Sean Lowe Cheating On Fiance Catherine Giudici With Emily Maynard

Sean Lowe Cheating On Fiance Catherine Giudici With Emily Maynard

The Bachelor is nearing its close and we’ve already spilled the beans that Sean Lowe has chosen Catherine Giudici to be his betrothed. The only problem? Apparently he’s been hooking up with former star of The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard! Oh the scandal!

According to the latest issue of Star magazine, Sean and Emily recently came face-to-face with one another at a VIP event at the Bachelor mansion. Since we already know that they have a bit of a history together, we’re not really surprised that Emily re-thought her previous decision to give Sean the boot and may have decided that she wants a little Sean in her life.

They had grown close during the filming of her season of the show, but in the end, she ended up choosing Jef Holm. Still, Sean was adorable and sexy, so perhaps she just wanted to see if there was anything else there between them?

A source said of the event, “Sean looked so nervous to see her. You could see the old sparks were still there.”

It’s a shame because he had already asked for Catherine’s hand in marriage, but apparently that’s the reason Emily wanted him. She became even more interested in Sean once she learned that he was engaged to Catherine. Oh the drama…. The inside snitch said, “She texted him immediately after leaving and said she regretted not having chosen him.”

Oh snap! What do you think of the idea of Sean Lowe and Emily Maynard together? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Emily Maynard should not attempt to destroy Sean Lowe relationship to the love of his life. Emily shame on you ….

  • dan

    This is full of craps. If you use infos from Star magazine, you have no clue what you are talking about. Why even bother to write a stupid article what only fools would believe in.

  • Sean and Emily would be a win-win situation. S & E definitely deserve each other, and Catherine would be infinitely better off without Sean.

  • These people, and this show, all make me feel like Kate Middleton in the AM…

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  • @emilymaynard Oh back off Emily! Sean is too much of a man for you! Just learn to stick w/just one man! Ur daughter Ricky will learn how her Mother is! U should be ashamed of your self!! All u care about is being in the spot light! Get over your self!

    • disqus_6v8mZ6Hr89

      The show is such drama, if these guys and girls are so much of a catch and successful why do they need a reality show to find love, the reason; they want the drama and attention!! Emily and Sean are good for each other since both are so self centered!! They will never be happy”people like that never will be”

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