Selena Gomez Guilty For Justin Bieber’s Bad Behaviour and Hard Partying – Blames Herself!

Selena Gomez Guilty For Justin Bieber’s Bad Behaviour and Hard Partying – Blames Herself!

Note to Selena Gomez: You can’t save someone from their own self-destruction if they truly want to implode! This may be the worst thing I’ve heard this morning – Selena is said to be feeling bad, REALLY bad about the downward spiral of her on-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. So bad that she thinks that it’s all HER fault that he has morphed into a disrespectful punk that spends most of his free time rollin’ blunts with Lil Twist.

According to Life & Style, Selena couldn’t handle the guilt anymore and rushed to Justin’s side in Norway to try and offer her support. According to a source close to Selena,

“She thinks leaving him sent him over the edge. Selena has always felt like she knows Justin better than anyone, and that she sees a side of him that no one sees.”

Just when we thought that Selena had broken free from the seemingly codependent dysfunction, she rushes back to save Justin. Supposedly it’s not a reconciliation, but she thinks that if she supports him through their split then he’ll be okay. I guess Selena is too young to understand that a clean break usually is better until people have healed a bit. Perhaps her weaving in and out of his life every few weeks is in fact making it a whole lot harder for Justin to even attempt to get his shit together- that’s if he even wants to.

Selena really needs to walk away and let Justin do whatever it is that he needs to do. Her leaving hasn’t pushed him over the edge. This is the kind of guy that he was all along, he just kept himself in check to appease her. Are you hoping that Selena continues to hold Justin’s hand through this mess or is it time to really move on and get herself together? Every time she goes back she’s just disrespecting herself. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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