Sons of Anarchy RECAP 11/19/13: Season 6 Episode 11 “Aon Rud Persanta”

Sons of Anarchy RECAP 11/19/13: Season 6 Episode 11 “Aon Rud Persanta”

Tonight, FX’s dark-around-the-edges drama, SONS OF ANARCHY, returns with an all new episode entitled “Aon Rud Persanta.” During tonight’s episode, tension mounts as the club makes a bold move to finally get out of guns.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s episode with only five episodes to go things are really heating up on SOA.  Jax was still trying to move SAMCRO into a legitimate business and there were more obstacles in his way.  Galen wanted the club to break Clay out of jail.  Add to all this Jax promised to deliver Galen to the DA in 48 hrs.  Jax confronted Tara about the divorce and what she did.  Gemma saw Tara and basically told her to go away or die.

On tonight’s show – it looks like all hell is going to break loose.  We know that Jax has wanted to put SAMCO into a more legitimate business and tonight it looks like he puts his plan in action.  Jax has promised the DA to deliver Galen in 48hrs and you just know that is not going to happen easily.  Add to all this he and the club are going to be breaking Clay out of prison.  Meanwhile Tara has run to the DA and wants to rat out Jax and the sons.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 6 episode 11 at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Sons of Anarchy.

RECAP: Tara is feeding the baby and wants to drop the kids at daycare and Jax’s guy tells her he doesn’t want the kids at daycare anymore.

The DA meets with Jax, she tells him that he will get what he wants if she gets Galen and the guns. Jax tells her about the drop, but warns to be cautious because they will be heavily armed.

Nero is in the kitchen, Gemma tells him that Wendy is asleep and he tells her that she is great for helping her but Wendy needs to be in a rehab. Gemma knows where she belongs, but wants to help Wendy instead of hurting her for a change. Nero asks if her mercy will fall over into Tara’s cup, Gemma says that she can’t go there. Gemma tells him she can’t forgive Tara, not now.

Tara drops the kids off to Unser to watch, she tells him that she needs to meet her new lawyer and she is not aloud to take the kids to daycare anymore. Unser tells her that he is sorry for everything that went down, he knows her heart was in the right place.

Tara meets with her new lawyer who tells her that he is ready to execute the divorce but he warns that her husband will be able to tell his side of the story. If the DA finds out the doubts about the miscarriage, they will dig to find the truth and if it is unfavorable, there will go their defense.

Jax goes to see Galen’s man who tells him how things are going to go down. They walk into a room that is filled with various guns and go over a map that will lead them to a convoy that will have Clay in the middle vehicle.

At the prison, Clay is cuffed and led into an armored vehicle. Jax and the guys are suited up to look like workers and separate into different trucks to look like they are different various worker vehicles; Bobby doesn’t like the fact that he has to get into the pink truck.

Sheriff Roosevelt is worried about taking down Galen, he thinks it is going to be a blood bath.

Gemma walks in and finds Unser with Tara’s son; he tells her that he only helped Tara because he wanted to protect the children. Unser asks Gemma if something happens to Tara who will take care of the children, she says she will and Unser argues that they would be a burden, she is a grandmother not a mother. He tells her it is not 1967 anymore, life is not fee and doesn’t make sense anymore, it is dirty and sad. Gemma asks Unser if he doesn’t agree with her why is he still there, he tells her that he is in love with her.

Juice is in the truck with Jax and he tells him he feels different and he needs to feel like he is one of the good guys. Jax’s phone rings, he first tells Juice he still can, then he answers the phone, it is Connor and he tells Jax they are on route.

Chibs is in the first vehicle with Bobby and they hit the first vehicle that was in front of Clay’s armoured truck and stop it init’s tracks. Then the other trucks box lay in. They start shooting at the vehicle because they won’t open up, then when they see that the bullets are doing damage to the windows, they open the doors and Clay is loose. Clay asks Jax where are the Irish and he tells him that they are in Ireland. Meanwhile, the DA gets the call about the ambush while she has everyone staked out waiting for the Irish. Meanwhile, one of the guards shoots and hits Bobby inside the truck. Juice runs over the cop and tells Jax he is sorry but he would have kept on shooting.

Tara goes to pick up her children, they are at Gemma and Nero’s place, Unser is there. Gemma gets a call, Tara asks Nero what Wendy is doing there. Nero says they are waiting for a place in rehab for her. Gemma walks back in and tells everyone that Bobby has been shot, she tells Tara that if she doesn’t help Bobby is going to die. Tara can’t believe that they want her to play mob doctor again. Gemma, Tara and Nero leave to get her bag, Unser stays to watch the children.

The DA is with Roosevelt, they find out it was eight guys in trucks and one got shot. He then asks her if she wants to round up the MC and she says no, she wants to weigh her options first.

Clay thanks Juice for everything, then they head into a room and meet the Irish, Galen is there. Chibbs and Tig pull out their guns and shoot the two Irish, Clay is shocked, Jax tells him that they had a vote and decided that this was best for them.

Tara, Gemma and Nero have arrived; Tara goes right to help Bobby. Clay walks over to Gemma, they exchange chit chat, she finds out that he is not going to Belfast, there is another plan. Clay then tells her he is glad that she is not alone, he kisses her on the cheek.

Nero asks Jax if this is his way of getting out of guns, Jax says it is more than that. Jax asks Tara how it is going, she says not well, he needs surgery. Clay asks what are they going to do, Jax says they are going to settle with the Irish. Clay suggest they make the deaths look like the three of them got into it and killed each other. Clay then says he guesses they had another vote that he wasn’t privy too, Jax says yes and it was unanimous. Tig tells Clay to get going, they leave and Juice, Jax follow them. Inside a room, Jax shoots Clay in the throat with Gemma watching, she is distraught. Jax shoots Clay another five times.

Jax goes outside the room and asks Gemma if she is ok, she says yes, then kisses him on the cheek while Tara watches.

Jax tells Nero that what they did today was piece together SACRO’s very broken past. Jax then tells Tara thank you and she squeezes his hand. Chibbs tells Jax that Connor will be there in a minute.

Nero and Gemma are in the van, he is shocked that SAMCRO voted to kill Clay. Tara says that Clay caused her to ruin her career and deserved to die a long time ago. Gemma starts to cry, she says that she hated him so much. Tara’s phone rings, it is the DA and she wants to speak to her. Tara says ok, she will meet her at her office in the hospital, she lies to Gemma and tells her that it was a call from her lawyer.

Jax, Chibbs and Tig set up the crime scene just as Connor arrives. Connor arrives and wants to know where all the men are, Jax says that they went to get help for Bobby. Connor walks into the room and finds the three bodies dead, he tries to pull a gun and Jax pulls his first. Jax tells Connor to let up and let him tell him what happened.

Jax says that Clay and Galen had a side deal that went bad, Clay shot Galen and they felt they had no choice but to shoot Clay. Jax tells him that there is no other truth, this is the one that is going to keep them alive. Connor is furious, he tells Jax that he played him for a bastard. Jax says he played him into the number one spot, this is what had to happen and if it didn’t, it would eventually would have been there bodies on the floor. Jax tells him they needs to move past this and go home to their families. Connor is worried they won’t believe them, Jax says then they swear on a stack of Catholic bibles. Connor says he is going to call Belfast in the morning, Jax says good.

Jax tells him they are going to have to leave the KG-9’s with the bodies to cover a local problem and he will cover the loss of the guns.

Tara goes to see the DA, they want her to tell them who broke out Clay and for that she will get immunity and witness protection for her and her children. Tara asks if she pulls a bullet out of a member from the shooting, would that be DNA proof. The DA says yes, but she needs more time. Tara says she has to go, Gemma is waiting outside. Roosevelt asks if he should tail Tara, the DA says no. There is a knock at the door, the DA and Roosevelt find out that an anonymous call came in, dead bodies were found, two were Clay and Galen.

We see Tara operating on Bobby, then we see Gemma nd Nero reading to one of their grandsons when Unser walks in with another one. Unser tells them he is going to check on Wendy one last time, then he is leaving.

The DA and Roosevelt arrive to wear the bodies are, Roosevelt says that Jax gave her his promise, Galen.

Jax and Tara are at home, he tells her that he knows she didn’t have to help them and thanks her. Tara says that she is glad he is going to be ok. Jax says he understands why she did everything she did, Tara looks at him shocked. He says that he is sorry that being with him took her to that place. Jax gets up and walks out of the room, Tara is speechless, she gets up and closes the door then locks it. we then see Tara pull out a piece of white cloth, she has the bullet she pulled out of Bobby.


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