know he wouldn’t want to tear Kristen apart from her family over the holidays.

My guess is that Kristen was looking to use her mom as an excuse to ditch the Pattinson party, and it escalated from there! The two have a truckload of baggage to sort through, so all that repressed anger would have boiled up during this one fight, turning it into a Christmas throw down! Do you think Kristen and Rob can survive 2013, or will they crash and burn eventually?

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