Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Brutal Divorce on the Horizon, Couple Fight Constantly

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Fight Constantly, Brutal Divorce on the Horizon

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have been at the center of many tabloid rumors over the past month, but the most virulent one seems to be that their marriage is ‘disintegrating’. It all started when Robin was spotted grabbing a fan’s ass in a photo that went viral. Rumors abounded from there, from Robin and Paula having threesomes and open relationships, to Paula getting angry with Robin for cheating.

We don’t know which version is more accurate, but a new report from Life & Style claims that Robin and Paula are having constant fights, which is leading to a ‘disintegrating marriage’.

A source claims, “He’s been planning on divorcing her for a month now. They fight all the time about the cheating rumors and all his late nights out. Robin just wants to be able to play around more, and not be tied down with a wife.”

Well, I don’t know how accurate this report is because, if the rumors are true, Robin is able to ‘play around’ just fine – even while he’s with his wife. In a recent interview, Robin even admitted that he and Paula have a highly unusual and ‘dysfunctional’ marriage, but when asked about the photo that sparked all the rumors, all he would say is, “My only comment about the so-called scandalous photo would be that my wife and I are perfectly in love and very happily married. So, no complaints there.”

It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose. In this situation, do you believe that Robin and Paula have an unspoken agreement about side flings? Is Paula only angry because it got out to the public? There are many different sides to every story, and especially this story. But one thing’s clear – Paula and Robin are not a conventional couple, even by Hollywood standards.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments. Are the lines defining their relationship too blurry for you?

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  1. A divorce seems likely!