Taylor Swift Losing Fans And Money Over Harry Styles Break Up

Taylor Swift Losing Fans And Money Over Harry Styles Break Up 0109

She’s also losing dignity. I’d say she’s primarily losing dignity which in turn led to losing fans and consequently money but why kick a horse when it’s down, right? Still, it’s like I mentioned yesterday, Taylor Swift’s people need a whole new game plan because this constant jilted victim routine is not working with her paying customers anymore. Because it turns out Taylor’s not only nursing a broken heart since calling it quits with Harry Styles but she’s also nursing a sore ego. Ticket sales for her Red tour have dropped since it was announced that Haylor was dunzo. Oddly enough, One Direction’s tour sales have gone up by 50% in the last few days. What’s the deal? Do One Direction fans prefer a single Harry Styles? Did Taylor force her fans to choose and (gasp!) they chose Harry?

Could be. According to ticket-selling site Seatwave spokesperson Louise Mullock: “1D and Taylor Swift are two of the most popular acts in the world and they’re consistently among our best-sellers. However, the adulation received by 1D is one of a kind, and the boys’ fans are famously protective. Since many of Taylor’s fans are also 1D fans, she may have bitten off more than she can chew by dividing their loyalties.”

Now, there could be other factors at play here. Taylor’s tickets may have fallen but are they still high? Will she still end up selling out? She doesn’t start the tour until March so there’s plenty of time. Also, this album hasn’t been as critically well received as her last so that might hold some weight as well. However, the numbers are interesting because they are seemingly responding to her love life in the last couple of days which is her own damn fault. When you build a career around your make ups and break ups then you can’t be surprised when your fans jerk knees to every situation. Perhaps it’s time for Taylor to find a new angle. I’m all for sad sap boyfriend songs but Taylor’s 23. There’s got to be more to a 23-year-old’s life then her 18-year-old boyfriend.

And this also puts the whole fauxmance thing to the forefront for me again. I’ve made it pretty obvious that I’m wary of every boyfriend Taylor brings home. She’s notorious for acting the girlfriend to boost careers. Remember Taylor Lautner anyone? But this time it backfired, right? Harry got exactly what he wanted. He’s a household name and his tour is getting the people it needs. She, on the other hand, just looks pathetic again. It’s time for a new game plan Taylor! Show me you can grow as an artist and a self-respecting woman! Maybe then your fans will be more willing to fork over all that money.

What do you think is amounting to the poor ticket sales? Taylor Swift could just be having an off tour, right? Or could the Taylor Swift/Harry Styles break up be backfiring in more ways than one?