Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici’s Marriage Off – Bachelor Caught Cheating And Boozing

Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici's Marriage Off - Bachelor Caught Cheating And Boozing 0410

Wait, I thought these two were crazy in love? Didn’t they just make out for the cameras during Sean Lowe’s dance on Dancing With the Stars? You mean that wasn’t completely authentic and off-the-cuff? Damn these reality stars! They get me every time. They are just too good!

Life & Style’s cover reveals the major snow job Sean is pulling on his new fiance and AMERICA. Apparently he’s not the super nice, earnest, genuine, lovable beefcake we all think he is. He’s leading a double life and Catherine Giudice has had enough! Apparently he’s loving the fame game and, when he’s not mugging for cameras or working on his fox trot, he’s downing shots in clubs and cheating with any old slag that comes along. Can he still consider himself a virgin if he doesn’t remember their names in the morning? Does anyone see the Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice marriage happening at this point?


In other gossipy goodness, Kim Kardashian is having an existential dilemma because nothing fits her anymore. This is just stupid. Of course things fit her! She just needs to go up a few sizes. The world does not end when you can’t fit into your size 2 jeans anymore. The world may end however if she continues making us watch her try to squeeze her ass into them.

And Jennifer Aniston is now super happy that Brad Pitt dumped her claiming that the marriage was a mistake. Sure, she has to tell herself that. How can you move on if you think you’ve had and lost the love of your life? Self deception is truly one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

So what you do you think of Life & Style this week? I’m a little surprised Kim’s weighty dilemmas didn’t take center stage but perhaps the mag is giving her a breather. She can’t cover all the magazines ALL of the time!

Photo Credit: Life & Style

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