Sleepy Hollow RECAP 9/30/13: Season 1 Episode 3 “For the Triumph of Evil”

Sleepy Hollow RECAP 9/30/13: Season 1 Episode 3 “For the Triumph of Evil”

Tonight on FOX their new mystery-adventure drama SLEEPY HOLLOW continues with a new episode called, “For the Triumph of Evil.”  On tonight’s show Mr. Sandman give me a nightmare?  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s show still adjusting to his 21st century reality, ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) and Det. ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie) moved forward in their mission to unravel the mysteries lurking in Sleepy Hollow. A frightful vision from Ichabod’s former wife, KATRINA (Katia Winter), sent the unlikely duo on the hunt for a vengeful witch from the 1700s who had been awoken by unknown evils and was on a path of destruction in the quaint town. Meanwhile, despite all odds, Officer ANDY BROOKS (John Cho) was back and on a questionable mission of his own.

On tonight’s show Another soldier in the army of evil, the Sandman, seeps into the dreams of the residents of Sleepy Hollow. By infiltrating their minds at night, he tortures them to the brink – all because they, at one time, turned a blind eye to justice. When the Sandman seemingly sets his sights on Abbie, she is forced to begin to face her past – and her institutionalized sister, JENNY (guest star Lyndie Greenwood). With Ichabod by her side, and her life at stake, the duo must try to defeat the Sandman and continue their fight against evil.

onight’s Sleepy Hollow premiere is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Sleepy Hollow — tonight at 9PM EST!

RECAP: Abbie arrives at the police station after being called in by Captain Frank, he walks Abbie to the interrogation room; where Ichabod Crane is interrogating Abbie, it is clear that this isn’t reality. This is a dream state that Abbie is in, this is the introduction of the sandman. Abbie is trying to get out of the interrogation room but can not. A white tall bald figure with sand pouring out of his eyes appear and then Abbie wakes up. Abbie arrives at the scene of an incident that’s about to go down and tells Ichabod Crane about the dream she had, Dr. Vega is seen at the top of the building about to jump, she asks for Abbie. Abbie makes it to the top of the building and is talking to Abbie and mentions how it’s her fault about something with Jenny. Dr. Vega makes the jump and makes a clean landing on the hood of a car. It then cuts to Abbie, Ichabod and Frank walking around the scene of the crime, Abbie tells them about how Dr. Vega had white glazed eyes. Ichabod asks forensics to check the eyes of the body. Dr. Vega’s eye burst into sand, making it clear that the sandman has stricken and killed his first prey.

Frank wonders what the hell is going on, Ichabod comes to the conclusion that the woman was probably sleep walking at the time while she jumped. Abbie lets them both know how Dr. Vega mentioned her sister Jenny in her sleep walk state before jumping. Ichabod asks if Abbie can trust Frank with the information on the Sandman. Ichabod believes that the dream Abbie had could be a warning for upcoming events, Ichabod tells Abbie that a soldier sent a creature of some sort to him and his men in the past. Ichabod and Abbie watch a videotape, where a girl is speaking about her contact with the Sandman, Ichabod slows down the tape but Abbie turns it off. Abbie is reading off the several other people who experienced what the Sandman’s presence. Ichabod keeps mentioning the dream Abbie had the eyes that burst into sand, Abbie doesn’t believe it’s an evil demon from the woods because she doesn’t know what it would want. Ichabod tells Abbie that she and her sister are a threat to the Sandman and that’s why their targets. Ichabod wants to see Abbie’s sister Jenny, Abbie is a bit reluctant at first but agrees to take him to Jenny. Abbie and Ichabod arrive at the mental institute, Abbie tells Ichabod that her sister Jenny is a criminal for stealing a bunch of survival gear for the end of days. Abbie asks at the front of the mental institute to see Jenny, Ichabod asks when was the last time Abbie saw her sister. Abbie mentions how she last saw her five years ago, the receptionist tells Abbie that Jenny doesn’t want to talk to her. Ichabod asks Abbie if he can go talk to Jenny alone, Ichabod makes his way to Jenny’s room. Ichabod enters and Jenny turns around wanting to know who Ichabod is. Jenny speaks with Ichabod, though is being a little dodhy. Ichabod brings up seeing the demon in the woods that Abbie and Jenny saw in the woods. Jenny says that they’l lock him up if he mentions about this craziness. Ichabod tells Jenny that her Doctor fell to her death last night. Ichabod asks Jenny who could of killed the doctor, and tells Jenny about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Ichabod wants Jenny to help with fighting the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but she clearly doesn’t want to because of not having a good relationship with Abbie.

Ichabod walks out of the police station with Abbie and asks her what’s with the horrible relationship with her sister Jenny, Abbie tells Ichabod that she’ll trust him with the reason. Abbie explains when she woke up in the woods after seeing the white demon in the forest with her sister, a search party found them. Abbie didn’t say anything about the demon, but her sister Jenny didn’t and told the man about the demon. When Abbie was asked if she saw it, she said she didn’t see anything. That lead to her sister Jenny being put into a mental institution, she brings up about her parents being gone, but doesn’t say more about it. Ichabod understands that Abbie was afraid of the creature and the consequences of what would of happened. The man who saw the white demon along with Abbie and Jenny, didn’t say anything about the demon. Ichabod decides to go pay the man who found both Jenny and Abbie in the woods a visit, to see if he also saw the Sandman. It shows the man sitting in a chair, he gets sleepy and falls asleep. His eyes shoot open and he’s clearly in a dream like state, he’s looking for someone around the workshop. The door he entered from shuts close, the man grabs a gun and cocks it he turns around and for a split second the Sandman was there. Frank enters the station and asks who sent gave him the sign of the man riding a horse with no head, one man admits to doing it and Frank is not pleased. Fank walks up to him and says “good one” he’s not as angry as he seemed to. Frank mentions that the guy is Abbie’s ex. It cuts to Abbie arriving at a home with Ichabod to meet up with Frank, Frank talks about how the man has a gun and is taking his wife as hostage. The man asks to speak to Abbie, she puts on a bullet proof vest and gets a gun to enter the house. Ichabod watches a little worried, Abbie enters the house slowly with her gun at point in case. She’s going around looking for the man and calls for him, but he doesn’t answer. Se enters the kitchen, but he isn’t there, something is thrown across the room, Abbie goes to check what’s the sound she’s hearing. Abbie finds the man sitting on the floor with a gun in his hand and his wife sitting across from him she says her husband has lost his mind. Abbie wants to just talk and help the man, the man begins to shoot after seeing the Sandman walk behind Abbie. Abbie tells the police to stand down, she looks out the window to see Ichabod standing there, waiting to see if he can help. The man then says that the Sandman will be coming for Abby next, that the next time Abby sleeps the Sandman will kill her, the man ends up committing suicide.

Ichabod approaches Abbie, to see why she’s standing alone. Abbie is feeling bad for not being able to help the man who committed suicide and then admits to Jenny being right. She mentions about how she will be the one who’s next to die by the Sandman. Ichabod asks what does the Sandman look like, Ichabod believes that it could be the faceless nightmare monster from Abbie’s dream. Ichabod arrives with a energy drink to keep herself up and Ichabod takes a sip and can’t handle to taste. Abbie explains about dream spirits and how they’ve been around for a long time, that there are types that aren’t happy. Ichabod knows the creature from Abbie’s dream and describes the creature perfectly. Ichabod tells Abbie how he fought with the Mohawk Indian tribe and that he’s heard about the Sandman from them first hand. It cuts to a flashback of Ichabod Crane hearing the tale of the Sandman from the Mowhawk tribe. Abbie asks what to do with the Sandman, she wants Ichabod what to do. Ichabod, says that they need to visit a Mohawk shaman. Abbie believes that there’s a long list of people that the Sandman will visit after her, It then cuts to a care sales place, where the shaman works oat apparently. They both meet this cool guy who wants to show them a Delorean, Ichabod mentions abut a Sandman. The man believes that they’re joking around, but it’s clear that Ichabod and Abbie are serious. The man walks away not believing them.

Ichabod presses on for help with the Sandman, mentions that the man was scared when he mentioned the Sandman and that he needs help because Abbie is next. Ichabod persuades the man and he invites them into the shop. The man tells Ichabod and Abbie to gt into a truck to take them somewhere, to a spiritual place of some sort. The man tells them about how the Sandman makes people suffer to the point of suicide. Sandman will take people to hell with him, unless they redeem them selves. Abbie needs to sleep and entr a dream state, she drinks something to send her to sleep. Ichabod takes a sip to go with Abbie, the man mentions how they need a dose of venom to control themselves in the dream. The man ties down Ichabod and Abbie so they don’t hurt them selves. Scorpions are placed onto the stomachs of both Abbie and Ichabod and both are injected with venom. Ichabod is shown in the dream world looking for Abbie, Abbie is looking for Ichabod also. They’re both wandering aimlessly in a forest full of mist, Abbie sees the sand man and has sand thrown into her face which makes her eyes glaze over white. Ichabod is searching for Abbie still, but comes across a door in the middle of the forest he opens it, the Sandman is speaking a weird language, Abbie tries to shoot him, but his body is made of sand and doesn’t cause any harm. Abbie is then brought back to watch the past, where she didn’t tell the officer about the demon and made her sister go to the mental institute. The officer turns around and is the sand man.

Ichabod opens the door which leads into a hallway, in the hallway he sees Dr. Vega and the man who committed suicide hanged from laps. It cuts to Abbie, watching the Sandman interrogating both Abbie and Jenny. The Sandman’s hand goes through the glass about to touch Abbie, Ichabod makes it in time and tries to stop the Sandman. Ichabod has his arm cut off by the Sandman, Abbie tell the Sandman to stop and admits to seeing the demon in the woods and vowed to protect herself at the time of the interrogating. The Sandman begins to start freezing into an ice sculpture, Abbie then hits the creature distorting it. Both Abbie and Ichabod wake up after the dream state both of them are perfectly fine, and Ichabod mentions how he’d like no scorpions ever again. Abbie and Ichabod are sitting down speaking to each other about their case and working to fight the headless horsemen. Abbie is about to leave, but Frank enters and catchs the two. Frank is fine with the two of them using the room during the investigation, Ichabod asks if Franks wants to know what they discovered. Frank doesn’t care as long as it has been dealt with, Abbie is about to leave, but tries to thank Ichabod. Ichabod beats her to the catch and says you’re welcome. Abbie is now off to go meet her sister, Ichabod tells Abbie not to speed before leaving. Abbie enters the mental institute and asks to speak to Jenny her sister. Abbie makes it to Jenny’s room, but when they open the lights to the room Jenny is no where to be found. Abbie looks around the room, but Jenny found a way out of the room. Abbie stands in the room looking around, but then looks at the ceiling and has an idea of where Jenny must of went. Abbie opens it up and says “she’s good”.

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