Ryan Seacrest Dating Models And Playboy Playmates – Moves On From Julianne Hough

Ryan Seacrest Moves On From Julianne Hough Dating Models And Playboy Playmates?

Ryan Seacrest’s team has to do damage control now that he’s no longer with Julianne Hough. They don’t want us to remember that everyone thinks he’s gay, so they’re now trying to have him hook up with some models and Playboy playmates – you know, because that’s what straight men do.

A source tells Radar Online that during an ‘uncharacteristically’ wild night, Ryan was ‘attached at the hip’ with three young models, including a Playboy playmate. The source explains that Ryan and the girls spent the entire night at the DJ booth, adding, “He asked if he could go up there and stayed for like 30 minutes with the girl in the booth. Then they brought out a couple bottles of champagne and he was spraying the crowd. The crowd was going crazy and Ryan was loving it. He didn’t even want to get off!”

Uh huh. Nice try. I mean, sure he could have been at the party and seen with three models. I’m sure the models were all up in his face, but does anyone really think that there was anything even remotely sexual going on between any of them? The interaction probably consisted of them throwing themselves all over him, and him barely noticing. That, I would believe.

Let us know what you think about Ryan Seacrest and his trio of models. Do you think his team is trying to get us to think that he’s over Julianne Hough? Or are they just trying to prepare us for his next ‘girlfriend’? I mean, Ryan and Julianne were together for a long time, and he does have some standards to maintain. I just don’t think that a Playboy playmate fits his image, and I can’t imagine how the public would react to that. What about a Playgirl centerfold? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Bella Cullen

    Wow! Harsh much? You actually think there aren’t ANY other nice women out there that have the full package? You’re trippin. Do I agree with the Playboy playmate thing? No. I think that’s a phase and a part of the rebound thing for him. But one day when he’s ready to get serious again, he’ll find a nice girl, it just won’t be Julianne. As serious as he was about Julianne she clearly did not move him to that point. Personally, I think they BOTH needed people closer to their own age anyways. Maybe instead of worrying what Ryan’s doing, since you’re so Team Julianne, you should just pray a nice guy, closer to her own age walks into her life who IS the right one for her. It IS possible for two good people to simply NOT be the right fit for each other. That doesn’t mean one is evil or vice versa. Maybe you shouldn’t take it so personally. It’s not even your life lol. I just think there is someone better out there for Ryan and equally so, someone better for Julianne too.

  • busybeeblogger

    He’s single, rich and powerful. Of course lots of women want to be near him

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