Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Singer Caught Fondling Hot Blonde’s Butt — Cheating on Wife? (PHOTO)


Robin Thicke, who’s been in a healthy-happy marriage for many years, was photographed with a blonde woman — and let’s just say he was crossing those blurred lines he’s always singing about. At first glance, the photo seems quite innocent, but if those scandal-hunting eyes of yours examine the pic a bit more closely then you’ll notice a mirror in the background possessing a cheeky reflection. Yep, Robin Thicke’s hand is definitely grabbing a handful. TO SEE THE FULL PICTURE WITH THE GRABBING CLICK HERE.

Of course, Robin Thicke’s recent media attention is totally because he’s had a #1, chart-topping song over the past few weeks, and that performance with Miley Cyrus isn’t helping him in the subtlety department either.

Supposedly, the photo was snapped at the super posh nightclub 1OAK in NYC after the VMAs. Robin’s wife was allegedly dancing around in the club, too, but didn’t seem to be near him when the photo was snapped. Chances are, this little picture was just a playful snap, but Robin’s had past experiences “blurring the lines” when it comes to his romantic life . . . . so Paula Patton, his wife, might want to keep an eye on him. Just saying.

Do you think a married man and a father should be acting like this while out and about? Let us know in the comments section below. Playful fun or a sign of cheating?

Image credit to Twitter