Simon Cowell Orders Harry Styles To Make Up With Dangerous Taylor Swift

Simon Cowell Orders Harry Styles To Make Up With Dangerous Taylor Swift  0120

For a second I thought Simon Cowell was overstepping his managerial boundaries. Who is he to tell Harry Styles he needs to play nice with his ex-girlfriend? But then I remembered we were talking about Taylor Swift. That’s not micromanaging. That’s just being a decent friend. But, seriously, where was Simon two months ago? Harry could have used some friendly advice then, like “You want to go out on a date with Taylor Swift? Hells no! Stay away from the crazy Mrs. Robinson!” But sometimes friends drop the ball and I have a feeling Simon had his reasons for letting Haylor see the light of day. But at least he’s making up for his mistakes now, or at least, he’s making Harry Styles make up for his mistakes.

Because Harry has been politely told (a.k.a. ordered) to clear the air with Taylor. Those pictures of Taylor inside the studio must have scared the panties off of Simon. He knows the shit storm that awaits One Direction if Taylor comes out with an anti-Harry ballad. And you know Taylor’s on it because that’s her shtick. But did Simon’s intervention stop Taylor’s revenge before it was too late? Not sure yet. According to The Mirror, Harry was avoiding all of Taylor’s stalker calls initially but finally threw her a bone to try to smooth things over as Simon suggested. Apparently all went relatively well but Taylor was all like, “But we still have unfinished business. Let’s get together so we can talk.” And Harry was all like, “Psycho, we are talking.” And she was like, “No! Face to face (so I can try to woo you back)” And he was all like, There’s no way in hell! I’m too busy, sorry!”

So I’m going to go out on a limb and conclude Taylor’s still not happy with the whole thing. Harry might feel like he closed the door but, as we all know, Taylor’s got a lot of soul searching/grieving/growing to do from this short love affair. And that means writing more songs. Shame on you Simon Cowell. It’s too little, too late. You thought you were being so smart by orchestrating and, most likely, encouraging this relationship because it promoted your boy band in the States but you couldn’t control little ‘ole emotional Taylor Swift. As a manager you should have known better. Should have went for Selena Gomez.

Are you surprised Simon Cowell ordered Harry Styles to make up with Taylor Swift? Does Taylor have the power to jeopardize One Direction’s popularity?