Selena Gomez to Testify Against Justin Bieber in Kicking Photograher Assault Case – Hostile Witness?

Selena Gomez to Testify Against Justin Bieber in Kicking Photograher Assault Case?

So the photographer who was lovingly kicked by Justin Bieber a month ago is back with a vengeance. Do you guys remember the alleged paparazzi scuffle towards the end of May when Justin and his then girlfriend Selena Gomez were out on a date in Calabasas? Well, the photographer from that scuffle, a man named Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran, is speaking up about the incident in his lawsuit.

He claims that Justin became frustrated with the paparazzi when he was trying to get his car out of the parking lot, and he reportedly, “jumped out of the car and delivered a martial arts-type kick … in the lower rib cage on the left side of his abdomen.” The lawsuit that Jose has filed also adds that the assault didn’t just stop at the kick, but continued in the form of another punch and a lot of pushing.

However, the bright spot of all this is that Selena reportedly returned to the scene a few minutes later to find her phone and also apologize for Justin’s behavior. See what I’ve been saying all along – it was Selena’s influence that was holding back Justin’s natural tendencies of famewhorism and assholism, and his downward spiral coincided with her breaking up with him. Can you blame her though, especially after incidents like this? The poor girl was sweet and apologized for her idiotic boyfriend, and there’s really nothing else she could do… then.

There are rumors that although she couldn’t have done anything at the scene, Selena could very well be called upon to testify against Bieber since this case might be going to trial. The photographer doesn’t give details on how much money he wants for the assault and battery, but if the case does go to trial, we could see Selena testifying against Justin – especially because the photographer very clearly lists her in the suit.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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