Sons of Anarchy Review “Wolfsangel” Season 6 Episode 4 (VIDEO)

Sons of Anarchy Review "Wolfsangel" Season 6 Episode 4 (VIDEO)

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 4 was a great show and we have it wonderfully recapped and reviewed for you below – enjoy!

Unser wakes up and heads outside his trailer where his met by three masked men who promptly give him a beat down and then decide for a little extra excitement they will whip out a knife. (Poor Unser.)

Tig shows up to see Jax ( I could be asking the who, what ,where, when and why but I honestly just don’t care. As long as I have Tig all is well in the land of Anarchy). Jax looks equally surprised as I am to see Tig ( August and all that.) Tig tells Jax the guys with the truck never showed up last night. Jax says my bad and plays it off. Tig checks to make sure everything is copacetic with Jax. Jax tells him they are good. (You know Jax is sweating balls right now…..wondering just exactly what took place at the Tig, August rendezvous. Pity he can’t ask.)

Roosevelt shows up at Nero’s place of business to tell him about Erin. Roosevelt also takes Nero’s truck to give it the old once over and hauls Nero in for questioning. Toric is watching from a distance.

Jax hoofs it over to August Marks to ask just exactly wtf happened with Tig. August tells him he didn’t kill Tig because it was just his way of testing Jax’s loyalty. August also offers to take the gun trade Jax has going on to help erase Tig’s debt. Speaking of debts Clay killing that guy in prison just might happen to come back to haunt the club. (Starting with Unser I’m guessing).

Gemma walks in at TM to find the place completely destroyed and Unser hung up with a swastika carved in his chest (that is such a inglorious bastards thing to do.)

Jax finally shows up at TM and sees Unser. Unser shares his concerns with Gemma about what would have happened if the boys had been there when he had been attacked. Gemma being her usual stubborn self refuses to keep the boys away from the club.

Wendy calls Gemma to let her know that Tara’s lawyer called and is ready to discuss the guardianship situation.

During another Jax led club meeting he lets (five… count ’em five) members know that he is going to deal with the Unser carving Nazis before he meets with the Irish and he also plans on talking to Darby. Chib’s takes a moment to inform Jax he is exactly like Clay when it comes to the way he handles issues outside of the club. Jax says that’s a load of crap and desperate times call for desperate measures.

The D.A is all up in Toric’s business telling him if he doesn’t get Clay’s signature on the dotted line he is not only going to lose his position in this investigation but also his badge.

Roosevelt is talking with Nero. Nero tells him he was with Gemma and doesn’t know who would want to kill one of his girls. The put their heads together and realize they both have seen way to much of Toric lately and come to think of it he has also been acting super sketchy.

True to his word Jax and a few of his crew show up at Darby’s and hound him till he gives up the 411. Darby shows them where a man named Gerber stays. Jax has Tig and Rat pull a scam on this Gerber guy by pretending to be father and son. Jax tells Tig if things start to go wrong to get the hell out of there.

Juice and Darby hang out just out of sight while Tig and Rat go in to meet with Gerber. Juice and Darby are of course spotted. Tig decides holding Gerber as a hostage till they can get the hell out of there like Jax told him is the best course of action. Much to my surprise it works. Of course they see Darby much to his dismay.

Jax meets with Galen and informs him that San Bernardino angle is a no go. Galen is completely nonplussed and tells Jax he will just have to do double time with the business. Jax the gets in a fight with Galen about Clay and the True IRA. Before it can come to blows Galen informs Jax that he will stall the deal.

Roosevelt gets the report back on Nero’s truck and even though there is plenty of evidence pointing to his guilt Roosevelt realizes that Nero is far too chill for someone who may have killed one of his girls. Roosevelt instead wants a file on Toric.

Speaking of that dirtbag Toric he is harassing Clay again about signing that damn paper. When Clay refuses for what must be the one millionth time Toric steps on his hand which sends Clay to the infirmary where Otto is at.

Filthy Phil calls Jax to tell him Galen and his boys have showed up with some guns. Jax is alarmed by this information. Jax was spot on with his alarm because Galen has his men kill both Filthy Phil and V-Lin. Galen then instructs one of his peons to get the saw. Upon which the saw is used to cut Filthy Phil and V-Lin into pieces. They put their hands on top of their vests. (Damn the guys in this club are dropping left and right. I’m beginning to think Jax is the Grim Reaper.)

Roosevelt reads up on Toric and finds something so compelling that he decides to cut Nero loose. But his truck stays.

Back at the bloody body part filled garage Jax and company find the Irish’s guns intact. Jax thinks they need to retaliate for their dead club members. Chib’s disagrees. Jax really doesn’t give a rat’s ass and so off he goes to right a wrong.

Clay finds Otto in the infirmary and apologizes for how much pain he has caused him. Clay then hands him a knife. Clay tells him it is to help him end his pain. (Just exactly who’s pain are we talking about here?)

Gemma goes back to TM after she finds out about Phil and offers Unser a ride to the hospital. (I would love to be a fly in the wall of that hospital room…. Doctor: How did you get a swastika carved in your chest sir? Unser: Some idiot I know pissed of some Nazis if you must know. Doctor: Why would he want to do that Sir? Unser: Because that’s how we roll…reckless. Freaking priceless.)

Toric goes to see Clay…..again (this is getting a little more than annoying now.) Toric informs Clay that he can probably turn Otto in his weakened state. (Yeah right. Otto May be down but he certainly isn’t out.)

Gemma and Tara are conspiring against Jax and are trying to get Lowen to testify that he is a unfit father (wait…wtf?) Unser hears all this but promises to keep it a secret but tells Tara she has lots of explaining to do later.

Jax and like the three club members he has left open fire on the Nazis and kill them all. Then Jax tells Tig to set it on fire so it will look like it was a inside job.

Toric pays a visit to Otto. Toric gives him a pad and paper to write with and write Otto does. Otto writes something completely inappropriate down about Toric’s dead sister. Toric reaches out and grabs Otto, which is exactly what Otto wanted. It made it so much easier for him to shank and then slice Toric’s throat with the Clay provided knife. ( this explains why Toric never would have gotten a job with Jax and company. Although I’m guessing his life span would have been just about the same if he had.) The guards come rushing in and blow Otto away. (Ok… now he is out.)

Jax and the rest of the club are burning what’s left of Filthy Phil and V-Lin.

The D.A. Is taking in the aftermath of Toric and Otto and their demise. Thinking up a way to spin it no doubt. (Somewhere Clay is probably doing the happy dance.)