Shahs of Sunset RECAP 11/12/13: Season 3 Episode 2 “These People Are Not Your Friends”

Shahs of Sunset RECAP 11/12/13: Season 3 Episode 2 “These People Are Not Your Friends”

Tonight on Bravo SHAHS OF SUNSET continues with a new episode called, “These People Are Not Your Friends.”  On tonight’s show tempers flare when MJ and Lilly finally meet face-to-face.  Did you watch last week’s season 3 premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here, for you.

On last week’s episode after an epic battle at reunion last season, Reza decided to mend fences with MJ in the best way he could. Faced with turning 40, Reza also looked to treat himself to a Porsche. Mike and his girlfriend Jessica get serious when she agreed to start the process of converting to Judaism. GG and her sister Leila found a new friendship in the midst of Leila’s surprise divorce. Working to move forward, GG finally apologized to her old nemesis Asa. Lilly threw herself a gala bash for her “Dirty 30” birthday, but MJ ended up left off final guest list leaving Reza and the rest of the group caught in the middle.

On tonight’s show Asa pays a visit to the bottling plant for Diamond Water and finds that she will need to make even more changes. Moving forward in their relationship, Reza and Adam decide to move in together. GG pressures her boyfriend Sean into a bigger commitment and works to get MJ hired as her sister’s realtor. The group is still split over MJ’s omission from Lilly’s party and tempers flare when MJ and Lilly finally meet face-to-face forcing the group to decide which side they are on in the MJ-Lilly Battle Royale.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy Shahs Of Sunset drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Shaws of Sunset!

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Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset opens with Mike paying MJ a visit at her house. MJ has called him over to “suppress her dog’s anal glands.” She reads him the instructions and he chickens out, MJ has to clean out her dog’s butt herself.

GG and Lilly are on a shopping trip together. Lilly thinks GG will make a great friend, since she is “skinny and pretty.” GG doesn’t feel so skinny though, she feels like “Shamoo” trying on jeans next to tiny Lilly. GG reveals she has a boyfriend, named Sean. Lilly is shocked, because she saw GG making out with Shayan (the “Prom King”) at her birthday party.

Asa is meeting with her projection manager regarding her new product Diamond Water. She heads into a factory where her water is being manufactured. Her project is not going well though, she realizes that the shape of her water bottles makes it impossible to run through the machines. She will have to either reconstruct the plastic bottles she has designed, or purchase different machinery. Asa is scared her Diamond Water project is going down-hill, fast.

Mike is having some second thoughts about going into business with Reza. He was supposed to be helping Mike and showing him the ropes, but he hasn’t been coaching him at all. Reza has been busy focusing on making his own sales, and leaving Mike in the dark. He thinks Mike needs to spend more time learning the realty business before he will show him the ropes.

Asa is still dealing with her Diamond Water catastrophe at the bottling facility. She is surprised to learn that she is going to have to come up with $450,000.00 dollars to get the bottles produced in the shape of a diamond. She has no idea where she will come up with the cash.
MJ is visiting GG and her sister Leila. It’s the first time she has been to Leila’s house, and they give her a tour. MJ is going to help her lease her house since she is going through a divorce and can’t afford to keep it. Leila shares the details of her messy divorce with MJ, and MJ is shocked at her ex’s behaviors.

Reza and Adam are moving in together. Their new apartment is TINY. Adam wanted to split the rent with Reza, so they are equals, but the only apartment he could afford to pay half the rent for is a serious downgrade for Reza. They are still unpacking, and already bumping heads with each other.

Lilly goes to a small dinner party with her brother and cousins. She is having a hard time adjusting to her new age, 30. It bothers her a little that she hasn’t been married or had children yet. Her brother Mohammed isn’t helping any, he says her clock is ticking and the quality of her eggs is dwindling.

GG and her boyfriend Sean, and MJ head over to Leila’s house for dinner. They have an awkward conversation about GG and Sean trying to have a baby. GG changes the subject by bringing up another awkward conversation. She thinks it was a “blessing in disguise” that Lilly wouldn’t let MJ come to her birthday party. Since MJ wasn’t there, it gave her and Asa a chance to work out their differences, and it made Reza reach out to her because he felt bad. MJ doesn’t want to hear it though, she thinks GG is taking Lilly’s and defending her choice to uninvited her.

GG has decided to take her sister Leila out for drinks with her friends to cheer her up. Mike reveals that back in the day, he went to college with Leila. They tried to hook up, but they broke her bed. Their dinner party turns awkward when Lilly shows up. She puts MJ on the spot and asks her in front of everyone why she didn’t want to come to her birthday party. The two break out in an argument about RSVP etiquette. Reza decides he is Team-MJ. Mike also takes MJ’s side and tells Lilly that her party would have been way more fun if MJ was there.

The argument turns personal when Lilly brings up money, and how much she made last year. MJ accuses her of “living off a man,” but Lilly quickly defends herself and says that everything she is wearing, “including her tits,” she paid for herself. Lilly takes it to another level and calls MJ “uneducated and ignorant.” Everyone sits back in awe as MJ delivers the final blow to Lilly with, “All of these people at this table are my friends, not your friends. So, you and Coconut can circle all the way back to Texas…” Nobody defends Lilly, she is disgusted and walks out.