Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber on Twitter (Video)

Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber on Twitter (Video)

How many times can you tell your ex that you are over his childish bullshiz?  Going by Selena Gomez’s standards… a lot.  Our precious Princess Selena took to Twitter recently to show the world (repeatedly) that she is done with Justin Bieber.  How did she do it?  Well, she used her artistic side and performed a dance interpretation of her feelings to the sound of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Meanwhile, JB is enjoying life to the fullest with Victoria’s Secret models and pretending to be the victim.  Not to mention he’s laughing all the way to the bank as fans everywhere rush to buy his music just to hear his voice now that he is single again.  Selena originally posted a personal video of her and her friends dancing to the song about a month ago; however, for some reason she chose now to start showing fan submissions of her dance.  Is this her way of repeatedly telling the Biebs that she knew he was trouble?  Is she just showing fan appreciation?  Is this over kill to the relationship that ended two weeks ago?  And why are these two still following each other on Twitter if they had such a “nasty breakup”?

Selena, please stop putting your feelings out there for everyone  to see, because you end up looking like an idiot when you get back together with the little douche nozzle.  If you are better off without him then prove it by being amazing on screen and in your music.  He’s the younger one, but I don’t see him putting his feeling out there like that.  One more thing.  It’s only been two weeks since your dramatic break from each other.  Why the hell are you trying to get with other guys already?  Perhaps your friend Taylor Swift is a bad influence on you.  She’s got to have a sausage by her side at all times.  DO NOT FOLLOW IN HER FOOTSTEPS.

  • Livv

    what if she just wanted to make the video cause she if bff with taylor and was hanging out with her dancers and decided to have some fun and make a dance routine. I mean she did just go through a break up so her hanging out with her friends is exactly what she should be doing. As for asking her fans for submissions well Selena has always been in love with her fans so getting them to have some fun with her by appreciating her bff’s new song isn’t that surprising

  • Wow, it’s hilarious how some “news” sources are trying to cause more drama than there is. So what if she posted a video of her dancing to (I might say a freakin’ awesome) song that happens to be about a breakup. Please find other stories (true stories that can actually be proven). I’m sick of media, seriously.

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  • FuckThisWebsite!BELIEBER <3

    Lmfao your whole entire website is a piece of shit. You must have some big old lesbian crush on Selala. Considering all you do is bash on Justin and say she’s the victim. You have know clue what’s going on in their relationship, so stay out of it. You guys say they broke up but they didn’t confirm it so why make a big deal? I guarantee that they’re still together and your lesbian ass is just starting shit for no reason.

  • maria

    what [expletive] idiots. taylor’s her best friend, this is her favorite song off this album, and she was just having fun with her friends. what, she can’t do that without EVERYTHING being about her breakup? kindly shut the[expletive] up. did she obviously mention this was because she’s sad that justin and her broke up? NO. she’s way too mature to be crying over this considering he was the one that didn’t deserve her anyways. she’s being an idiot? uh, he was the idiot for not knowing how to [expletive] treat her besides spending money on a bunch of stupid gifts, trying to buy her, and then acting like an immature prick in public. i mean wtf. and then getting it on with other people. any girl would get mad, but it’s a big deal because it’s HER? thank god they are over, this girl deserves wayyy better. that bitch can go die in a hole now. look at all the shit he’s causing after he started smoking. god, please shut this horrible site down already.

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